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Fashionista Packaging – Marketing Masters

Posted in fashion, inspiration, marketing masters, wow by fashionista514 on August 25, 2009
Marketing, more times than not, remains the reason we purchase what we do. And honestly, who the hell wouldn’t want to possess these items when some marketing strategies are so damn inspiring and cool???
With the marketing mind control that exists in the world today, companies are working smarter to obtain eye catching advertising that grab attention. We are so bombarded that our culture is fazed by the norm… even the sexual edge that everything seems to hold. Step it up peoples… we are BORED… naked people are nice, but real creativity and thought come not from picking on our natural urges, but our imaginations!

Now THAT is effective advertising… how cute!

I wonder what’s inside… banana juice??? Ewww….

This bag reminds me of those aprons you can get with the lingerie clad bodies printed on top 😉

Fun times!