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Agent Provocateur New Range – Autumn

Posted in dangerous, designer, fashion, fashionista finds, fun, lingerie, sexy by fashionista514 on September 16, 2009
Ladies and gentlemen… Agent Provocateur has done it yet again… topped off another collection with individuality, pure sexuality and discriminating perfection! Behold the beautiful couture and photography of the Autumn collection… eat your heart out boys and girls 😉

For prices, detail zoom options and to sign up for a club AP membership, visit Agent Provocateur online here.


Sexual Inspiration – Fashionista Style…

Posted in Fashionista, inspiration, lingerie by fashionista514 on August 21, 2009
I scoured the net to find some of what I think to be the coolest play things out there on the market… and I must say, I think I did well… I want EVERYTHING in this post! Check out that “Rubber For Lover” gun… ummmmm… envy…. can you imagine how sexy that is tucked into a garter?!?!
… blindfold for your inner wildcat… rrrrrowwwww!!!

Rose petals in the bath will make any girl feel like the ultimate goddess…

Pearl ring… beautiful right?!? Well this gorgeous design also doubles as a massage tool for him and her (if ya know what I mean…) Can you all say GENIUS?!?!

For all you naughty homemakers who love the aesthetic of burlesque and boudoir interior design, this pillow’s mask comes off for you to wear… how fun 😉

Some of my personal inspiration… whatever beautiful things you may consume and posses, your personality and soul are the most valuable thing you own. Make sure you polish it and take as good care of it as you do everything in your material world 🙂

Horsie tail pillow… turns into detachable whip! This is especially wonderful for getting through to your man when he is being one of the following:

a. A douchebag (beating him up will make you feel better… seriously it will)

b. Not the manslave you thought he was… :p

c. Non responsive and refusing to get off the couch and get you that pop tart you’ve been craving (and how convenient… the pillow will be right beside you on the couch – no need to get up!)

Nipple pasties! Now these I do own and seriously recommend! You know why? The glamour!!! Everybody needs to let out their inner Dita Von Teese whether they know it or not… Funny enough too, when you are wearing them you feel dressed (or maybe I’m just whacked)…

Be it in the bedroom or in actual life, start walking towards the person you WANT to be. The person you WISH you were. Eventually you will become exactly that. If it is in you and you are imagining it, it is possible to realise. Don’t cut yourself short – life is too short! Have fun and ignore the people who try to hold you back… that is THEIR opinion – not YOURS!