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514 Outfit Post – Fall Back in Black

Posted in 514 Outfit Post, black, fall fashion, Fashionista, makeup by fashionista514 on October 16, 2009
Damn it’s been cold here in the 514 lately… good excuse to break out my winter apparel πŸ˜‰ Hope the weather is treatin’ you a little better wherever you may be!

What I’m Wearing

  • Rudsak Russian inspired military double breasted jacket
  • Calvin Klein dress shirt
  • Vince lycra dress pants
  • Nine West Boots
  • Marc by Marc bag
  • MAC Cream eyeshadow in Black (note the creasing!!!)
  • Thomas Sabo Charm necklace
  • Janet Miller tahitian pearl ring
  • Kaufman de suisse diamond earrings

Happy Thursday!


M.A.C. Back to Black – texture obsession

Posted in beauty, collection, fashionista finds, makeup by fashionista514 on October 15, 2009
Aight, I’m hoping that no one is hearing this for the first time and is out there experiencing the ABSOLUTELY REVOLUTIONARY line M.A.C has recently released… Back to Black. Back to black indeed – I never left it! Dabbling in shimmers, creams, powders and glosses, black has never EVER looked so good.
I have snapped up quite a few items from this collection (and what perfect planetary alignment between runway trends and the halloween season)… cream eyeshadow for intentional rockstar creasing (yuuuuuuuuum!), black lipstick to get that second glance from oncomers on the street, and oh my god have you tried the volcanic ash thermal mask?!?! M.A.C. I know you got game… but this time you really stepped it up – I am beyond impressed.

First up… lets focus on this volcanic ash concept for skincare. I love the mess it makes (brings me back to days of playing dirty in the mud)… everything insta-darkness. It is for all skin types, but there is something about the ash that is a great remedy for oily and acne prone skin types. While I have found many exfoliators I enjoy much more, the thermal mask is a new staple in my skincare regime. Applied to damp skin it heats up to “extract” impurities. Wether it actually extracted anything or not, my skin’s texture definately tightened up and feels decongested. My favorite thing about M.A.C skincare? It perfectly preps your face for flawless makeup application every time. Bravo! Good luck getting your little hands on the thermal mask though… I had to stalk three stores to snatch mine up! Seems I’m far from the only one making this a must-have…

M.A.C. has also perfected the mineral baked makeup series it continually releases. Not only are the pots gorgeous to look at (swirled and vibrant in color… not to mention the most beautiful of metallics when wet…), but they work with everything for a subtle or overdone look. The nudes and bronzes they have in-store and online are great blended in with a matte foundation for a natural “glowing” effect. I know all you girls out there have one already… so try it out… yet another guaranteed addiction… from my life to yours πŸ˜‰

The most refreshing and appealing thing about this collection in my opinion is how carefree and easy it is. Made for the glam rocker girl that we all need to release more often than we may like to admit, it is makeup that looks amazing just thrown on. Not much blending, no need for the same precision as smokey eyes requiring layers, lines and different tones. Black is black. Totally approchable makeup application for the girl who wants to look exactly the opposite.

I LOVE IT ALL!!!!!!! My favorite M.A.C. collection of all time (and that is SAYIN’ somethin’!)

My favorite product from this collection is definately the cream eyeshadow in Black (… obviously…) shown above and the Feline ultra creamy eyeliner. It gives that wet unfinished smudged look… and somehow the fact that it creases only makes it’s appeal stronger. Blend it out into your skin with a cotton pad and voila! Finito. You have the sexiest, easiest, lowest maintenance rocker eye you could ever hope for. The meaning of effortless chic – brought to makeup… straight off the catwalk.

I have yet to break out the black lipstick, but when I do… there will be a 514 Outfit Post for all to see… can’t wait πŸ˜‰

Today I’m feelin’ blue…

Posted in Fashionista flashback, hair, jewels, makeup by fashionista514 on August 28, 2009
… cause I’m missin’ my long hair…
…and these earrings I was once allowed to borrow…

Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds… yum yum yum yum yum… I would eat them for breakfast if I could (and didn’t have to sacrifice my teeth)…

K… my hair looks mousy here… but wait for it… waaaait for it…

It is fan-flowing tastic here! Waves of hair!!! How I miss thee… grow faster dammit!!!

