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514 Outfit Post – Chillin’ with Tatoo’d Ladies

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Angelique Houtkamp is a goddess in my world. The beautiful german tatoo artist designs and makes the most stunning permanent ladies. Pin-ups with a sadistic/flapper/twenties edge… just my style. Eat your heart out!

This one is me. I am Gemini… hear me ROAR!!!

This is what I want to be reincarnated into 🙂 Exactly this.

Pug’s must have item of the moment… the chicken squeaker ball!

What I’m Wearing
  • H&M kelly green sundress
  • Nine West peeptoe bootie wannabe sandals
  • OPI Nailpolish in “Koala Bear-y”
  • MAC lipstick in “Impassioned”
  • Chandellier earrings I scored for $2.00… yesssss!

How is everyone’s week goin’?

I’m feeling rather delusional and am heading to the liquor store to grab a few bottles of wine… feeling like losing my mind… 😉 WOOHA!


Summer Modes of Transport…

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Pug loves cruisin’ with me in her basket on my bike…

What I’m Wearing
  • Calvin Klein dress shirt
  • Abercrombie & Fitch jean shorts
  • Addidas slip on runners
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs bag
  • one hell of a freakin’ adorable pugger (I’m not wearing her though… calm down PETA…)

The most beautiful lipstick in ALL of the land…

What I’m Wearing
  • DVF tunic dress
  • Coach booties (ummmm… can you tell that I haven’t taken them off since I bought them?!?!?)
  • John Hardy bamboo hoop earrings (yet another favorite staple)
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs bag
  • YSL lippie… soooo creamy and the HOTTEST nude to ever exist
  • Janet Miller Tahitian Pearl ring

On a Side Note…

We finally got our Porsche from the States!!! Isn’t she beeeee-autiful???? I personally am seriously IN LOVE 🙂 To own my favorite car and get to drive around in it every day is an absolute DREAM! Vlad and I will be going on a roadtrip soon enough with the top down and the petal to the metal… 🙂

Love you guys… You make my dreams come true EVERY day 🙂

Pieces of Me… I’ve Got Mail!

Posted in makeup, online shopping, pug by fashionista514 on April 30, 2009
So this morning I opened the door to the postman showering me with gifts (don’t you love it when everything comes at the same time)?!? Amazing! What a great start to the day! So, first thing opened up was the beautiful custom order hand crocheted pug from fellow blogger
Kimberly Tia!
Bella, my own pug was VERY interested in who this newcomer was… here are pics of the interrogation…

“Show me what you got fool”…
Hmmmmm… what the hell are you”?!?

Be sure to check out Miss Tia’s page for a great mothers day gift (alongside a bouquet of flowers it is a heartfelt homemade gift) :). Mom have a beloved pet? Send pics and she will make them exactly (hey… my pug was fooled)!

Ah, and now we move on to post item #2 – a uber girly pink gummy cover for my Blackjack! Woot woot! I scored this find off eBay for a little under $10 (thank you eBay)!
I am an insane text messager/e-mail writer (I even blog from my phone occasionally), so my phone is my sidekick in life… now I can do it all in style 😉

moving along…

I am a big fan of fake lashes when I go out on the town and scored these Red Cherry lashes (once again on eBay – my saviour) for $10 for a pack of twelve! Amazing! I usually use MAC lashes, but honestly find that even with my discount they too much to pay for cheap thrills. I like that these are made of natural hair and will definitely blog a review when I get a chance to wear them out! Can’t beat that deal though – raid eBay for the same find and for some great “extreme” lashes in different colours (great for dress up, costumes and specialized looks).

Love the lashes!

Here is the ink drawing I am working on right now… far from complete, but in progression. My art gives me peace of mind. I love zoning out with my music on and my imagination running. Bold color is always a must! I am thinking of making prints for stationery very soon… I will keep you all posted!

I think it is about time I introduced you all to my marvelous blogging tool – my laptop! Now, I even blog in style my dears with my Sony VAIO with a chocolate brown snakeskin back…. rrrrowwww! The first moment I saw it I knew it was love. Practicality married to Fashion. Perfect for a fashionista!

The keyboard is a golden/bronze colour to match the chocolate brown detailing. This is my baby… runs like a well oiled machine… lol… okay, I am sounding like a guy talking about his truck… 😉

That’s all folks! Computer, Pug and I signing off!

Kimberly Tia – Crochet Goddess!

Posted in beauty, online shopping, pug by fashionista514 on April 11, 2009
The Miss Kimberly Tia…
She ain’t no crochet grandma!

