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514 Outfit Post from Hawaii – Fashionista Beach Finds

Posted in 514 Outfit Post, fashionista finds, shopping, travel by fashionista514 on September 9, 2009
Life is a beach… and then you die… or at least I wish that is how that saying goes 😉

Nature Vs. Corporation

Our coconuts fit perfectly in these american sized cupholders…


Local fruit

Shave Ice!!! Last time I had this (and it was nowhere as good) was at Disney on Ice (Aladdin if you must know)! Hawaii has some great tropical flavors that can’t be beat though…

LOVE this bus!!! Knock knock… can I please LIVE HERE???

Natural beauty… shells and nuts make beeeaauuutiful tropical necklaces 😉
These are lamps… completely made of shells! Picked one up for the home 🙂

Fell in love with this hand embroidered jacket in a local beachside shop… bright colors, studs, embroidery and cool geometric patterns… perfect combo!

Please, PLEASE will you let me in to your hippy surfer scene Hawaii??? I need a VW bus soooo bad!

What I’m Wearing
  • Zara jumpsuit
  • Browns sandal flats
  • Thomas Sabo Necklace
  • Gucci Watch
  • John Hardy hoop earrings
  • Ray Ban Aviators

I’m Huuuuungry!!! Time for some Cheesecake Factory eats (yet again… Yuuuuuummmm….)


514 Outfit Post from Hawaii – Smoking Madness!

Posted in 514 Outfit Post, louboutin, shopping by fashionista514 on September 7, 2009
I am exhausted… so for this post, I will let the pictures tell their own story… this was my dinner outfit… told you this dress was perfect for a date night (who is always right??? Say it! Saaaay iiiitttt!!!)
Snatched up some Coach goodies…
Oh… would you look at that… cigarillo and I strike again… this time coconut flavor…

What I’m Wearing
  • Bebe Lace oriental cut dress
  • Louboutin stilettos
  • Marc by Marc Bag
  • John Hardy hoop earrings
  • Gucci Watch
  • YSL Rouge Volupte Lippie in Extreme Coral

… and I got myself a lil something from the YSL Rive Gauche store… Mmmmm… Can you guess what is in the bag???

Happy Monday… hope everyone’s week gets off to a good start!

Fashionista Finds – Hawaii

Posted in fashionista finds, shopping, travel by fashionista514 on September 7, 2009
Shop shop shopping! Here are a few of my favorite finds here on the strip…
Quicksilver one peice bathing suit paired with fresh orchid lei and Russian Red MAC lippy…
What they say is true… the dark side DOES have cookies… AND hot chocolate!!! 😉
So very, very true…

I found a LUSH!!! I was in one of the malls and let my nose guide me to this marvelous natural mecca of fresh cosmetics!!! The salesgirl was AWESOME and we bonded over a shared fetish of red lipsticks and pin-up looks 😉 Thanks for your help girl!!!
Hello Cartier…

I think I would be happy being transformed into another peice of furniture if I got to live here for the rest of my existence…

I am still tripping over this hat… I wanna get it so bad, but honestly the pic makes it look much better on me than it actually is 😦 Booo hooo… but I love you Coach!!! Apparently Hawaiian tourists do too… cause there is like five or six of them in a ten block radius…

A Marc by Marc Jacobs STORE?!?!?!? Shows exactly how starved I am in Montreal for all things MJ related (… speaking of MJ (the real one), his music is being played everywhere here! The whole world really does love Michael 😉

Hello loverrrr… where have YOU been all my life???

Pucci baby!!! Forever bringing mod fashion back!

Hello Cartier… again…

I would quite possibly DIE for this ring.

Speaking of human sacrifice… this tiki man lighter looks about ready to finish me off! Can’t get enough of the crazed glowing red eyes!!!

Mobiles… so pretty

Hello Kitty invades Hawaii!!! The tropical look really does suit her…

One of the coolest things I have found here… Island Girl cosmetics!!! They are so pretty, cheap and smell amazing! I bought some neon nailpolishes that I will soon get around to painting my nails with and posting…

Hope everyone is having a great labor day weekend!!!

My Easter Lush Goodies!

Posted in bubblebath, shopping by fashionista514 on April 15, 2009
The lucky girl that I am, Vlad surprised me with all my favorite Lush Products for Easter!!! I’ve trained him right 😉

The Dreamtime Bath Melt could seriously put an elephant to sleep – loaded with Lavender flowers and essential oils – you will doze into your favorite dream…

The Emotibombs are for the shower! You put them on the floor just beside where the shower stream hits and it will fizzle amazing scents into vapor – pretty much like a steambath/aromatherapy wake up in the morning! Too Drunk… is great for hangovers and when you are all congested with a cold or have a headache. Up you Gets is a citrus smelling emotibomb that works better than a cup of coffee in the morning for me!

