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Posted in designer, Fashionista, water by fashionista514 on August 10, 2009

I can’t help but keep noticing the collaborations Evian has been producing with with some of the greats in fashion! Over the years, we have all seen innovative designs and ideas when it comes to water… water bars, cutting edge packaging and design, and some rather amazing advertising associated to it all… remember Zoolanders mermaid skit for Evian??? :p

How beautiful are these “haute couture” styled Evian bottles by the genius Jean Paul Gaulthier? Truly lavish!

… and the bottle that inspired this post… I picked up this limited edition Christian Lacroix “french lace” inspired bottle at the grocery store… great for holding a single long stemmed rose and adding a recycled dash of pizazz 😉

Did you know?
In dreams, birth is usually expressed through water-imagery

Did you know?
Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess of love, was born of the sea
Ummmmm… where the HELL do you pick these babies up??? They are PIMPIN’! The Japanese make some beautifully precise pieces!

Your body is made up of large percentages of water… by drinking your eight glasses a day you are not only rehydrating yourself but also detoxing and flushing out all the toxins stored in your body! Chinese green tea, aswell as mint tea are great antioxidants… just don’t go overboard – some teas actually hold more caffeine that coffee!

Not quite so sure how good boxed water would taste (I know, I know, water all tastes the same…) but I am lovin’ the concept and would definately pick one of these up for conversation-starting purposes!

Hmmmm… dildo inspired???

Keep yourself beautiful, healthy, happy and hydrated! Drink up!