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514 Outfit Post – Night Owl Escape

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What I’m Wearing
  • DVF Aztec wrap dress
  • DVF Leather jacket
  • Coach Booties
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs bag
  • Gucci Watch
  • John Hardy Bamboo hoop earrings
  • Thomas Sabo charm necklace
  • MAC lipstick in Rebel

On a Side Note…

It’s Friday Lovers! The week is almost done and I am super psyched for the weekend! I have been catching up on the second season of True Blood and am officially ADDICTED!!! They are coming out with a Tru Blood drink in Blood Orange!!! Pre-order here! Must. Get. Mine!!!


What I’m Lovin’…

Posted in artwork, favorites, makeup, montreal by fashionista514 on July 25, 2009
Sending out some love to my babe last night…

… and getting some back this morning 🙂 Aren’t they beautiful!? I woke up to these! Talk about choosing the right side of the bed!

My new bike! The cruiser is finally COMPLETELY assembled and lookin‘ mighty fine if I may say so myself (thanks babe)! Going to fill up the tires with air and take it for a spin today…

Adding to artwork! If you weren’t already “in the know”, Vlad rescued a half finished canvas a few months back for me from the garbage room in our ex-building… soooo… a few sharpie paint purchases later we added a few of our own detailing… I did the “stripperesque” lady above…

… here are her boots… and a randomly kissed flower…

… and an uber cool couple debating life together…

… and a stoned kitty! Who knew!

Isn’t this monkey INSANE??? This is from the canvas’ previous owner/artist.
Mad Skillz

I currently cannot get enough of this Body Shop Papaya Bubble Bath… the summer always makes me fruit crazy

Just bought MAC’s lip conditioner spf 15 in Fuchsia… LOVES it, and best of all it’s not sticky… no more pulling your hair strands and random bugs off your fly trap lips! Heray for that!

My favorite paper weight reminder… live it. Breathe it.

I am currently TOTALLY digging my personal collection of colorful art. YUM.

A good friend made this one…

… and my grand mother made this one!

Have you gotten a chance to get to know Jamie Oliver? Well if you haven’t, I strongly suggest you be on your way – this boy can COOK! Centered and based on fresh ingredients, herbs and spices, he makes beautiful, flavourful and inspiringly deliciously simple recipes that will become staples in your personal eating memoirs 🙂

I will be attempting the smashed cherry tomato and kalamata olive salad to bring to a BBQ tonight – yet another thing I am LOVING!!!

Austrian Mozart truffle chocolates… our couch surfer brought them for us and I am IN LOVE.

Writing. I have been writing up a storm… maybe that is why I am feeling so good lately… I find it to be such a personal form of therapy! Beautiful! Oh, and discounted, gorgeous stationary always helps with inspiration and curing writers block… 😉

Renting movies!
I have been overdosing on all the great movies that have been released recently! I am super enjoying making gourmet dinners and then just staying in and chilling with friends and neighbors! Sooo the good life!

Erotic french fiction. I recently picked this up from a second hand bookstore (thanks Terry!) and am adoring the poetic nature of the writing. The french (Parisian that is) have such a beautiful language that I really should indulge in more… and as far as the stories, they are romantic, kinky and incredibly naughty and scandalous! The french do it well and give me some good ideas 😉
For those of you who don’t know I do speak french! Quebec french is just a bit more barbaric… that’s all 😉 Makes this kind of read even more of a treat!

… oh… and oldies are always goodies… listening to a lot of Ella Fitzgerald, Marilyn Monroe, Bing Crosby, Carol Welsman… I could go on forever. I am feeling rather glamorous today because of it 😉 and THAT is always a GREAT thing!

Have a beautiful Friday Darlings

Theme Park Fun

Posted in amusement park, friends, fun, montreal, tattoo by fashionista514 on June 19, 2009
Yesterday felt like the first day of summer to me… cause I went to the amusement park LaRonde here in Montreal!!! Needless to say it was AMAZING! The sun was shining, it was beautiful out and there was lots of action.

