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Fashionista Find – Thomas Sabo Sterling Silver

Posted in fashionista finds, jewellery, jewels, online shopping by fashionista514 on September 16, 2009
For those of you who follow my blog, you have for sure first handedly experienced my love for my Thomas Sabo charm necklace… featured lately in nearly EVERY outfit post that I have done!

This designer I just so happened to stumble upon completely by accident (don’t you love that?!?). I was shopping with my mom downtown and she loves to jewellery store window gaze (not usually my thing)… and behold! I saw these quirky little customizable charms where you could build your own necklaces and bracelets.

What I love the most is that Thomas’ jewels are the new and improved version of the charm bracelets we all used to have and collect as kids – made in sterling, to last (and not turn green or rust… ughhh…. remembering back in the day…) and also with a lot more of a thought out design. While the line still supplies the classic girly charms, the collections that are released seem to have more personality as well as a bit more of a modern approach. Instead of bikinis, heels and lipstick charms, us ladies (and gents) can rock out with swords, skulls, bulldogs, headphones and sneakers! Now THERE is an insta-improvement!

Ohhhh… would LOVE to get my puggers some of these for her collar… the thing is I would FOR SURE steal them for moi :p

I WANT I WANT I WAAAANTTTT…. that bulldoggie charm… please excuse my brattiness… I swear it’s only temporary…

Cassette… YESSSSS

Click here to visit his online site of superstardom!


Today I’m feelin’ blue…

Posted in Fashionista flashback, hair, jewels, makeup by fashionista514 on August 28, 2009
… cause I’m missin’ my long hair…
…and these earrings I was once allowed to borrow…

Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds… yum yum yum yum yum… I would eat them for breakfast if I could (and didn’t have to sacrifice my teeth)…

K… my hair looks mousy here… but wait for it… waaaait for it…

It is fan-flowing tastic here! Waves of hair!!! How I miss thee… grow faster dammit!!!

See how much happier I was back in the day with long hair??? I am working on scalpular stimulation to get them babies growin’! Please excuse the above photo of me posing as Mrs. Gums-a-lot 😉

Any tried and true recommendations anyone can offer to make hair grow faster (and healthier)???

My Head is Hard as a Rock…

Posted in beauty, can you beleive?, fun, genius, hotness, jewels, luxury by fashionista514 on June 26, 2009
Ummm… when I die, please do this to my skeleton 😉

That is my official deathwish!

Catherine Angiel – Badass Beauty that Shines….

Posted in designer, fashion, jewels by fashionista514 on May 20, 2009

Every once and a while, a designer comes along that all the celebrities go gaga for.
Catherine Angiel is one of these very designers.

Her sexy and sparkling creations made from precious stones and lotsa diamonds make every rock ‘n roll chick swoon over her tattoo and street style influence.

Rather than focusing on the size and flash of the materials she uses, she concentrates instead on the fabrication and styling of her pieces.

Engagement rings hold a vintage edge to them and her name tag necklaces resemble graffiti art.

Bold, sultry, dangerous and just a little darkness give this range it’s mysterious appeal.

It’s really no wonder that celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Pete Wentz, Ethan Hawke, Courtney Cox-Arquette, Paul Rudd, Felicity Huffman, Cheryl Crow, Candace Bushnell and many more have all given into the gravitational pull of her jewellery line.

From the simple name of her collections, it is clear to see where this artist draws inspiration (Click on the following titles to view her full collections)…






What is it about vintage style that is so undeniably romantic?!?

Her line starts at $500 and goes to $25,000

Yogendra Sethi – Jewellery Mastermind!

Posted in artwork, designer, jewels by fashionista514 on May 15, 2009
Yogendra Sethi is 100% Artist.
A painter at heart who pulls inspiration from nature – meadows, rocks and trees – giving them a surreal human dimension. Mixing human form with natural shapes of the earth.
It seemed only natural that designing a line of jewellery would be next in line for Sethi. Using the same exotic styling and colors from his artwork, he put together a collection of twelve unique pieces for his jewellery line.

Clearly an artist who is inspired by color,
Yogendra uses colored diamonds, precious gems and a combination of 18k white, yellow and pink gold to compose his creations.

Sethi drew much inspiration from his homeland India for his paintings. When he later moved to California he rediscovered his love of the outdoors and produced more artwork in varying mediums such as watercolor and acrylic.

From the moment I set eyes on this beautiful earthy jewels, I loved them.
The rich jeweltones, and bold shapes inspire the inner earth goddess inside of me!
Check out his website below for some more beautiful prints.
Feed your soul with some amazing art 😉

Ethereal Sky’s

Posted in designer, jewels, montreal by fashionista514 on February 3, 2009

I’m going to let you in on a little jewellery secret I know about. A very talented Montrealer who makes the most thought provoking rings I have come across in quite a while. The very talented Ms. Janet Miller. The winter 08/09 collection resembles the uneven surfaces of iceberg terrain. So unisex, so classy, so intelligent. I myself ordered a custom ring of the pearl model shown above made instead with a black tahitian pearl. I swear I wear it every day of my existence. Not only has it proven to be quite resistant to the wear and tear of everyday life, but it has become a truly essential staple in my wardrobe. Simple, natural beauty. Who can beat that?

To buy Janets creations, check out, or to view the collection on her personal site visit with all previous collections.

Janet takes custom orders and can work alongside your creative vision for something truly unique. Check out the uber fantastic tea infusers she designed! Awesome idea!