See how much happier I was back in the day with long hair??? I am working on scalpular stimulation to get them babies growin’! Please excuse the above photo of me posing as Mrs. Gums-a-lot πŸ˜‰

Any tried and true recommendations anyone can offer to make hair grow faster (and healthier)???

514 Outfit Post – Chillin’ with Tatoo’d Ladies

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Angelique Houtkamp is a goddess in my world. The beautiful german tatoo artist designs and makes the most stunning permanent ladies. Pin-ups with a sadistic/flapper/twenties edge… just my style. Eat your heart out!

This one is me. I am Gemini… hear me ROAR!!!

This is what I want to be reincarnated into πŸ™‚ Exactly this.

Pug’s must have item of the moment… the chicken squeaker ball!

What I’m Wearing
  • H&M kelly green sundress
  • Nine West peeptoe bootie wannabe sandals
  • OPI Nailpolish in “Koala Bear-y”
  • MAC lipstick in “Impassioned”
  • Chandellier earrings I scored for $2.00… yesssss!

How is everyone’s week goin’?

I’m feeling rather delusional and am heading to the liquor store to grab a few bottles of wine… feeling like losing my mind… πŸ˜‰ WOOHA!

Fashionista Flare – Warhol Vs. Phillips…

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… Send me back in time…

Before I even say ANYTHING… first off – how effing AMAZING is the hair on these outfits??? What a well achieved effect. Kudos!

We all love a healthy dose of pop art now do we not? I for one cannot get enough of the mainstream artistic interpretations… sometimes not interpretations at all. The beauty of pop art to me, is the ability to capture the popularity, the celebrity, and the celebrated… and transform it into an eternally timeless classic. Making a momentary spark last forever.

The master of such in my world is Warhol. This man found beauty in the absolutely, obviously mundane. His superficial and off-set nature gave him a keen eye as to what was seen as interesting. His obsession with wealth, fame and self perception allowed him to capture everyday items and make them completely iconic.

“It would be very glamorous to be reincarnated as a great big ring on Liz Taylor’s finger.”

-Andy Warhol-

Richard Phillips is a rather new inspiration to me (MAC Cosmetics has currently released a new collection in collaboration – thank you for opening my eyes MAC ;), however I can’t seem to shake (nor do I want to) the vibe of the seventies from his pop culture portraits. I am totally feelin‘ his bright contrasting colors, silkscreen looking paintings, and close eye for mod details.

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”

-Andy Warhol-

I want this above my bed… I WANT… must find print online….

I love apples and ba nay nays…

This girl is SUCH a tease…

“In the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.”

-Andy Warhol-

β€œI never think that people die. They just go to department stores.”

-Andy Warhol-

this dress gives new meaning to the phrase “eat my shorts”…

Canada’s own! Coco Rocha portrait, as done by Phillips! Isn’t she lovely? It’s the great Canadian air I tell ya πŸ˜‰

Always the artist, the experimental Warhol poses for a self-portrait of his “lady face”

β€œIsn’t life a series of images that change as they repeat themselves?”

-Andy Warhol-

“I am a deeply superficial person.”
-Andy Warhol-
What is it about mod girls anyways??? I guess it’s the same thing that draws me to the rebellious flappers of the twenties… they are gorgeous young fashionable women who rock all sorts of funky dramatic colored eyeshadow in hopes of channelling Twiggy or Verushka while rockin‘ psychedelic prints. Oh… the short hair is just awesomeness… miniskirts, platform heels, disturbingly amazing decade of music… can someone please zap me back in time???? I wanna spend my weekend in the seventies ;p

“Fantasy love is much better than reality love. Never doing it is very exciting. The most exciting attractions are between two opposites that never meet.”

-Andy Warhol-

β€œAn artist is somebody who produces things that people don’t need to have.”

-Andy Warhol-

Hold the phone… hook me up with these bad boy Campbell’s Soup shoes please!!! They are kickin‘ (no pun intended… really… I’m not like THOSE people…).

