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IMAGINE – John Lennon & Yoko Ono (Montreal Moment)

Posted in inspiration, montreal, museum by fashionista514 on June 2, 2009
I cannot wait for tomorrow… I am itching for it to be Tuesday already…
Why you ask!?!?

I am going to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts to experience their “Imagine” exhibit, based completely on the life, times and work of the beautiful John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

When I think of pure and eternal love, I think directly and completely of them.

This picture which graced the cover of Rolling Stone was actually taken just hours before John Lennon’s assassination by the now iconic photographer Annie Leibovitz. As tragic as the picture is perceived now, the vulnerability of love is written all over it.

This picture touches the deepest part of my heart – it is thoroughly beautiful.

Did you know their famous “Bed In” interview in 1969 was held in the fabulous 514?!?

The pic above is the inseparable couple at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel’s suite 1742
(downtown Montreal)

I love the harmony between these two soul mates.
Working together towards peace, and always together being naturally themselves.

True inspiration to the world. Their relationship was so symbolic to the movement they supported. I cannot even imagine losing someone to whom you have such a strong bond, but Yoko has continued on – always full of grace and compassion for her and her lovers cause. The way he would have wanted I’m sure.

Tomorrow I am prepared for my heart to overflow with the utmost amount of love, respect and adoration for these exceptional beings thrown into the world to walk amongst us mere mortals.

No matter how short the time we all have on this earth is, we are truly blessed to have “love leaders” such as Yoko & John.

Peace & Love