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Macchu Picchu – Part 1

Posted in Uncategorized by fashionista514 on October 4, 2009

So today we visited the beautiful wonder of the world – Macchu Picchu! So gorgeous, so mind blowing as a concept! The fact that this ancient civilization was able to accomplish something we couldn't even possibly do with machines is absolutely astounding. With drain systems running through the village they were the pioneers of plumbing. Fresh water flows through their village and rainwater drains out down the mountain – preventing flooding and crop damage. The size and weight of some of the rocks (weighing quite easily tons), is phenominal. How the HELL did these guys get them up a 6,000 foot mountain? Truly incredible. And the view? A 360 degree perspective of the beautiful mountains, river, and sky.

We decided to climb the adjacent mountain from the Incan ruins… 300 meters up. It was quite the challenge to say the least!!! The hour and a half climb was well worth it though when we got to the top. A mind blowing view of macchu picchu and its surrounding scenery :). The best part? I owe it all to my Uggs that earned a newfound respect – them Aussies truly do know what they are doing :p. Enjoy the pics and know that the best shots are still to come!

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Fashionista Finds – Incan Hot Springs

Posted in Uncategorized by fashionista514 on October 2, 2009

Chillin' at quite possibly THE coolest cafe/hippie/opium lounge this side of the south :p. Mad voodoo decor and the beautiful view of the mountains make this a great drink spot :). Hot springs enriched with sulfur make for a local aswell as touristic hotspot. Going for a hot stone massage later tonight in preparation for my hike up the mountain tomorrow 😉

Having great fun here in the macchu picchu village… Truly beautiful here… Do I have to go home???

Love you guys… Have a beautiful end to the week!

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I heart Cusco

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So we have been in Cusco now for two days and are currently on the train heading to the infamous Macchu Picchu site. We will be staying the night and visiting the famous archaelogical site tomorrow. I am looking forward to an afternoon filled with hot springs and relaxation in a bikini I must find when I get there 😉

What do I love most about Cusco??? The life of the city, the handmade scarves, jewellery and dolls. Their love of American paraphanalia, the street carts filled to the brim with fresh fruit, the numerous llamas wherever you go!!! Baby sheep, donkeys, cows and oxen everywhere. Dogs roaming free… No leashes. My favorite of all though? The beautiful preservation of the Inca culture – temples, villages, and traditional rituals. How they worship the sun, the sea and the mountains. It is mind boggling to think of how they could have possibly moved rocks weighing tons up mountains so steep. I love the local tales of Inca princesses and folklore each ruin site holds. I love the strong sense of family and community here. Almost every woman here is either pregnant or has a baby strapped to their back. Its really something beautiful too see… A refreshingly simple perspective on life. Not as overly complicated as we Northerners seem to make everything… Chasing careers and independance. Isolating ourselves from each other. In every church or temple there are carvings and symbolism worshipping fertile women. It is so beautiful to see that kind of value. Back at home people seem to flip their lids and be afraid of it rather than embrace it… But then again, our values of what right and wrong are seem incredibly tainted. People here work hard. Building, farming, weaving, and take care of their most important values. Their loved ones. Everyone works together and some communities are owned by the residents of the village… Meaning that everyone has a say over everything. They decide together… None of this dog eat dog business we have back at home. Its definately refreshed my way of thinking being surrounded by such a beautiful and honest existence.

Cusco is magical. Enchanting. A place I would recommend to everyone who loves animals and can appreciate the natural beauty of art and landscape. Please, please, PLEASE make it a point to one time in your lives visit this gorgeous place. I fell in love with it, and so will you.

I have been taking a shitload of pics, but internet is hard to come by and fit into the schedule. When I get home there will be an outlandish amount of posts coming your way ;). Thank you all for following me on this beautiful adventure and being patient with the irregularity of my posting! Cellphone reception has been completely nul since Lima on my phone so unfortunately I cannot send any texts or tweets out 😦

Loving the train ride and making some new friends from Panama city! Tres cool ;).

Hasta luego baby!