Happy Saturday folks! Make the most of your weekend!

Luxury Lust Contest Winners!

Posted in contest, designer, Fashionista, giveaway, makeup, winner by fashionista514 on August 20, 2009
And finally… it is time to announce the winners of my Luxury Lust Makeup Contest (about friggin’ time huh?!?)… Soooo… a big well deserved congratulations goes out to…
Kittie Rae!

Kittie chose Betsey Johnson as her makeup look inspiration for my Luxury Lust contest and NAILED IT! Bringing the use of vibrant color and original patterns, she captured the essence and branding of the designer perfectly. Did you see those cheetah print markings?!?!? WOW! What can I say… I love everything about this look and how she did it! Well done (and to all the beautiful ladies who entered – it was a tough choice)!!!

“I love to take things that are everyday and comforting and make them into the most luxurious things in the world”.
-Marc Jacobs-

So Kittie… you get to choose between a Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch or some designer makeup! Get back to me with your preference and your shipping info πŸ™‚

Annnnnnd…. our second winner who posted my contest on her beautiful blog (please drop by her page)….


Darling you have some designer makeup to pick out!!! Get back to me with all your info πŸ™‚
Check out her blog Beauty Inside and Out here!

Congrats to the winners, and never forget that luxury is but a mindset… you can feel like a Queen wherever you are!

Luxury Lust Makeup Contest Entries!

Posted in blogger, contest, designer, giveaway, makeup by fashionista514 on August 3, 2009

Ladies, ladies, LADIES!!! WOW is all that I can manage out of my lips… you have really raised the bar this time!!! I want to commend ALL OF YOU on a kick ASS collection of makeup looks that have been gathered all together and been squeezed into this one post! You all look gorgeous!!! Eat your heart out… here are the lovely ladies πŸ˜‰

I chose YSL as my inspiration, because it was a brand that was fierce as hell! and very mysterious. To me, YSL represents androgenous beauty, snowy white skin, fierce dark red lips, black and white attire, sharp with a bit of edge, drop-crotched pants, and old french elegance.

I have chosen Versace brand because I love their bags every season! They’re always unique, sophisticated and interesting! The brand automatically associates me to elegance, timeless creations and color! Just look at this spring collection, even the winter collection has got some strong colors! The inspiration was their gorgeous bag from this spring season. It’s holographic purple mixed with some pink. So I have used basically lots of different purple colors. And I tried to recreate the bag pattern around my eyes. That’s it. Let the pictures speak for themselves.

My make-up creation was inspired by the Dior 60’s theme catwalk show in 2008. The make-up was originally done by Pat McGrath who i think is an amazing make-up artist and i thought i’d try out my own 60’s ‘big eyes, big hair’ make-up style. I wanted to capture the dolly eyes look from the 60’s and although the 60’s was very monochrome, I think the colour adds a modern day twist! The main focus was on the eyes so as they did in the show, i went with the nude lips. This was so fun to create because of the expression and the shapes. This competition has let me try to be more creative!

“a wonderful girl … her personality and energy are part of her style. Her body is beautiful, very feminine. I love to dress women like her.”
-Roberto Cavalli-

My name is Jamie Masliah and I based my makeup look off of one of my favorite designers, Dolce & Gabbana. In this look, I did leopard print eyes and lips with gold shadow and brown eyeliner. I take inspiration from D&G because this is the ultimate risk-taking line and I’m all about taking risks. I love going all out with my outfits and makeup looks. Whatever it is that I’m wearing, it has to stand out. That is my one rule. I’m a sucker for leopard print and red. Red lips, red dresses, red bags, red anything. I just love it all.

I did a Gucci inspired look from a makeup look they used on Chanel Iman on the runway. I love the vivid colors Gucci uses on their models. They smoke out the eyes and really have the models look stunning, so you not only look at their clothes, but you cannot help but look into their gorgeous eyes.

I decided to make a look inspired by Chanel. For me Chanel is always connected with two crossed golden or black letters C. Chanel is also creates the most luxuriuos designs, in my opinion. I also adore how expensive every collection of them looks. They also always make the best makeup for their models and I love how they make models’ hair for campaigns.

