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Fashionista Finds – Peruvian Delights!

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First off, I want to say a big warm thank you to all who left a positive comment on my last post! I was not expecting to get that strong of a response and I am truly flattered with everything everyone had to say! I would like to thank the anonymous hater for writing that comment… it really showed me who my cyber friends are and that I have an awesome support system right here in my own “backyard”. Love you guys… really, I cannot say it enough. You made my day and made me smile to the point of no return. YOU GUYS ROCK!!! Best followers in the WORLD!!!
So… I have to be brief, as the internet cafe is closing soon and the internet is so slow here it took about an hour to upload all these pics… leaving not much time for chit-chat. Also… Vlad is falling asleep right beside me and constantly reminding me that he wants to go to sleep… can someone please tell me what is so different about having kids or a bf?!? I still end up feeling sometimes like a babysitter ;p
Alright! Finally some Peruvian fashion finds! We stumbled upon a complete bridal mall when we were in downtown Lima… these are some of the super cool, super imaginative dresses on display. How effing cool?!!?

Love the “nipple daisies”

What an awesome theme for a wedding… tacky… yes… but love love love the concept!

Peru has some of the most beautiful architecture I have ever seen. I have never been to Europe aside from London, however I imagine a lot of the style and influence comes from Spain… lots of Baroque styling and pastel colors. The balconey’s here are to die for! All hand carved with handmade glass. Gorgeous!

Beautiful knockers for oversized doors. Makes me wish I owned a door worthy of one!

Chillin’! Vlad and I actually fell asleep here for about an hour the first day in Lima… we were soooo tired and jetlagged! There was a flute player right across the street who played lullaby-like tunes until we dozed off.

Street signs! Love the font!

My own bag, with little peoples on it!!!

I picked up a red pair of these flats… I adore them and they were something like $12.oo USD! Crazy, and handmade in Peru!

Hopefully I will get to see a live llama by the time the trip is over ;p

Syl and Babe

Okay, really… this is not as disgusting as I made it look here. Deserts here are a lot of jello’s, puddings, and flans… really yummy stuff!

Did I mention how much I am ADORING the food here?!?!

Roast beef, rice and potato puree… super yums! Rice and potatoes seem to be a big thing here… I’m all for it!

Uggs… they get me through the day – don’t hate on ’em!

Mini biker taxis

Making friends! Woot Woot!!!

More pictures and adventures to come when the mission part of our journey is done! We will be having more free time soon to play tourists and show you guys a bit more of the beautiful Peru!

Oh… and in case you may have forgotten…




Study, Study, Study…

Posted in learning, montreal by fashionista514 on June 15, 2009
So tomorrow I go for my full day Restricted Firearms course and exams from 8am till 9pm (3 freakin‘ tests to pass… who am I, Rocky?!)… with of course Mr. Babe in hand…

Soooo… today was spent achieving caffeine highs, retaining terms like muzzle loader, bore, magnums and muskets…

Thank god for the beautifully sunny Montreal day… the terasse cram session did me good 😉

Wish me luck… here I go!!!


Why Am I Taking This Course??? (Me with a Gun… Whaaaa?????)

So, naturally I get asked this quite a lot. What is my interest in learning about firearms (guns), and what the hell am I gonna use it for?!? No worries fine peoples, I am not planning to go all Schwarzenegger on your asses…. lol

I actually signed up with my beau to take this course primarily to understand the safety measures of a gun (how to unload, how to handle a loaded gun and disarm it)… cause maybe really I’m just paranoid, but you never know when a foreign object like this may someday threaten your life (or worse – your families). I am Canadian (born and raised in the 514), and firearms are very much shunned up here. I have always been taught to fear these weapons (and, well if one is pointed in your face… I always will), but I would like to shake that general fright with a little detailled understanding.

Secondly, I was curious about how everything functions, why they use what for what and all the crazy terminology (what the hell does 9mm magnum MEAN?!?!? At least now I might be able to understand action movies a bit more like a guy ;).

Third, what sounds cooler than checking out the shooting range?
At the end of the day it is just another skill to add to the resume. Another experience to take with me that will bleed into my others and make me a broader range person… and who knows, maybe taking this course was meant to be and one day I can save a life. That right there is the only reason I need.


Another Day, Another Dollar

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Wow… so right on!