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My Thoughts Exactly… Ownership and other rant worthy topics…

Posted in life, My thoughts exactly..., rant by fashionista514 on October 6, 2009

I want to know something… can someone please enlighten me? What makes people think they have the effing power over you to dictate to you what you can and can’t do with your own life?!? What makes them seem to think that their opinion is any better or more valid than yours? I have noticed this many a time in my little life experiences… so why is it that people try so hard to move into your personal space and grab hold of the controllers?

Being a young woman in this big bad world, people are naturally very protective of me. This is great cause I know how much people really care for me, however it ALWAYS ends up becoming an overly possessive issue where I feel like I am losing my voice 😦 I think it is great that I get feedback from others before I do something – it allows me to weigh it’s worth. Sometimes though, all I really just want to do is fall flat on my face and experience it myself. I would one thousand times prefer to try something and it fail than to have never of took the leap myself and experienced every part of it.

What bothers me, is that what always starts as a concern ends as a fight to defend your own lifestyle choices. To do what you would have done instinctively if another had not interfered (for better or worse).

One thing I have never ever understood is why companies will search for job candidates on facebook. Check them out before they are hired, regardless of their qualifications. How the hell is it any of their business what you do in your private life – be it cross dressing, partying, or family functions??? Please don’t give me the lame ass excuse that they want employees that will represent their company properly… c’mon?!?! So dumb!!! Wether the guy has a foot fetish or not does not change his performance at work… stop trying to invade people’s personal space and turn us all into lifeless autobots! It`s our little preferences and passions that make us who we are.

Another pet peeve… people who say dumb, negative things for absolutely no greater good. People… if you don’t have nothin’ good to say – DON`T SAY NOTHIN`!!! Keep your mouth shut and the universe will reward you with not labelling you as a douche!

All this to say… let me live my golden life the way I WANT to please 🙂 I think I have good enough judgement to understand and evaluate what is good for myself. And if I don`t… well it`s about time I learn for myself.

Merci, thank you!


Dearest Hater…

Posted in Fashionista, hater, My thoughts exactly..., rant, SHUT UP ALREADY, travel by fashionista514 on September 23, 2009
So here is a comment I received in response to my last blog post…

Anonymous said…
“You should consider yourself ridiculously lucky that you even have the option of thinking of going to a spa while you are in a developing world where children do not have the option to even see a doctor. Talk about needs. Your coach booties could probably comfortably feed a family for one month possilby more. My suggestion? Quit complaining and realize that you are not there for yourself but are there for those that need your help. Or else get the fuck out and quit blogging like you care about anything else but a free trip. But don’t worry, I’ll still be reading your trainwreck of a blog. It is ridiculously entertaining.”

Now I don’t usually waste my time on Haters, but this comment seemed amusing enough to address…

First up… I DO consider myself to be EXTREMELY priviledged in this life I lead. I never take it or anything around it for granted. So you all know (as I realize this may not always be clear) everything I have, I have worked for. My clothes, my lifestyle, my freedoms. So please knock off the whole judging me as a spoiled brat princess who gets everything handed to her shit. It’s really getting pretty old. I do what I can for those who are in need to the best of my ability. Same goes for back home, and in life in general. Yes, I am human and I DO bitch. When I am jetlagged, tired, on the rag and feeling sick I am not at my best. Does that take away from my efforts of helping pass 600 people a day and giving them eyesight? Does that make me have to live my life in modesty when I can experience and enjoy things that others can’t? I would think of myself as MORE of a fool if I didn’t take advantage of everything my life has to offer. It would be a life half lived. A life wasted. A life someone else could have lived to the fullest. As for the spa… I’m a girl… tell me… really what do you expect? You obviously have never been… I think you too would change your mind about “allowing yourself” to fantasize about them when you were feeling under the weather if you just tried it out already 😉 I never once mentioned it being my priority… just something I can’t wait to do when I get home. This is a FASHION blog, not a humanitarian organization. I shouldn’t even technically be blogging about any of this as it has no relation whatsoever to the content I keep. I WANT to share this. It is IMPORTANT to me despite what you may think. The hours are long and it is hard work, I never said I wanted out! Before you ASSUME it was a free trip, you should know that I paid to be here. Every meal, every night stay, every taxi, every flight, even the training. So don’t come up here on my little corner of the internet and tell me that I have my priorities mixed up and I don’t give an eff about anything other than myself. You who hides behind the computer screen criticizing my efforts under the name Anonymous. If you are involved in your own things, I commend you. If you aren’t, I commend you – I am not one to judge. To each their own. One word of advice… next time you decide to trash my wall, at least have the courage to voice your opinions with your name and face behind them. You might even consider transforming all that pent up negative energy you save to dish out on my blog into some positive love vibes to spread around. God knows with people like you in the world we need it.

As for calling my blog a trainwreck… well that’s just in bad taste… I sincerely hope you continue to follow my blog and be ridiculously entertained by it forever more… oh, and for future reference, I really don’t have time to constantly justify my shit… so if you or anyone else tries this again your comment will just get a big fat delete in the face. Enjoy!


My thoughts exactly…

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