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Katrin Leblond

Posted in eccentric, katrin leblond, kitsch, st. laurent by fashionista514 on January 27, 2009

So all of you out there that love one of a kind fashion finds – you have to check out one of Montreal’s pride and joys of the trendy kitsch St. Laurent scene. Katrin Leblond is a designer I used to work for with whimsical designs and an eye for the signature Quebecois crafty style. Visit her boutique on St. Laurent near Mount Royal and discover a fairytale land of eccentricities and originality. With over thirty different designers from around Montreal collaborating with their own specialties, it is like walking into wonderland and getting lost down the rabbit hole. If you are so lucky to walk in on a day Erin is working, you will be greeted and invited to play dress up for her sheer amusement. Customers here are more like guests you would bring home to your grandma for those perfectly blended sugar cookies. An atmosphere of love, devotion, skill, discipline, and mesmerizing detail from every corner of the spectrum. Katrin also does custom orders to ensure you get your very own one of a kind peice ( Get ready for the compliments, as you are sure to get some serious feedback when rockin’ her signature party skirt!

For all you out of towners, check her out at! Winter sales are currently on, and spring/summer already proves to be delectable! Voila ta da!