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514 Outfit Post – Retro Shopping Saturday!

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Oh man did I have a field day on this fine Saturday!!! Although it has been pretty cold and nasty (rainy) here lately in the 514, the weather had absolutely no effect on curbing my shopping enthusiasm today!!! I slapped on some MAC Russian Red lippy and went on my way…
Can you effing believe that it is ALREADY cold enough to be wearing boots?!? WTF?!?! Hey… not that I’m complaining… I LOVES me some boots 😉

What I’m Wearing

  • DVF Tunic dress
  • Nine West suede boots
  • DVF leather jacket
  • Marc by Marc bag
  • H&M scarf

Oh la Dita! The things you do to me! Is she not 100% sensational??? Today I flipped through my beloved Fetish/Burlesque and the art of the Teese picture book… maybe that is what inspired the retro turn in my little shopping spree… 😉

SoooI took inspiration from the fabulous Dita for my “white moon” manicure. I LOVE it! French manicures you can kiss my @$$!!! Red nails paired with lipstick to match has to be the ultimate duo in my books!

Oh yes you saw what you think you saw…

…A new addition to my Louboutin family! Finally I scored me some signature black and red stunners 😉

These babies are what they call Decoltissimo’sdecolte being the french term for cleavage/seductive neckline…
Well the cut on the side of these shoes does to feet what a beautiful bra does to your chest… makes it the exceptional version of yourself!

Rosenstein… THE place in the 514 to get your Louboutin fix… I quite possibly love this store more than my own home… yeah… I know… I’m obsessed with showing off my manicure… it is too DAMN COOL THOUGH!!!

Oh! And a little teaser for you all… I scored some DVF goodies as well today (thanks to the beautiful Audrey at Holt’s for helping me with my selections 😉

BUT… I will make you wait to see them both in outfit posts… heheheheheheheh… I am SO EVIL! BUT I LOVE IT!!! Hehehehehehehehehe….

Here’s hopin‘ all of your Saturday’s were as good as mine 😉


If I had my way…

Posted in artwork, boots, embroidery, Fashionista, shoe by fashionista514 on August 23, 2009

I would be prancing around in these Sergio Rossi embroidered beauties on this fine Saturday afternoon… (if it werent so hot out!)

What can I say… there is nothing I don’t LOVE about them! Hmmm… suede… check! Electric blue and orange… check! Aztec/hippie design… check! Zipper down the front… yesss….. High heeled and high thighed… double check!!!

Wow… for the girl who loves boho chic yet dosen’t want to feel underdressed… these boots have ended all doubts in my mind… just look at them paired with skinnies and a tunic blouse! Now if I could only get past the $4,000.00 price tag… *gasp*!!!!!

*total droolfest*

I am coveting ALL embroidered boots on this fine Saturday morning… Who needs coffee and brunch when you have a visual feast as such???

Don’t get me wrong… I’m still going for coffee… like now… Happy Saturday campers 😉

My Personal Louboutin Collection

Posted in louboutin, moi, shoe by fashionista514 on April 7, 2009
I am a collector – a fashion collector! Christian Louboutin heels are my pride and joy. Not only are they drop dead gorgeous shoes, but they make you feel like an unstoppably sexy woman every single time you put them on. Here are a few pics of my four beautiful pairs and the story behind each of them…
These cream dreams I got at the Louboutin store in NYC’s Greenwich Village. It was sensory overload when I walked into that little store and saw the hundreds of different Louboutin styles. Here in Montreal, we are very lucky if we get a dozen different styles (all of which are usually very conservative). I saw these and fell in love. It is practically impossible to find these, as they are constantly selling out before they even reach Montreal. A shoe dream came true when I got these :).

These grey studded pumps I have never seen anywhere else. I scored these on ebay for a fraction of what they are selling them for in stores (I made a deal with the seller), and love them to shreds!

I love the contrast of the bright red soles to the grey mousy suede! Mmmm…

These gorgeous teal peep toe heels were love at first sight (well, then again… probably every louboutin heel is…). I tried these on at Rosenstein in Montreal and just knew they were right for me.

