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If you are what you eat, then….

Posted in celebration, challenge, food, sillyness by fashionista514 on June 16, 2009
I am definately a Greasy Spoon Diner Breakfast!!!

Had a diner breakfast with all the trimmings this morning (fried eggs over, sausage, buttered toast and beans with a never ending cup of coffee), and just remembered that this is WHERE I CAME FROM 😉 Ma Roots yo! Makes me remember all the mornings I ate with my dad at one of these numerous little precious spots… the good ol’ days…

Soooo…. I PASSED my Restricted Firearms Licence… WOOT WOOOOOT!!! I scored 94% and 96% on my finals… I am now qualified biznatches!!!

Another thing to celebrate…
It has been 15 whole days that I have been shopping sober.
2 WEEKS!!!

Okay, it may not be hard for anyone else… but for me this is saying something!

Hope everyone’s Monday wasn’t too Manic…


Lesson of the Friday

Posted in funny, life, sillyness by fashionista514 on April 24, 2009


Posted in funny, sillyness by fashionista514 on April 15, 2009
For some odd reason, I was magnetically attracted to this weirdo comic – most probably cause I am a bit of one! Something about how amazingly randomn the mayonnaise part is and the look on the guys face…. hihihihihihi… I love it! This will probably be Vlad and I when I am pregnant – he’ll be constantly wondering what oddities I will be shoving in my mouth! All of you who misinterpreted that last line – GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER! 😉

Thought I would share it with all of y’all!

Happy Tuesday!