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Fashionista Travel – Peru

Posted in explore, fashionista finds, Peru, travel by fashionista514 on October 8, 2009
So I’ve been back home now for about a week and man o man is it good to be back!!! I have been catching up with friends over coffee and prepping for thanksgiving with the fam this Sunday 😉
These are a good overview of the last of my Peru pics… prepare yourself for quite the pic heavy post! In total I think we took about 1,500 pictures while on our trip between two cameras and a blackberry… damn blackberries have amazing pic quality… seriously, some pics from the phone turned out better than on the cam… long live the blackberry!!!
Showin’ off on top of Macchu Picchu… the view made it totally worth the 400 meter climb 😉

Babes lookin’ super cute in his G&R tee… macking away on his crackberry in the middle of the mountains…

This cave was awesome… it was part of the Inca trail, but suuuuper narrow. We were crawling on all fours and barely fit through… needless to say we were smelling wonderfully of sweat with dirt and dust all over us… and the sunburn that is peeling away my skin still now was yet another souvenir from our mountain hike ;p Everything – worth it.

Macchu Piccu behind me… so small!

My Anne of Green Gables look…

Babe lookin’ mighty fine…

See that huge protruding mountain in the back??? That’s the one we climbed!!! I must say, considering I normally hike up mall escalators in my louboutins I am mighty proud to say I conquered that in Uggs!

Snow capped mountains. Gorgeous.

Bad hair day… heheheheheh… I’m sooooo funny…

we stopped at an old beautiful hacienda (rich farm that was transformed into a hotel)… Paul Simon used to live in the same village for three years!!! SOLD!!!

Llama bisous!

Surreal clouds

I NEED a baby sheep/goat/whatever this super cute thing is…



Can’t wait to get back into the outfit posts, the 514 fashion, giveaways and product reviews! I’m back bitches!

Thank you all for following me through my travels and being patient with the irregularity of my posting 🙂 You guys rock my socks… xox


Fashionista Finds – All Around Lima

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So today´s post is a lot of randomness… but I hope you will enjoy my Peruvian loves… above is the posse I have been chillin´with! I never knew that I would make such good friends on a volunteer mission… score!

Visited a much loved Italian restaurant here in Lima… Mama Lola´s! Delicious in-house pizza´s and home made pastas… fresh, tasty and simplistic… hitting all the right spots… they also let you write on the walls, sooooooo… of course I had to represent!!!
Who knows… maybe someone will look it up randomnly from eating here… I will keep you posted! This world works in strange and mysterious ways, I don´t doubt the possibility…
If the walls could speak, this is what they would look like.
Everybody gets to that ¨point¨while on vacation with their significant other where throwing them off the cliff seems like an amicable option… here I demonstrate with the babe :p Hehehehehehehe….

Yes… so that cliff pic was obviously taken before this one…

Incan ruins! They are so meticulously built and beautiful. Positioned towards the sea and the sun… they must have been absolutely gorgeous intact back in the day.

Beautiful alley

How beautiful is this message? Written on the walls of Mama Lola’s Italian Restaurant. Oh romance… {sigh}

Some super cool cactus plants

They look alive don’t they?!?

Our own version of Rum and Coke 😉 Yuuummmmms!

I am SUPER envious that they have Mc Donalds takeout… Montreal!!! Wake up!!! What are you waiting for?!?!

Alright, now I don’t know if this has any association whatsoever to, but if it does (and even if it dosn’t), go directly here now. A site not to be missed *thank you*

Possibly the most beautifully constructed sandwich of our time.

Market finds!

Felted wool purses

Vlad living out his alter ego as Mexican Wrestler “Whacko Paco”

Coolest fruit basket. Ever. Eat it grandma!

I’m off to bed now… catching a flight in a few hours up to Cuzco *Macchu Picchu town* Going to be very tired… but ready for all the shopping and natural beauty of the mountains! This week is all about being a tourist, so get ready for some pic heavy posts full of Peru’s best.


Fashionista Finds – Peruvian Delights!

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First off, I want to say a big warm thank you to all who left a positive comment on my last post! I was not expecting to get that strong of a response and I am truly flattered with everything everyone had to say! I would like to thank the anonymous hater for writing that comment… it really showed me who my cyber friends are and that I have an awesome support system right here in my own “backyard”. Love you guys… really, I cannot say it enough. You made my day and made me smile to the point of no return. YOU GUYS ROCK!!! Best followers in the WORLD!!!
So… I have to be brief, as the internet cafe is closing soon and the internet is so slow here it took about an hour to upload all these pics… leaving not much time for chit-chat. Also… Vlad is falling asleep right beside me and constantly reminding me that he wants to go to sleep… can someone please tell me what is so different about having kids or a bf?!? I still end up feeling sometimes like a babysitter ;p
Alright! Finally some Peruvian fashion finds! We stumbled upon a complete bridal mall when we were in downtown Lima… these are some of the super cool, super imaginative dresses on display. How effing cool?!!?

