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Don’t… Don’t you Want Me…

Posted in contest, giveaway, prize by fashionista514 on July 21, 2009

Ummm… so I guess I was under the wrong impression that girlies go CUCKOO for Marc by Marc Jacobs… cause you girls are SLACKING on the makeup entries for my Luxury Lust contest where you can win your choice of either

a. A Marc by Marc clutch


b. Your choice of designer makeup (YSL, Chanel, Givenchy, etc…)

GET GOING LADIES… or I’m just gonna keep it for myself (hey… well that wouldn’t be so bad after all now would it… πŸ˜‰

I know it’s summa and the sun is MUCH more interesting than my giveaways… however I am requiring a minimum of ten entries to dish out these $$$ prizes πŸ˜‰

Spread the word lova’s… Contest ends Aug. 1st 2009!

Click here for more details


Love Package from Chrystina :)

Posted in contest, friends, friendship, funk, gift, giveaway, inspiration, lipstick, my man, prize, thank you by fashionista514 on June 27, 2009
So if you didn’t already know, I was the runner-up winner for the GORGEOUS and poetic Chrystina’s NARS contest/giveaway (out of 100 peeps yo – soooo amazing)!!! If you aren’t already following her beautiful thoughts, go IMMEDIATELY… RIGHT NOW to her blog

Whimsical Rose

Once you get there you will know exactly what I mean when I say that this girl is heartbreakingly beautiful in every sense of the word… she can find beauty in absolutely everything and her posts dictate personal strength, motivation, dreams and dilemma’s… all the while adding a fairytale twist to her every perspective πŸ™‚ This is why I am addicted to her blog… it is her au naturale… raw art.

Alright, so enough with the sappiness… on with the show πŸ˜‰ Look at the beautiful vintage card she sent me!!! Complete with a Barbie sticker to seal the envelope… loves it…

Chrystina shared some tips on how to “work it” in my new NARS Dolce Vita lipstick (will be posting pics verrrry soon), and quoted one of my absolute favorite scenes from Sex and the City (remember when Carrie is standing by the water fountain in the white dress with her hair all wild and curly…)

“Maybe some women aren’t meant to be tamed. Maybe they need to run free until they find someone just as wild to run with them”

-Carrie Bradshaw-

How true is this quote… I cannot even begin to explain… Some women can handle being in a relationship ruled by a man. Some can handle being suffocated and held down from achieving their dreams. Some can accept that no matter how devoted they are to their man, they will never see it returned. Some can put their lives on hold for another, only to find out in the end that their lives are already over.

I am proud to say that I am not, and never will be one of these women. I have found my wild match who, chases me actually, and keeps me reaching for everything I ever wanted to achieve. If one day he were to change, he would have been the one who had made me strong enough to not care, and just do it anyways :). Thank you babes – you have given me the priceless gift of self worth, confidence and “fuck the world, I’m gonna do whatever I want”

… like I said… priceless πŸ˜‰

Alright, alright… seems today we are getting quite sidetracked huh?!?! Back to business once more…

So, as if a beautiful card filled with beautiful words and a NARS lipstick weren’t enough… darling Chrystina included this super funky/fresh red & black zebra print bangle!!! Groovy baby (that is my tribute to Austin Powers… I will shut up now…)!!! I LOVE THIS BRACELET! I can already feel it’s gonna be bringing out my wild (favorite) side… πŸ˜‰

Thank you girl! Your package was so thoughtful and packed with a taste of your personality – tres cool… I consider this bracelet some kind of friendship bangle – def always think of you when I wear it.

For all of you who read this post and DIDN’T do as I TOLD YOU TO at the beginning (going IMMEDIATELY to Whimsical Rose)….

***sorry… not meaning to be rude… I’m just dishing it out today***

Marilyn Monroe Contest Prize/ Spending Update!

Posted in budget, giveaway, prize by fashionista514 on June 10, 2009
Congrats again to the beautiful Sarah, my winner of the Marilyn Monroe Makeup Contest!!!

View her, and everyone else’s entries here.

And here is her prize pack that I’ve gathered together (all the while not buying anything for myself… verrrrry hard)!

Marilyn Monroe’s autobiography. Some say it is biased, but I believe it is all still in her own words and imagination. She shares her unbelievable point of view in this book packed with amazing colour pics (yes, I have the same book myself) πŸ˜‰

My favorite Marilyn Movie of ALL TIME!!! For those of you who have never seen “Some Like It Hot”, RUN to the movie store. It captures the essence of Marilyn’s bad-girl edge! Also starring the amazing Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis… very funny…

Although I promise some MAC goodies, I figured Chanel was much more suiting as Marilyn was something of a spokesperson for Chanel no 5 perfume while she was alive

β€œWhat do I wear in bed? Why, Chanel No. 5, of course.”
-Marilyn Monroe-

So, as a result, some classic red hues in Chanel were picked!!! Chanel Le Vernis in Dragon for the classiest red nails…

This liquid lipstick is new to me, havn’t ever seen it yet… and it matches the polish exactly in Dragon! Chanel luminous satin lip lacquer… mmmmmmm…. (how I got past getting this without picking one up for myself is beyond me)!