Toner tablets deliver a steam facial when dropped in boiling water. Just cover your head with a towel and put your face above the vapours. These ones are in tea tree – great for blemish prone skins!

Last but nowhere near least – the fresh facemasks! Never been disappointed by these beauty treats! Keep these suckers refrigerated as they are made completely of fresh ingredients! Brazened Honey has honey to moisterize, and ground almond to exfoliate. A Crash Course in Skincare I still have yet to try!

I hope everyone had an amazing Easter! I spent mine with extended family and ate my heart out! Tried to ignore my nonstop cell phone, and watched movies with my babe untill my eyes rolled into the back of my head… ;P

The coolest part of the gift was the Easter themed bath bomb (explodes in the bath and fizzes into nothing releasing vapours and bath oils) in a honey smell! Inside the egg is a bar of honey soap & bubble bath! Can’t wait to start the soaking!

La Senza Stakeout!

Posted in colorful, shopping by fashionista514 on April 15, 2009
So today, I went shopping and was a real girly girl (we all need these days sometimes) 🙂
I splurged on candy colored knickers and bras that ooze summer time sex appeal, and picked up some cheap beauty treats to have fun with courtesy of Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush!

This pic dosn’t do ’em much justice, but I will be creating a look soon to show what can be done 😉 A beautiful, soft princessy look – girly girly girly!!!

Awesomely Successfull Shopping Afternoon!

Posted in Erno Laszlo, food, shopping by fashionista514 on March 27, 2009
Soooo… today after a busy and intense morning of work, I took my weekend (a.k.a. afternoon)! First and foremost, I went to my shopping mecca – Holts!!! I picked up some of my fave Laszlo skincare products – and am trying this new eye cream (OcuPhel Emollient)… it’s a super rich and concentrated eye cream for the evening to hydrate dry eye areas. It also doubles as a great day time moisturizer when you are out in the harshest of the elements (ski days, or hiking). It creates a barrier that protects the skin from harmful free radicals. Next, it was upstairs to dvf to see Audrey – a personal shopper of sorts (she picks out new stock in my size and style and sets it aside for me until I can come down to the store to try it all on). I found three new great summer dresses, all which I will eventually get around to taking pics of for you guys. I will be back next week during their promotion to pick my purchases up with a 25% discount. YAY!
After finishing up at Holts, I met up with a friend of mine and we went to visit my mother in law at the gorgeous jewellery store she manages – Kaufman de Suisse. True beauty, let me tell you!

So, we chatted, got a quick tutorial on diamond qualities, coloring and rarity while sipping perfectly foamed lattes amongst a sea of diamonds :). You know, just your typical afternoon…

Betsy Johnson was one of our last stops before we dropped and I found these stunning Marilyn Monroe – styled socks (I got the pink ones above). I looooove them, especially since I share boy socks normally with my babe… 😉

We refuelled at the NYC inspired deli Anton & James on Stanley Street, downtown off of St. Catherine and filled up on mushroom & cheese melts, Greek salad, and grilled chicken pasta salad. Mmmmm

Now I’m back at home, enjoying all my goodies and all washed and ready for bed curled up on the couch watching James Bond with pug and babe. Such a fairy tale ending to me!

Memoirs of an NYC shopping spree!

Posted in DVF, fashion, louboutin, NYC, shoe, shopping by fashionista514 on February 27, 2009
Picking up a Hermes scarf for the mother in law… very classy lady…
Some gorgeous nude open toe patent Louboutin pumps for myself…

Ahhh… in NYC they have an actual Louboutin store – no messin‘ around!

The excitement of the shoe shop!

Strollin‘ the meatpacking district on my way to my absolute favorite – Diane Von Furstenburg!

The lush Bergdorf window… WoW!

If there was ever heaven on earth… it would most definitely be the shoe section in Saks… Believe it or not I actually had to take a time-out in the bathroom to recompose myself.

Nothing feels better after a day of hittin‘ the shops than these delicious martini’s – courtesy of the Oriental Mandarin Hotel bar… delish!

Drool-worthy earrings

Posted in bergdorf goodman, earrings, shopping, silver by fashionista514 on January 26, 2009

When I stumbled upon these drop dead gorgeous Stephen Webster fringe hoop earrings, all I could think of was the sheer brilliance that went into the design. Made with beautiful and simplistic sterling silver they add a touch of tamed punk to any of your favorite skinny jean outfits. Almost an automatic “add to basket” for me, I held myself back at the $400US price tag listed on the Bergdorf Goodman website. Although insanely beautiful, these earrings as well as their price pack a wicked punch.