We went on
Every. Single. Ride.
Yes… my friends and I are fearless… *lol*
We even got there via jeep… (so raiders of the lost arc of us) 🙂

Here is a mini recount of my day…

I only took this when I got home, but I got an airbrush tatoo… the classic Betty Boop! Vlad likes it but made it clear that if I got a real tatoo one day it would highten my “white trash” level. Lovely. Boys always know the right things to say…

I love this pic cause Chris looks half rooster, half Chris… priceless…

This f-ing “tomato” or whatever it is continually haunted me all day yesterday… what it’s purpose is I don’t know (I guess just to mess with my head… bastard tomato…)… but c’mon… how creepy is that thing?!? I can’t be the only one here…

And the teacup hysteria begins… I LOVE rides that spin… you wouldn’t believe how much I love tilt-a-whirls and spinning saucers and disc… It just makes me laugh uncontrollably…

Check out the videos… one is me going apeshit on the teacups, and the other I am literally being FLUNG into space in this circular thingy…

I’ve noticed that the older I get the less I am scared of (isn’t it supposed to go the other way around???) It is very liberating to just throw all caution to the wind and really enjoy yourself (show ’em teenagers how it’s done)!

Go CRAZY. Let it OUT. EXPRESS yourself. BE yourself…
ENJOY the sun 🙂 Happy summer!

514 Outfit Post – Green with Envy

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What I’m Wearing

  • American Apparel tie dress in emerald green (if you don’t already have one… what are you waiting for? You can wear it a ridiculous amount of ways, and ohhh so comfy!)
  • Patent nude Louboutin open toe pumps… my fave
  • Crocodile belt (I scored this in South Africa at a trade shop!!! It IS real, and cost me approx. $100 – AMAZING!!!)

P.S. Today I did a makeup tutorial for the punk/goth/metal/rock band Fattooth! I will have pics up soon of the guys doing their own extreme makeup and a vid of the photoshoot! They will be touring North America this summer (check out tour dates here) Fun fun fun! Tomorrow I hit up the theme park LaRonde here in the 514… more fun fun fun… 😉 I’m liking the direction this week is taking…

Study, Study, Study…

Posted in learning, montreal by fashionista514 on June 15, 2009
So tomorrow I go for my full day Restricted Firearms course and exams from 8am till 9pm (3 freakin‘ tests to pass… who am I, Rocky?!)… with of course Mr. Babe in hand…

Soooo… today was spent achieving caffeine highs, retaining terms like muzzle loader, bore, magnums and muskets…

Thank god for the beautifully sunny Montreal day… the terasse cram session did me good 😉

Wish me luck… here I go!!!


Why Am I Taking This Course??? (Me with a Gun… Whaaaa?????)

So, naturally I get asked this quite a lot. What is my interest in learning about firearms (guns), and what the hell am I gonna use it for?!? No worries fine peoples, I am not planning to go all Schwarzenegger on your asses…. lol

I actually signed up with my beau to take this course primarily to understand the safety measures of a gun (how to unload, how to handle a loaded gun and disarm it)… cause maybe really I’m just paranoid, but you never know when a foreign object like this may someday threaten your life (or worse – your families). I am Canadian (born and raised in the 514), and firearms are very much shunned up here. I have always been taught to fear these weapons (and, well if one is pointed in your face… I always will), but I would like to shake that general fright with a little detailled understanding.

Secondly, I was curious about how everything functions, why they use what for what and all the crazy terminology (what the hell does 9mm magnum MEAN?!?!? At least now I might be able to understand action movies a bit more like a guy ;).

Third, what sounds cooler than checking out the shooting range?
At the end of the day it is just another skill to add to the resume. Another experience to take with me that will bleed into my others and make me a broader range person… and who knows, maybe taking this course was meant to be and one day I can save a life. That right there is the only reason I need.


IMAGINE – John Lennon & Yoko Ono (Montreal Moment)

Posted in inspiration, montreal, museum by fashionista514 on June 2, 2009
I cannot wait for tomorrow… I am itching for it to be Tuesday already…
Why you ask!?!?

I am going to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts to experience their “Imagine” exhibit, based completely on the life, times and work of the beautiful John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

When I think of pure and eternal love, I think directly and completely of them.

This picture which graced the cover of Rolling Stone was actually taken just hours before John Lennon’s assassination by the now iconic photographer Annie Leibovitz. As tragic as the picture is perceived now, the vulnerability of love is written all over it.

This picture touches the deepest part of my heart – it is thoroughly beautiful.

Did you know their famous “Bed In” interview in 1969 was held in the fabulous 514?!?