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My thoughts exactly… Lima Peru

Posted in Uncategorized by fashionista514 on October 1, 2009

I have been noticing through my mini travel experiences how different cultures react towards each other. The odd chemistry of uncertainty and unfamiliarity placed face to face. Different people used to different norms, rituals and lives. The judgements we place on others based on stereotypes. The way we separate ourselves from others by the very things that allow us to relate to specific groups. The treatment some people get over others. How very unfair we really all are to each other. As much as people say our world is open and accepting of others and how they live, I'm not so sure I totally buy it. Coming from the 514, I am blessed to live my life oblivious to religion, ethnicity, sexuality and personal lifestyle. Not to say I ignore and turn a blind eye to what is out there, but in the fact that it has never crossed my mind when talking, meeting or hanging out with someone. It has never changed my perception of who or what the person is or interfered with what we had going.

I have heavily felt the perception of "gringos" as they call us (meaning American or people with a very different perspective… Or something like that…). Being the minority in a country is refreshing but very, very hard. Feeling lost and without knowing the local culture, language and norms. It is fun to learn about new places when you are visiting but I cannot even begin to imagine what some people go through to start their lives in foreign places. What some people deal with every day because the culture they are trying to integrate into does not recognize or accept them. The ignorance minorities struggle with every day.

We are all in this game of life together. Let's all try to make it a little easier on each other and have patience with things we may not comprehend. We all need a break sometimes.

Hope everyone is having an enlightening week! Visiting the market today and having lunch at a local hacienda with traditional dance… Can't wait!!!

P.s. Please excuse the crap ass pic… Slim pickings in quality but this is me right now 😉

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514 Outfit Post from Peru – Ancient Incan Ruins

Posted in Uncategorized by fashionista514 on September 28, 2009

Today we took a tour of Lima, exploring the beaches, wetlands and ancient Incan ruins. Ridin' around town on a double decker bus was awesome for the view and pics but freakin' chilly as hell! Thank God for Babe – human portable heating pad! Time to snuggle up!

Here I am sportin' some of my local market finds… Alpaca style ;). Loving the colourful threads and handmade care.

I have loads more pics to upload and share with you all, just bear with me – internet cafe is slow with the uploading process and not tops on my list for the limited time we have left in Lima… No worries though, everything will be shared all in good time 😉

What I'm Wearing

* Black turtleneck

* H&M scarf

* Black Leggings

* Old white denim skort

* Jacob down vest (has been a complete lifesaver this entire trip)!

* Semi precious stone & silver ring from the market here… Still looking for a worthy pair of earrings to pair it with…

* Alpaca hobo bag and Mary Jane buckled flats

* Leather purple braided bracelet (got this one back home)

Hope everyone had a beautiful weekend! Rest & Relaxation for the new week!

Have one more day of volunteer work tomorrow, then its off to Cuzco… Aka Macchu Piccu!!!

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Fashionista Follow

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If you aren't already, follow me on my Peruvian ventures via twitter and facebook!

More updates to come lovelies 😉

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514 Outfit Post from Peru – Layers

Posted in Uncategorized by fashionista514 on September 25, 2009

So I am slowly picking up on how I have to dress here in Lima… Layers, layers, layers! It is very humid here and since it is their spring, still quite chilly! The mornings are quite cold, and the days either colder with rain, or sunny with a touch of dampness. I am finding a lot of comfort from "snuggly" clothes. Bundling up in various fabrics, textures and prints… A mishmash of soft 🙂

What I’m Wearing:

* Paige Premium Denim boyfriend Jeans
* Ugg Mary Jane flats (they have the signature Ugg sheepskin inside to keep your toes toasty… Also cut to allow some much loved toe cleavage 😉
* Old Navy striped longsleeve cotton ribbed shirt
* Maillagogo hand knit sweater (available at the Katrin Leblond boutique in the 514… St. Laurent & Mont Royale)
* Silk black, white & turquoise scarf… SO soft!
* Jacob black feather/down vest
* Rudsak beige belt
* Slouchy bag handmade in India… Bought at an import store in the 514. Don’t you love the little people pin?!?!

