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Dearest Hater…

Posted in Fashionista, hater, My thoughts exactly..., rant, SHUT UP ALREADY, travel by fashionista514 on September 23, 2009
So here is a comment I received in response to my last blog post…

Anonymous said…
“You should consider yourself ridiculously lucky that you even have the option of thinking of going to a spa while you are in a developing world where children do not have the option to even see a doctor. Talk about needs. Your coach booties could probably comfortably feed a family for one month possilby more. My suggestion? Quit complaining and realize that you are not there for yourself but are there for those that need your help. Or else get the fuck out and quit blogging like you care about anything else but a free trip. But don’t worry, I’ll still be reading your trainwreck of a blog. It is ridiculously entertaining.”

Now I don’t usually waste my time on Haters, but this comment seemed amusing enough to address…

First up… I DO consider myself to be EXTREMELY priviledged in this life I lead. I never take it or anything around it for granted. So you all know (as I realize this may not always be clear) everything I have, I have worked for. My clothes, my lifestyle, my freedoms. So please knock off the whole judging me as a spoiled brat princess who gets everything handed to her shit. It’s really getting pretty old. I do what I can for those who are in need to the best of my ability. Same goes for back home, and in life in general. Yes, I am human and I DO bitch. When I am jetlagged, tired, on the rag and feeling sick I am not at my best. Does that take away from my efforts of helping pass 600 people a day and giving them eyesight? Does that make me have to live my life in modesty when I can experience and enjoy things that others can’t? I would think of myself as MORE of a fool if I didn’t take advantage of everything my life has to offer. It would be a life half lived. A life wasted. A life someone else could have lived to the fullest. As for the spa… I’m a girl… tell me… really what do you expect? You obviously have never been… I think you too would change your mind about “allowing yourself” to fantasize about them when you were feeling under the weather if you just tried it out already 😉 I never once mentioned it being my priority… just something I can’t wait to do when I get home. This is a FASHION blog, not a humanitarian organization. I shouldn’t even technically be blogging about any of this as it has no relation whatsoever to the content I keep. I WANT to share this. It is IMPORTANT to me despite what you may think. The hours are long and it is hard work, I never said I wanted out! Before you ASSUME it was a free trip, you should know that I paid to be here. Every meal, every night stay, every taxi, every flight, even the training. So don’t come up here on my little corner of the internet and tell me that I have my priorities mixed up and I don’t give an eff about anything other than myself. You who hides behind the computer screen criticizing my efforts under the name Anonymous. If you are involved in your own things, I commend you. If you aren’t, I commend you – I am not one to judge. To each their own. One word of advice… next time you decide to trash my wall, at least have the courage to voice your opinions with your name and face behind them. You might even consider transforming all that pent up negative energy you save to dish out on my blog into some positive love vibes to spread around. God knows with people like you in the world we need it.

As for calling my blog a trainwreck… well that’s just in bad taste… I sincerely hope you continue to follow my blog and be ridiculously entertained by it forever more… oh, and for future reference, I really don’t have time to constantly justify my shit… so if you or anyone else tries this again your comment will just get a big fat delete in the face. Enjoy!


Idiotic Peoples – lets rant together!

Posted in rant, SHUT UP ALREADY by fashionista514 on April 16, 2009

Is it just me fellow peoples, or are people really as stupid and evil as I beleive them to be? I really hate to say it, but there are very few people out there who have never let me down, backstabbed me, or befriended me for some form of hidden agenda.

Honestly, I am becoming pretty damn weary of these characters and can see how some people end up so miserable and bitter in their lives. I know I will never turn into one of these people as I am a stubborn fighter filled to the brim with a passion for life and adventure, but some days even I hit rock bottom. These people are positivity poison. Nit picking every ounce of joy you find in your personal or professional life and dissecting it untill it is as unappealing as they are. Bastards!!!

Or what about the punks out there that always try to beat you down by blaming everything that went wrong in their lives on you? Take responsibility for your own actions you losers – everyone else out there has to! What I wanna know is what makes them so special that they were chosen to dictate the fate of the mortal world!?!?!?

Geesh! I know I’m ranting and all but I know you all know someone like this out there, or at least once have (good for you for telling them off and flushing them). If you happen to BE one of these real life shit disturbers – cut it the hell out! We arn’t in highschool anymore and it won’t make you popular or famous. So do all us happy people a favor and stop trying to drag us down into the dirt of your miserable existence!

I know jealousy is a big thing between girls – we are naturally made to compete for the best man to ensure our offspring the highest chance of survival. Ladies ladies ladies… Instead of battling each other, why don’t we team up and share tips, tricks and lifestyle ideas with each other? Us bloggers get it – why don’t the rest of ya?! 🙂

That is all for my rant for the moment – feel free to add your own line of what/who pisses you off in the comment forum!

Ciao for now…

Love Your Haters – They’re your Biggest Fans!

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Come back down to earth please…

Posted in disappointment, diva, fashion, life, SHUT UP ALREADY by fashionista514 on February 19, 2009

Alright, here comes a fashionista vent!!! As much as I love and adore all things beauty and fashion, I just can’t understand all those folks out there that are defined by it. How many times have we all met girls (and guys) out there that think that they are better than you cause their style is pimpin‘? Now I understand when you look good your confidence soars, but c’mon now, no need to be a bitch about it! Over my years working in fashion situations I can’t help but notice every time all them foul fashionista’s are in my presence! It really drives me mad! Their rudeness and cockiness is truly uncalled for. Please y’all – anyone can buy nice shoes and look good, but a sour personality isn’t as easily fixed.

Girls! Please be genuine and let fashion be your fantasy – not what makes you who you are! Anyways, a great pair of Manolo’s always look better when your wearing your signature smile with them 🙂

xox – Thanks!