My pug crochet doll is ready! The gorgeous blogger Kimberly Tia knows the art of the needle, and makes these adorable custom pet orders or any of your favorite Hello Kitty/cartoon characters!
It seems like I just placed the order yesterday, and somehow she is already done! Crazy lady! I thought she did my pug Bella justice and even caught the curled pig tail detail 🙂

Seriously, how friggen cool is she?!? Talented, beautiful and intelligent… I can’t wait to get my model version of Bella! The custom order was $25.00 and all I had to do was send a pic of my pugger! Amazing gifts for friends and family 🙂

To check out her crafts blog and to place an order visit:

My Home Sweet Home

Posted in apartment, details, pug by fashionista514 on April 6, 2009
They say home is where the heart is. I most definitely agree, although I would have to add a few other points to that list… My home is where my soul, my creativity, my passions and my experiences lie. The minute anyone comes into my place, they will take a piece of me when they leave… Here is a mini tour of some of my favorite things!

This little “shrine to love” as I like to call it, hangs above my bed in my bedroom. I made it out of postcards to surprise Vlad. They all say the things you need to say or at least put into action every day you are in a relationship. Words to express the true appreciation you have for one another. Whenever I look at this from my bed I feel like somehow our love is being protected. I “love” it 🙂
Oh well now look who we have here – Madame le PUG!!! She is my definition of home! When my mom or brother babysits her and she is away – I feel completely lonely :(. You see, Bella follows me around absolutely everywhere (she even jumps in my bubble baths unexpectedly sometimes!), so when she is gone – home is just an empty space.

Here we are in the bathroom. I absolutely adore Marvis toothpaste (check out my archives for a past blog post), and there are not many places you can find it anymore! So, when I venture downtown I make sure to stock up a la max! Roger & Gallet soaps are always awesome for bath time and I always keep a few on hand for gifts, etc… Those scented sticks underneath are in a lotus oil from Fruits & Passions – light, but effective!

Marilyn also hangs in my bathroom. Something about a glamorous bathroom that gets me every time!

This is a miniature hallway in my apartment (right beside the bathroom), that has lots of sentimental value to me. Pictures of family and friends partying, and a vase filled with ostrich feathers from my trip to South Africa! The Moroccan-styled table was made and given to me by one of my neighbors! She makes old antiques into beautiful showpieces!

I adore these big mirrors (I have two in my place), as they make the whole area look so much larger! My overflowing CD collection (I am a junkie), my rock band guitar, some twisty sticks in fancy vases and my wooden giraffe and hippo from Africa! Woot! Woot!

Wow, what do you know… more Africa souvenirs!!! From ostrich eggs, to semi precious stones and minerals, to my zebra skin box – everything is attached to a beautiful memory. This lamp is for my new place which I will be moving into in about two weeks! Heray! More pics to come!

Now get this. You will not believe this, but Vlad went downstairs this morning to get the camera from the car in the garage, and found this amazing canvas IN THE GARBAGE?!?!?!?!!!! He and I have pretty similar tastes when it comes to art, so he rescued it and brought it up for me as a gift!!! I was, and still am completely ecstatic to have this gorgeous piece of art displayed in my home. Just goes to prove that one man’s trash is anothers treasure 😉

I like aggressive apes apparently!

Ah! I love it! I am going to add some of my own drawings to this one… it is now officially a work in progress!

Last but not least is my anti-evil eye! For as long as I have moved out, I have placed this beside my front door to protect my family and I (Vlad and pug). It has not yet let me down!

Personalise your living space – be comfortable recharging your batteries and being yourself 🙂

A little Bit About Me

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  • I am in no way, shape or form a morning person – I have always woken up puffy-eyed and completely out of it!
  • Whenever I leave the house, I put my face on
  • I am not a big drinker – I love tea and sometimes some kind of ice coffee via Starbucks
  • I used to be a makeup artist (and, well once a makeup artist – always a makeup artist)! I still sneak some jobs in when I have the time 😉
  • I studied fashion design in school and worked with a Montreal Designer for about a year.
  • I love all things salty.
  • Right now I am working with my boyfriend at his construction company (hehehehe… I get to chill on the sites in my heels), helping with a bit of everything from choosing appliances, tiling, flooring to showing clients apartments and taking care of signing the leases etc… There is not much I do not do, and as a result the two of us spend our days together in his pickup truck together racing around town in lingo 😉
  • We are currently taking salsa dance lessons with his dad and his girlfriend.
  • My boyfriend is a big ebay junkie and therefore has helped me buy and sell things at amazing prices (like louboutins!)
  • I made some smart decisions with my money a while back, so I am not dependant on a job to survive (at least at the moment).
  • I will be moving into a brand new (free) luxury condo next month that I designed (I will post pics when the construction is done)! No rent to pay makes for a better lifestyle – that’s for sure! It’s my boyfriends company that renovated and owns it, so for us there is no expense!
  • I have a crazy pug baby at home that is for sure actually a mix of monkey, bat and cat 😉
  • I have worked many different jobs! I have been: a seamstress, a heavy machine operator, a personal assistant, a retail saleslady, a model, a waitress at a supperclub, a bartender, a dishwasher, a dresser (behind the scenes at fashion shows), a makeup artist, a sous chef, a choreographer (for fashion shows), and now a leasing agent/interior design aide! Apparently I do not discriminate!
  • I am an artist. I have always loved writing, painting and doing my ink drawings. Lately I have been expressing myself with both this blog and letters. I think there is nothing better than getting something nice in the mail 😉
  • I do cook and clean, but prefer not to. I do not believe that it is my JOB to be do these things all the time for my boyfriend. As a result, we have a very balanced relationship and I get to enjoy a nice dinner made for me every once and a while!
  • I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason. You go through hard stuff to be stronger and get to experience the good stuff as a reward.
  • I was blessed to have a kick ass metabolism which allows me to eat whatever I like and how ever much of it I see fit! I still try to stay healthy, but I am 5’10 and a size 4. Pretty lanky!
  • I had a modelling contract for a year, but it was just not for me. Not the kind of world that inspired me or was healthy (for my body, but especially for my mind). Sadly, I learnt that many of the stereotypes about models are true. The don’t eat much (no, slimfast does not count girlies), and they are generally really overtly into themselves. So, when my contract was up, I moved on to bigger and better things!
  • I horseback ride! I used to ride when I was younger, and I have gotten back into the saddle as of summer! I go to my lessons every week, and my body tries it’s best to catch up for lost time.
  • I love to ski, again something I used to do a lot of but got back into this year!
  • I have some amazing friends that defy the laws of coolness 🙂