I tried to create an expensive, golden and black look. For my inspirational photo I actually combined 3 pictures of different details which mostly inspired me for my look. So this is chanel logo, bag and a model from the 2008 fall collection.

Alright darlings… you HAVE to give me your opinions on who you want to win!!! They are all so gorgeous that I really don’t think I can pick all by myself! Let me know who you think should win!

Also… I will be keeping this contest open for a few more days (until Monday, August the 11th 2009)… so if you still want to enter and have the chance to win a Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch… get to it and check out the rules here!

Hope you are all having a great start to the week! πŸ™‚

What I’m Lovin’…

Posted in artwork, favorites, makeup, montreal by fashionista514 on July 25, 2009
Sending out some love to my babe last night…

… and getting some back this morning πŸ™‚ Aren’t they beautiful!? I woke up to these! Talk about choosing the right side of the bed!

My new bike! The cruiser is finally COMPLETELY assembled and lookin‘ mighty fine if I may say so myself (thanks babe)! Going to fill up the tires with air and take it for a spin today…

Adding to artwork! If you weren’t already “in the know”, Vlad rescued a half finished canvas a few months back for me from the garbage room in our ex-building… soooo… a few sharpie paint purchases later we added a few of our own detailing… I did the “stripperesque” lady above…

… here are her boots… and a randomly kissed flower…

… and an uber cool couple debating life together…

… and a stoned kitty! Who knew!

Isn’t this monkey INSANE??? This is from the canvas’ previous owner/artist.
Mad Skillz

I currently cannot get enough of this Body Shop Papaya Bubble Bath… the summer always makes me fruit crazy

Just bought MAC’s lip conditioner spf 15 in Fuchsia… LOVES it, and best of all it’s not sticky… no more pulling your hair strands and random bugs off your fly trap lips! Heray for that!

My favorite paper weight reminder… live it. Breathe it.

I am currently TOTALLY digging my personal collection of colorful art. YUM.

A good friend made this one…

… and my grand mother made this one!

Have you gotten a chance to get to know Jamie Oliver? Well if you haven’t, I strongly suggest you be on your way – this boy can COOK! Centered and based on fresh ingredients, herbs and spices, he makes beautiful, flavourful and inspiringly deliciously simple recipes that will become staples in your personal eating memoirs πŸ™‚

I will be attempting the smashed cherry tomato and kalamata olive salad to bring to a BBQ tonight – yet another thing I am LOVING!!!

Austrian Mozart truffle chocolates… our couch surfer brought them for us and I am IN LOVE.

Writing. I have been writing up a storm… maybe that is why I am feeling so good lately… I find it to be such a personal form of therapy! Beautiful! Oh, and discounted, gorgeous stationary always helps with inspiration and curing writers block… πŸ˜‰

Renting movies!
I have been overdosing on all the great movies that have been released recently! I am super enjoying making gourmet dinners and then just staying in and chilling with friends and neighbors! Sooo the good life!

Erotic french fiction. I recently picked this up from a second hand bookstore (thanks Terry!) and am adoring the poetic nature of the writing. The french (Parisian that is) have such a beautiful language that I really should indulge in more… and as far as the stories, they are romantic, kinky and incredibly naughty and scandalous! The french do it well and give me some good ideas πŸ˜‰
For those of you who don’t know I do speak french! Quebec french is just a bit more barbaric… that’s all πŸ˜‰ Makes this kind of read even more of a treat!

… oh… and oldies are always goodies… listening to a lot of Ella Fitzgerald, Marilyn Monroe, Bing Crosby, Carol Welsman… I could go on forever. I am feeling rather glamorous today because of it πŸ˜‰ and THAT is always a GREAT thing!

Have a beautiful Friday Darlings

Grimm’s Fairytale Makeup Contest Entry

Posted in contest, giveaway, makeup by fashionista514 on July 14, 2009
The STUNNING Tali over at The Gloss Goss is hosting a super cool contest folks… inspired by the genius – yet haunting and disturbed Grimm’s Brothers! Modern day Disney fairy tales are completely sugar coated in comparison to some of their original stories that show no mercy to the heroines and villains…. this was something I just HAD to get in on ;). The objective was to choose a character from the stories and do a makeup look inspired by them… with a dark twist…

I chose Snow White, and the photo above is my “dark inspiration” πŸ˜‰ Enjoy loverrrrs!