Somewhere in the mix, Fashionista 514 magnets snuck themselves into the mix πŸ˜‰

This is most probably the skincare line I am the most passionate about (yes, I do realize how many wonderful brands are out there… but seriously, this one takes the cake)! Did you know that the Dr. Erno Laszlo actually treated Marilyn Monroe? This is the same historic brand she used with it’s iconic cleansing sea mud system. Here, from the Laszlo collection is their amazing sea mud mask… great for all skin types, and gives an amazing deep clean! If you love Marilyn’s complexion – come and get your own creamy, healthy and impeccable skin!

For more info on the Laszlo products (or for an amazing Erno facial here in the 514), click here!

Red Cherry falsies in #1 (amazing lashes), and Diyptyque’s Eau de Vinaigre (this is the line Victoria Beckham uses – so you know it’s good). this Eau de Vinaigre can be used as a toner, a refresher on the skin or mixed into hot water as a facial steam tonic! Vesatile and wonderful a la francaise!

And finally, more lash building product!!! You gotta flutter those lashes and shoot some seductive looks a la Marilyn!
So Sarah darling, I hope you enjoy your prize pack – I will be shipping it off to you today!


I have now been 9 Days Shopping Sober!!!

Eating at home has been VERY helpful, however online shopping and just instinctually picking stuff up is very dangerous to me still… have to stop myself…

Click here for more info on my Shopping Hiatus Challenge and how you can win an engraved Fashionista 514 iPod Nano!

Last Chance To Enter My Perfume Giveaway!!!

Posted in giveaway, prize by fashionista514 on April 28, 2009
Spring has sprung and it is time to send off this grapefruit inspired scent to it’s rightful winners (smells amazingly like the discontinued “Babydoll” by YSL)! I will be drawing three names tomorrow in celebration of the beautiful weather we have been having!

Submit your full name to before tomorrow noon! I will be drawing the names over lunch πŸ˜‰

Click here for more info!
Best of Luck Everyone!

Perfume Giveaway!

Posted in contest, giveaway, prize by fashionista514 on April 7, 2009
Here goes another giveaway for all my ladies out there! I just received two full sized bottles (100ml), and one purse-sized bottle of “Ageless Fantasy” in the post from Harvey Prince – exclusively for a Fashionista 514 giveaway!

I am wearing it right now as I write this and am totally loving the scent which is made specially to invigorate the senses and make you feel younger!


Pink Grapefruit
Leafy Green

Lily of the Valley
Cherry Blossom

Soft Musk
Precious Woods

Why it Works

“We have used notes that are associated with youth. Tropical fruity notes are associated with youthful feelings. These include luscious, tropical mango, pineapple, anti oxidant pomegranate and green apple. Most importantly pink grapefruit has been associated with youth and age lowering perception.”

The Science

“Inspired by recent scientific discoveries and clinical trials, we have developed AGELESS – anti age perfumeβ„’. Our patent-pending fragrance elixir defies your skin’s natural age revealing scent. Research has proven that men around women who use Agelessβ„’ believe them to be at least 8 years younger!”


Winners will be drawn at randomn May 1st!


2 100ml bottles of Ageless Fantasy (Value of $155.00 each!)
1 Purse-sized rollerball bottle of Ageless Fantasy (not even on the market!)

To enter, please submit your full name to to be automatically entered into all my giveaways!


Godiva Chocolate Hotel Room!!!

Posted in artwork, can you beleive?, celebrity, chocolate, contests, diva, dreams, eccentric, envy, favorite, inspiration, luxury, prize, travel by fashionista514 on March 26, 2009
Ladies, ladies, ladies… I don’t know if you’ve already heard about this, but let me tell you – it is music to my unknowing ears!!! Last year for Valentine’s Day, Godiva Chocolatier played Willy Wonka and hid a secret invitation in one of it’s special edition Valentines Day truffles assortments!
The company re-created a suite at the famous Bryant Park Hotel in New York City for a sinful getaway for two. Everything from the table, chandeliers, books (which opened up to truffles), as well as paintings (a chocolate rendition of Gustav Klimts “The Kiss”) were made entirely of chocolate. Mmmmmmm…. Can you say “overdose”?!?

Lucky Ali Larter got to experience it firsthand to promote it as their spokesperson… lucky girl!

Pretty irresistible stuff, huh Ali? πŸ˜‰