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Fashionista Flashback… Some Amazing Moments in the Life Of

Posted in adventure, life, memories by fashionista514 on June 12, 2009

As I am fairly new to Blogger (you guys have only known me since January), I figured I would fill you in on some of the things you missed before I became a raging blogaholic 😉 Here are some of my fondest memories from over the past few years (at least the ones that were lucky enough to be documented).

ENJOY, and welcome to my Life!

This is the fashion design team (Katrin Leblond) I used to work for (this was my first job out of Fashion School)! The girls I worked with were so unbeleivable beautiful on the inside AND out that going to work everyday was a very cool experience. Here was right after the first fashion show I produced right outside of Marche Bonsecours in the Old Port. We had all just survived a super stressfull day and were just finally catching a breath of relief and satisfaction of a job well done 🙂 Click here to see my Katrin Leblond Photoshoot!
I rocked my DVF silk organza party dress with my teal louboutin peeptoe pumps that day for good luck (and also cause it was Montreal Fashion Week… DUH)!!!

I am an avid horseback rider! I go every week on friday nights. I used to ride competitively back in the day, but school took over and I had to put it on hold… untill now 😉 Thanks to Vlad encouraging me and driving me up there every week I can get back to the riding lessons that I love so much!

Last year I went to South Africa on vacation for a month (Vlad has some family working over there). Well let me just say it was an experience and a half! This shot was taken in Cape Town (the most Southern point of the African Continent). The beach was completely deserted except for me and the locals fishing for shellfish. Bliss!

As soon as I heard you could ride ostriches in Africa, I was IN!!! We found an ostrich farm and I actually got my “Ostrich Riding Licence”… lol, legally valid for one year! So, if ever any of you have an ostrich “situation” do not hesitate to contact me 😉 To see the pic of me RIDING the ostrich in full action, click here!

This waterfall was truly enchanting. Truly. It was in the middle of nowhere and the water was the clearest I have ever seen. On the hills, mountain zebras were very common (sadly, I didn’t get to see any).

Yes, that is me “a la Pocahontas” laying on top of a dramatic drop of a waterfall.
It was a beautiful spot to catch some sun 😉

Alright, this shot is basically me in a nutshell. I looooove greasy spoon type meals! Thank god for my metabolism cause really I should be at least 300 pounds the way I eat 😦

This was taken last year just before the Canadian winter fully set in. Here is my newly purchased “gear”. Yes… you need “gear” not jackets and normal fashion boots to truly enjoy the winter here. I am standing in my first-ever apartment! It’s total size is the same as my now living room!!! I loved that place though, it definately had some real charm 🙂

This was when I was working as a hostess/bartender while putting myself through school. The boss of the restaurant chose one colleague and I (out of about 100 employees) to attend a salon/makeup studio’s opening to do some good old fashioned PR. I was psyched needless to say, and totally flattered!

Oh, and my hair was longer!!! I miss my hair… I am trying to grow it back again…

Every year, I get a team of makeup/hair artists together to do themed looks for my old high schools “Dance/Fashion” show. This entails making over approximately 50 students over the course of a day. I know it may not seem like too many… but by the end of the day I’m bushed!!! Next year will be the fifth year running, with all proceeds going to charity. This is always a fun way to give back 😉

This was the one Halloween that I dressed up completely all day (downtown) in a Playboy Bunny getup for school… yeah, well… that was great except NO ONE else dressed up and I was stuck like that ALL DAY!!!

Fashion School. As crappy as the program was, I did have some fun times. This is when I was the Choreography Co-ordinator for the final graduating fashion show (with other fellow co-ordinator Paulina). We taught the models how to shake their thang 😉

This is fashion school in a pic. Everyday you are trying on multiple creations to help out your fellow classmates with acheiving the “ultimate” fit. This crazy bodysuit was thrown on me at like 7am… who needs a coffee when you are half naked and totally embarrassed?!?!?

Chillin’ on the Mount Royal with my iPod… this day was grey and miserable, but somehow still eerily beautiful. There were squirrels EVERYWHERE!!!

My aunt lives is the O.C. in Cali… but out in the middle of the desert where she has her horsie ranch!!! This is Spike, one of her sweethearts!

We went to Sea World in San Diego!!! This is Obie the Walrus… it’s crazy… they suck your hands!!!

Getting friendly with the dolphins…

These fishes are SOOOO hyperactive I swear…

My personal fave was the beluga whales (native to Canada – woot woot)… they were very calm and seemed pretty sensitive. Total sweethearts. My aunt scored an amazing hookup through one of her clients to go in the water with the beluga’s and help the trainers. Too cool. Thanks Auntie!!!

Hope you enjoyed some of my flashback moments!

Isn’t it great looking over old pics?