The following pics were taken WITHOUT a flash…
included the blurry pics for an added “heebie geebie” effect

… and now WITH a flash…

… bitten…

… had to… just had to include the louboutins

Here’s What I Used to Create the look…

LORAC platinum palette

  • MAC Red Lipstick
  • MAC Bazaarish Lipglass
  • MAC Copperplate Matte (grayish brown ideal for eyebrows)
  • MAC Sea & Sky Mineralize Eye Shadow
  • MAC On a Mission Beauty Powder Blush from the Style Warriors Collection

OMG… people! If you haven’t already tried this amazing foundation… WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? Gives super natural coverage to even the most problematic or pigmented areas… seriously goes on like a second skin!!! WOWSERS… I am never going back to regular stuff… this stuff is just THE SHIZNACK… and actually good for your skin! I wear Fair and Lightly Fair…

Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara (I seriously recommend this one for added DRAMA to your life πŸ˜‰ and Red Cherry Lashes are THE ULTIMATE lash duo!!! Seriously… the kind of lashes that make hearts beat faster…

That’s it that’s all folks! Be sure to enter in to Tali’s contest (I need some competition), and don’t forget my Luxury Lust – Designer Inspiration makeup contest!!!

… winners of the Badass Haircare giveaway coming next post… if you haven’t already entered, click here to jump in last minute!

Luxury Lust – Designer Inspiration Makeup Contest!

Posted in beauty, contest, designer, giveaway, luxury, makeup by fashionista514 on July 1, 2009
It’s just that time again folks… Another Makeup Contest courtesy of the 514!!!

Alright… so lets not waste any more time (I know you are all eyeing the Chanel yummies… don’t act like you aren’t!!! Soooooo BUSTED!)

My theme for this makeup contest is Luxury Lust – Designer Inspiration! We all drool over the goodies and delectable handbags, shoes, and insatiable clothing designers dish out every season right?!? Well I wanna see a makeup look inspired by the very fabulous fashion creators of the world!!! Having studied design myself… I just gotta give credit where credit is due…

I wanna feel the energy, the essence, the tradition of one brand/pic that you have selected as inspiration (k… trying not to sound too Mugatu… lol). Think to yourself… what does Gucci stand for? Well to me I think of black snakeskin, smokey eyes, sky-high sexy heels, red lips… Dolce & Gabbana brings to mind cheetah-print and red lips, satin bustiers and peep toe pumps… Chanel…. pearls, chains, quilted leather, pastels, black and white… etc…

Pick an inspiration photo… It can be a pic of a handbag, a pair of shoes, architecture, jewellery… even the logo of the brand – and makeup away! Make it clear which designer you take inspiration from and why (write a mini-blurb that I can feature with your pic). Dressing the part always helps with the overall theme – don’t be shy!

Don’t worry about listing the products you used – it’s really not necessary! This contest is open to international readers and to everyone (with or without a blog)!

Contest ends August 1st 2009!!! Get those entries in!!!

Submit your pics (makeup look, blurb and inspiration pic) to!

Winner will be chosen by moi (and my judging panel of experts… lol)

A runner-up prize will be chosen at random for all those who twitter (1 entry) this contest and post it (1 entry) on their blogs (this is open to everyone, whether they submitted a makeup look or not)!

Please leave the links in the comment box below πŸ™‚

Prizes exactly are not yet confirmed… however I am thinking of something really good… be it Designer makeup (YSL, Chanel, Givenchy, etc…), OR a Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch… winner chooses… πŸ˜‰

Runner-up prize… Makeup!!! Designer of course… πŸ˜‰

P.S. I am one of the insanely LUCKY girls to win the beautiful Ketmany’s Giveaway!!! Can you believe!?! I must have a horseshoe up my @ss!!! Watch her video announcing (and drawing) the winners!!!