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Blogging Break

Posted in time out by fashionista514 on May 17, 2009

My dearest readers and fellow bloggers,

I am sorry to say that i will be on a bit of a blogging break for the next little while 😦

Last night my brand new apartment was broken into and amongst the things taken was my most basic blogging tool – my laptop 😦

Its safe to say that i am devastated and insanely overwhelmed by everything going on right now in my life! So, during my blogging break i will be getting the wheels in my life turning again (new computer, unpacking, conquer work stress, be a better girlfriend to my beau, and picking up all the broken peices).

Thank you all for your understanding and i promise when i get back i will have much more better news for you, colourful posts and a splash of some long overdue creativity!

All my contests are still on, so get into marilyn monroe mode and enter! Giveaways will be a little postponed, but as always very much apply 🙂

Love yas & will see you soon!



I’m Back Biznatches!

Posted in time out by fashionista514 on May 9, 2009
Thank you all for bearing with me throughout my big move!!! Everything was successfull and I am still unpacking gradually (sigh)… Finally though I have found some time to sneak in some blog time! I have been missing my daily posts like you would not believe!!! Glad to be back in the saddle with an internet cafe in close proximity untill I have my wireless hooked up again 😉

How is everyone?!?

Since my move I have become completely addicted to the Twilight series books and have fallen completely and madly in love with Edward Cullen (real life Robert Pattison… sigh…)! This afternoon I am off to an invite only Michael Kors sale! Woot! Woot!

Thank you too everyone has already entered my Marilyn Monroe contest (yay!) – all you out there who havn’t – GET TO IT!!!

Posts will be coming your way soon… stay tuned lovelies 🙂


I’m Exhausted!

Posted in time out by fashionista514 on May 2, 2009
Wow, I don’t know what has been up with me lately but I have been completely out of it!

Today I felt like a walking zombie dragging my ass around town with my friend Phil. Total brain loss day… anything even remotely complicated explained to me was a total loss! It is that time of the month and I feel weak, needy and crampalicious… I don’t know how some fellow ladies out there even have the energy to be a bitch! Kudos to you (I think).

So, as soon as this post gets published I will be scoffing down another thin crust hawaiian pizza slice (with extra tomato slices) and jumping into a hot salt bath infused with eucalyptus and lavender oils!

That combo has never failed me as a sleep provocant… Dream away the week and wake up to the weekend! Damn… I’ll be packing the whole time…

Sunday is the big move!!!

Good night world


Construction Zone!

Posted in time out by fashionista514 on April 23, 2009
Fashionista 514 will be undergoing some changes in the upcoming week thanks to
The Cutest Blog on the Block!

Hopefully there won’t be many inconveniences but if there are – please hang in there with me peeps! The result will be similar in style(but better… hehehehe) just much better organized and practical for you guys!
Oh, and you’ll have this sexy construction worker to thank after all is said and done… 😉


Robyn xox

Testing 1 2 3…

Posted in time out by fashionista514 on April 16, 2009

I have just hooked up blogger from my phone and can now send posts via e-mail!!! Woot woot! I think im starting to understand the level of addiction I’m coming into… I’m a raging blogaholic!!!

Treat yourself Right

Posted in food, health, time out by fashionista514 on February 19, 2009

Sometimes we all need to slow down and take care of ourselves. When we are feeling low in spirit, drained of energy and on the verge of getting sick we realize our priorities. We take our time, take that long comforting bubble bath or boost our immunity with an extra dose of vitamins. We need to be taken care of – to preserve ourselves amongst all the world’s everyday chaos. To keep our engines well fueled and running smoothly. We gravitate towards the more comfortable and functional items of our wardrobes and eat the foods from our childhoods that always soothed our ailments.

This post is to remind everyone out there that your health is the most important thing you can possess. If you have love and health in your life, I truly beleive you are amongst the wealthiest. Us fashionistas seem to be especially masochistic when it comes to our bodies – curling eyelashes, bikini waxes, facial extractions, need I say more?

Take a break. Let your body recover. Get out those awesome very in style “boyfriend jeans” and match it with layers of comfy clothing and pick up a book. Listen to music that offers wisdom and awesome beats. Rejuvinate yourself with an all over body scrub. Get those eight hours of sleep and enjoy hydrating your body with those eight glasses of water a day. Reward your body for never letting you down and putting up with all your infamous skyscraper heels!

The more you treat yourself to healthy decisions, the more beautiful and natural you will feel. The best part though, is definately that luminosity that seems to shine off of the well pampered and pruned amongst us 😉

Become one of those very coveted people.
To health!