Love the “nipple daisies”

What an awesome theme for a wedding… tacky… yes… but love love love the concept!

Peru has some of the most beautiful architecture I have ever seen. I have never been to Europe aside from London, however I imagine a lot of the style and influence comes from Spain… lots of Baroque styling and pastel colors. The balconey’s here are to die for! All hand carved with handmade glass. Gorgeous!

Beautiful knockers for oversized doors. Makes me wish I owned a door worthy of one!

Chillin’! Vlad and I actually fell asleep here for about an hour the first day in Lima… we were soooo tired and jetlagged! There was a flute player right across the street who played lullaby-like tunes until we dozed off.

Street signs! Love the font!

My own bag, with little peoples on it!!!

I picked up a red pair of these flats… I adore them and they were something like $12.oo USD! Crazy, and handmade in Peru!

Hopefully I will get to see a live llama by the time the trip is over ;p

Syl and Babe

Okay, really… this is not as disgusting as I made it look here. Deserts here are a lot of jello’s, puddings, and flans… really yummy stuff!

Did I mention how much I am ADORING the food here?!?!

Roast beef, rice and potato puree… super yums! Rice and potatoes seem to be a big thing here… I’m all for it!

Uggs… they get me through the day – don’t hate on ’em!

Mini biker taxis

Making friends! Woot Woot!!!

More pictures and adventures to come when the mission part of our journey is done! We will be having more free time soon to play tourists and show you guys a bit more of the beautiful Peru!

Oh… and in case you may have forgotten…



Fashionista Travel – Peruvian Alpaca Excitement!

Posted in fashion, fashionista finds, Peru, travel by fashionista514 on September 16, 2009
For those of you who don’t know… and how would you really… In two days I will be flying off to Peru! This week has consisted of a lot of unpacking from Hawaii, doing insane amounts of laundry, paying bills, catching up with friends and family, repacking and finalizing work stuff for the next two weeks to come. I am psyched though, and Saturday is creeping up on me faster than I’m realizing!
So why all the crazy travelling in such a short time frame? Well, Hawaii was a rather unexpected treat (although we had been keeping that time slot open for our road trip down to Florida), and Peru was originally supposed to be Romania! The trip got swapped! My boyfriends dad works very closely with an organization that takes donated recycled prescription eyeglasses and travels to the poorest corners of the globe to allow people who can’t afford it proper eye care. So, I will be working while I am there as a volunteer (while enjoying a few days off to sight see the infamous Machu Picchu and stock up on lovely local Alpaca fashion finds ;). I am really looking forward to helping out and experiencing the locals (hopefully they won’t pick pocket me… I hear that is very common where we will be going).
The best part is that when I get back there are more trips on the near future horizon! I will be heading off to Beverly Hills for one of my best friends weddings in the Hollywood Hills, then off to my Aunt’s Ranch in the desert hills of San Diego! November I will be realizing yet another dream when I will be off to attend a Dubai tradeshow (some days, I really, REALLY love my job ;). Sooooo… I will be in Dubai for about a week and a half! I am psyched… what a way to end the year with a bang! Fashionista Travelista… and of course I will be blogging during the whole of my globetrotting…

Now, I will not be bringing my computer with me to Peru as there is a good chance that it could get stolen and internet is not really a confirmed luxury I will necessarily have. I will be blogging as much as I can (if I can) from my phone… so please excuse if my posts aren’t as pic heavy as usual and the layout or format is looking kinda shitty. I will not be able to see what it looks like from where I will be (if I even get any cellphone reception from the Andes… here’s hoping!)

One of the coolest thing about going to volunteer for this cause in my opinion is that I will be helping out a lot of the local artisans who have diminishing eyesight and whose jobs it is to create the beautiful scarves, ponchos and embroideries that make Peruvian fashions so beautiful and unique. Their sight is essential to the detailled work they do and fine art they produce. So really… this is fashion related! Everything is everything…

I have been packing for the always changing climate of the mountains. Because of the altitude, during the day it can be quite nice over there however the nights are known to get very cold. As in zero degrees celcius cold. As in BRRRRRRR!!! As in I can’t wait to finally be in a place where I don’t feel ashamed to wear my Uggs :p
Since we also won’t be in the greatest of areas (very poverty stricken), my clothes have to be very minimalistic, practical and bland. The last thing you want is to stick out while you are over there (and the fact that I am tall and white is already two tourist strikes against me). So… jeans, tanks, wool sweaters, vests, hoodies, running shoes, no jewellery whatsoever and some warm thick socks are just my ticket. I kept to toned down natural colors… white, beige, black and grey. The key is to blend in and be warm!

I will be bringing alot of very colorful stuff back though (this is my true nature 😉
Looking forward to seeing some Alpaca Llamas!!! They are sooo cute, but watch out! They spit like camels!!!

This is what Peru’s Llama’s will look like when I am through with them!!! I will be robbing all of the land of their Alpaca luxuries 😉