Hope everyone is rockin’ out on this fine thursday 😉

Posted in Uncategorized by fashionista514 on September 23, 2009

So I won’t lie… Today I am friggen exhausted and burnt out. Not such good news considering it is only tuesday and I will be keeping this crazy schedule until friday, plus the monday after that. On average, my days are about 17 hours long (sometimes longer). Wake up is 5am (which is VERY, VERY, VERY tough for me to do… I am possibly the worst morning person EVER in the history of mornings themselves…). I am one of them peoples who really needs her rest and feel a bit like my physical body is falling apart due to lack of sleep. Frustrations come easily, it is damp and cold here, the food dosn’t always settle very well and gives me stomach aches, and that time of the month is just about to start… Sounds like fun no? Wish you were here!!! All to say i am in the major need of a lil TLC! When I get home, spa here I come!!!

I took some time to escape from my work to walk around the school… Boy are these kids cute!!! First off they all come and sit with me and ask me to tell them what different things are in English. Apple, bear… Then a little boy gives me a beautiful kiss on the cheek 🙂 I had a rather half-assed conversation with a teenage boy (my bad… No hablo espagnol senor…)… Who from what I could understand liked my green eyes and wanted to know both my name and my e-mail to chat online… Suave little sucker!!!!

The pics enclosed are all of the school and the setup we have going for distributing the prescription glasses. I will try my best to schooch over to the nearest internet cafe tonight to upload some decent pics for you guys… And all my great fashion finds (yes, yes, yes… I know it’s about friggin’ time!!! Enough with helping the world biznatch – we wanna see them threads!!!)

Happy tuesday world!

Fashionista Goddess

Posted in Uncategorized by fashionista514 on September 22, 2009

I am laying here in my hotel room in Lima (a hotel with a very large mirror in the room that is know by the locals to be a watering hole for prostitutes), reading my Anne Rice Interview with the Vampire and contemplating all sorts of mythological wonders. For some reason, when i think of exotic places of the world goddesses always pop into my mind. Every culture, every community has their own take on beauty, love, and varying personality strengths… Placed beautifully into the shell of a stunning woman. And when you think of it really, we are all goddesses of sort!

Women can create life! That is quite a God-like quality! We are creatures of seduction, mystery, and nurturing. In other words… Completely mesmerising.

Strippers and prostitutes… In my opinion they are symbolic of goddesses of love and seduction for the lonely hearts of the world.

We have the inner strength to raise families and speak up to forces our physical beings cannot compete with. We have the power to break a man. To truly tame the most wild and savage at heart and make him sensitive, caring and soft. Our bodies are visual feasts. Soft curves, petite details and decadent skin that begs to be dressed in smooth "second skin" materials… Silk, lace, cotton… Everything meant to go with what we are is a lesson in seduction.

Passion and the eternal consistency of womankind to win over hearts and be the warriors we are make us a rare breed. As rare as goddesses 🙂

Celebrate yourself… You have no IDEA how beautiful I think you are!

Posted in Uncategorized by fashionista514 on September 22, 2009

So today it was off to the races! Our first day working in a local school in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Lima. The school itself is very nice, and the kids very welcoming. Wherever I go they try to speak to me in spanish and befriend me… Too bad I don't understand a drop of their language!

I am already pretty tired as the flight really beat me up! Yesterday was survived thanks to an obscene amount of coffee, and the comfort of my Uggs (this is what happens when u only get three hours sleep). I have been learning a lot about eye health, care, maintenance and equipment. Although I feel a tad lost in translation from the language as well as the optometrist profession, it is getting easier. A tad overwhelming at first, but I am rolling now and understanding more and more by the minute.

Outside of the school where we will be working for the week is said to be a very dangerous neighborhood. Especially because our whole group consists of white Canadians, we are considered much more of a target to the common rapes, kidnappings and theft. Sooo… We bus in and out of the school compound and stay within the walls to ensure our safety.

Can't wait to get to an internet cafe tonight and blog away about my Peruvian fashion finds! Stay tuned amigos!

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