The pic above is the inseparable couple at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel’s suite 1742
(downtown Montreal)

I love the harmony between these two soul mates.
Working together towards peace, and always together being naturally themselves.

True inspiration to the world. Their relationship was so symbolic to the movement they supported. I cannot even imagine losing someone to whom you have such a strong bond, but Yoko has continued on – always full of grace and compassion for her and her lovers cause. The way he would have wanted I’m sure.

Tomorrow I am prepared for my heart to overflow with the utmost amount of love, respect and adoration for these exceptional beings thrown into the world to walk amongst us mere mortals.

No matter how short the time we all have on this earth is, we are truly blessed to have “love leaders” such as Yoko & John.

Peace & Love

The Artwork of Matthew Zaidan – Montreal’s Own!

Posted in artwork, montreal by fashionista514 on April 30, 2009
Don’t you just love it when you find a hidden little secret just for yourself? That’s what I felt like I found yesterday when one of my boyfriends best friends was over playing a game of cards. I had gotten back into doing my ink drawings of randomness when Adam (the friend) mentioned that his brother was an artist that studied graphic design and did similar drawings in ink. I checked out his website and instantly fell in love with his techniques, colors and style.

Look closely at each of these pieces or you might miss something! There is so much underlining detail in his art that it keeps the mind wandering infinitely, each time round discovering new story lines

Being the city girl that I am, I especially love the above pic of the skyscrapers in an abstract sky.

Grab a hold… see how many hands you can spot!

Zaidan makes industrial smog look appealing 😉

To order canvas and poster prints with or without frames, visit

Matthew Zaidan’s site here!

Nothin’ like a Ski Day

Posted in babe, food, hobbies, montreal, travel, vlad by fashionista514 on March 18, 2009
One of the greatest advantages I have livin‘ up in the great white north, is being close enough to go skiing every weekend (ahhhh… if only I had the time every weekend!). It is truly awesome that I am literally surrounded by great ski hills… large challenging ones when I’m feeling up to it, as well as the little bunny hills when the workweek has been especially tough on me!

Did I mention chalet food?!? Mmmmmm… here we have hot chocolate (a staple), the infamous Quebec poutine (fries, cheese curds and gravy), chili and cream of spinach soup. The best part of the day may just be eating all this crap! Hey – it’s cold out there and I need all the insulation I can get 😉

Canadian winters are cold. Spending the whole day outside on a slope is even colder. My Canada Goose down-filled parka does one hell of a job keeping all that good poutine-radiating heat in! Apparently when you are warm and dry, silly faces come naturally…

Man I look like a dork when I ski!

The very necessary chair-lift shots…

My hubson… he is a great skier that always ends up lecturing me on the slopes about posture, pole positions, and making large turns… Very helpful, but sometimes I just wanna kill him!

Anyways, here he is decked out in her Arc’teryx gear (specially made to keep the warmth in and your sweat out – very thin layering of specialized nylon shells).

For the great winter gear were sporting here, check out:

Have the absolute greatest parkas here – used originally for expeditions to the Arctic!

Outdoors wear in any climate, in any condition.

Behind the Scenes Photoshoot

Posted in designer, fashion, makeup, montreal, photoshoot by fashionista514 on February 21, 2009

Our beautiful model Marine from Montage modelling agency Montreal

The spacious loft set

My mess of a makeup kit 😉

The feisty and intriguing Dominique! Bold is this girls middle name – love it!

Marine in one of her shots.

Visit for more shots from this awesome Montreal – based photographer!

Fashion by Katrin Leblond

Ethereal Sky’s

Posted in designer, jewels, montreal by fashionista514 on February 3, 2009

I’m going to let you in on a little jewellery secret I know about. A very talented Montrealer who makes the most thought provoking rings I have come across in quite a while. The very talented Ms. Janet Miller. The winter 08/09 collection resembles the uneven surfaces of iceberg terrain. So unisex, so classy, so intelligent. I myself ordered a custom ring of the pearl model shown above made instead with a black tahitian pearl. I swear I wear it every day of my existence. Not only has it proven to be quite resistant to the wear and tear of everyday life, but it has become a truly essential staple in my wardrobe. Simple, natural beauty. Who can beat that?

To buy Janets creations, check out, or to view the collection on her personal site visit with all previous collections.

Janet takes custom orders and can work alongside your creative vision for something truly unique. Check out the uber fantastic tea infusers she designed! Awesome idea!