One of the first times I wore the blue peep toe pumps was with a DVF dress (they seem to complement each others designs so amazingly). Did you know that Diane Von Furstenberg and Christian Louboutin are actually best friends in reality? Can’t get enough of either of them!

These were my very first pair! I had originally went searching for a dress to wear to a wedding, and found these instead 😉 They are my wizard of oz ruby red slippers!

Visit the Louboutin site for some weekday dreamin’:

Geisha Rainboots

Posted in artwork, fashion, shoe by fashionista514 on April 6, 2009
Welcome people to my darling world. I am a dreamer, and my Ed Hardy tattoo-inspired pimpinrain boots are proof!
Vlad (my babe), bought them for me while we were in NYC for New Years Eve. He was shopping for new kicks and saw these. He said the geisha’s green eyes reminded him of me… maybe the whole “kiss of death” thing too… 😉

Anyways, all I know is that ever since I scored these I’ve been wishin‘ for rainy days… I lucked out this week – rain almost every day! I was definitely a happy splasher 🙂

Click here for the online store:

He’s Bringing Sexy Back

Posted in appreciate, artwork, crush, designer, diva, fashion, favorite, hotness, luxury, online shopping, shoe by fashionista514 on March 24, 2009
Gianmarco Lorenzi is one sexy guy. Hey, any guy who can create stilettos of this caliber is pretty damn sexy to me! When I saw these pairs, my jaw flat out dropped to the floor and I then proceeded to drooling for quite a long period of time. I saw flashes of them in my dreams and got that shopping anxiety you get when you want to buy something before it gets away… They are my Italian lovers from past lives reincarnated into shoes… (sigh)

In short, these heels take a walk on the wild side… right where we all want to be…

To score a pair of these puppies, check out ebay for some sick styles. His boots share the same risky energy as these beauties! All made in fashion land (Italy). 🙂

Things I agree with…

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  • Eating whenever you are hungry – none of this “nothing after eight bullshit” (oh, and satisfying attack cravings).
  • Buying incredibly high, insanely gorgeous, ridiculously expensive high heels.
  • Doing something every once and a while that scares you, or puts you out of your comfort zone. Right now, that happens to be taking salsa classes with my boyfriend…
  • Shop, shop, shopping!!! My style is my creative expression – I love learning how to mix and match different things to play up my best qualities!
  • Going to bed early and sleeping ten hours a night (if you can).
  • Drinking lots and lots of water.
  • Overdosing on bubble baths.
  • Loving the person you are with and leaving the past behind.
  • Considering your pets your children.
  • Living each and every day to its fullest.
  • Watching tons and tons of movies!!! With popcorn!!!
  • Singing and dancing in your underwear.
  • Old fashioned romance.
  • Not being ashamed to still admit you love Kraft dinner and Ramen noodles
  • Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds 😉
  • Opening your mind to all the crazy people out there – and finding inspiration from how liberated they are.
  • Not cooking or cleaning sometimes when you don’t feel like it.
  • Sharing a balcony picnic watching the sunset from your high rise apartment building.
  • Long steamy makeout sessions with your lover that don’t have to lead to anything else…

…Stay tuned for more acceptable behaviour…


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Memoirs of an NYC shopping spree!

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Picking up a Hermes scarf for the mother in law… very classy lady…
Some gorgeous nude open toe patent Louboutin pumps for myself…

Ahhh… in NYC they have an actual Louboutin store – no messin‘ around!

The excitement of the shoe shop!

Strollin‘ the meatpacking district on my way to my absolute favorite – Diane Von Furstenburg!

The lush Bergdorf window… WoW!

If there was ever heaven on earth… it would most definitely be the shoe section in Saks… Believe it or not I actually had to take a time-out in the bathroom to recompose myself.

Nothing feels better after a day of hittin‘ the shops than these delicious martini’s – courtesy of the Oriental Mandarin Hotel bar… delish!

Karl Lagerfeld Gun Shoe

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Nuff Said!