As you can see, I lead a pretty damn charmed life – and I know it! Regardless, life is hard sometimes and it is all about your perspective! Don’t lie to yourself and tell yourself you are happy if you aren’t, but try to make the most of every situation and opportunity that comes your way. In the long run it will pay off. Never forget though to satisfy your cravings in the now too! These moments are what make life worth living!

I want another baby… PUG!

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I am looking to expand my family – Pug style… a little baby black girl 😉 Someday soon… I love my pugs – no other doggies like ’em!

My LovePug!

Posted in family, love, pug by fashionista514 on February 7, 2009

Today is a low day for moi. The only one who is really always there for me is my beautiful pug Bella. Whatever mistakes I have made, however her day has been – she is always rooting for me. Today the sun is shining and it is truly positive outside. Today is a day for the dog run and running errands, with my darling pugzilla with me.

If you don’t have a pug, I highly recommend them for the overall morale of you and all your family members. They snort, fart, burp and wag their little curled piggy tails. Who wouldn’t want one? True characters. I’m so thankful I have her.

My day is starting to feel better…

Sunday Dreamin’ – Intro to my Life

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Sundays are best when you never get out of bed. It’s 4:27pm here in mtl and I am wrapped in my down comforter propped up on a pillow with laptop in hand. My pug, Bella is curled in a ball beside me and I can feel her hot breath on my feet. My awesome boyfriend surprised me this morning with breakfast in bed from St. Viateur bagel down the street (two eggs, sausage, bagel and cream cheese with potatoes… mmm), just thinking about it now makes me want a second helping ;). I swear I am the luckiest girl in the world to have him :). There is a hot bath waiting for me but all I want to do is stay here in the moment and enjoy the pure silence.

I did some web surfing, checked my work e-mails and scoped out the Christian Louboutin listings on ebay… if you must know anything about me, Louboutins are my fashion fix. I become some kind of fiend when I see that fever-colored red flash from the back of a perfectly angled 5 inch heel (sigh). Even days not worth putting clothes on seem fit for a fashion fantasy. Here in montreal, I call it Holt Renfrew. What Neiman Marcus, Saks and Bergdorfs is to the states – just smaller scale. Sometimes just walking through the store releives my stress, tension and moodiness. I’d like to think of it as my “artificial” zen space. At home with my boyfriend and my pug definately tops the list where zen is involved though. We live in a beautiful 3 1/2 apartment in the Monkland village with an indoor pool and sauna in the building (reminding myself of this, I may just go for a swim). It is a highrise with a beautiful view of Mount Royal and the Oratory from our balcony. In the summer we have tea, croissants and cheese outside picnic-style and watch the sun go down in the most beautiful orange and pink haze. We are avid movie fanatics and give in to boxed DVD sets of tv series all too often (hey, no commercials – no “to be continued”). Our 52″ flatscreen pretty much ensures that going to the theatre is not much of a better deal than staying home with plenty ‘o food and blu ray quality. Life is good my friends, life is good. My pug, otherwise known as Bella, Chuck, Snugglepug, etc… is a pooch of many names, all adjacent to her many personalities. One day I will adopt a black pug sister for her and we will be a complete family (until my baby factory starts producing).

Well, time to go eat something! Not much better on a Sunday than left over chinese food from the night before! Yummers! Bon Appetit a toulemonde!