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Calling All Collectors!!! Rice & Beans Vintage Interview

Posted in interview, online shopping, vintage by fashionista514 on June 5, 2009
(Vintage 80’s Wild Embellished Wide Belt)

Every once and a while you come across something new that is truly special. Something that inspires you and brings a breath of fresh air into your train of thought and everyday routines… some days, even something from another time…

Rice & Beans Vintage has been my little find (seriously, this is where all the highly coveted threads end up) ;), and now I am sharing it with all of you!

(Vintage CHANEL Red Wool Gown Dress w/CHANEL Gold Chain Detail)

Fashionista 514 brings you this exclusive interview with Sarah Korsiak Cellier – both the owner and buyer for this unique online vintage shop!

R.C. What is it about Vintage clothing that attracts you?
S.K.C. For the most part I love the quality and cut of vintage clothing. I also love that each piece has history & a story to tell.
R.C. How did you come up with Rice & Beans Vintage website? Did you have an inspiration for the site?
S.K.C. I have been a vintage and designer clothing dealer for the past 7-8 years. Rice and Beans Vintage began out of an extreme love for fashion and vintage clothing. I created Rice and Beans Vintage as a creative outlet and out of a need for a shop where there could be something for everyone.

R.C. What do you look for when selecting vintage items?

S.K.C. The first thing I look at when selecting a vintage or designer piece for Rice and Beans Vintage is the quality. I’m not a huge fan of polyester unless the piece is exceptional. I look for unique materials & cuts that can withstand the test of time in a style sense, but also remain current and fresh. I always have the current runway and style trends in the back of my mind when choosing a piece.

R.C. Where do you get most of your clothing, shoes and accessories from?

S.K.C. I have a variety of amazing sources of which I cannot divulge!

(Vintage 40’s WHITING & DAVIS Silver Metal Mesh Bag w/Cherub & Floral Frame)

R.C. What is the best piece of advice you can give to someone who is new to experimenting with vintage fashion? Is there a foolproof approach for first timers so that they don’t look like they stepped out of a time machine? 😉
S.K.C. I always recommend starting off slowly if you are new to vintage clothing. I like to start by adding a cute vintage accessory or pair of shoes to your current outfit. This way you can really play with vintage and not look like you are changing you whole fashion persona.

R.C. How does a shopper know when they’ve found themselves a great vintage deal?

S.K.C. If you love it and it makes you feel beautiful, you’ve found it!

(Vintage 80’s Hand Woven Metallic Leather Open Weave Moccasins, sz 37)
R.C. What are your personal fashion wardrobe must-haves?
S.K.C. I am definitely a chameleon and change my must-haves often. That being said, the perfect pair of denim, leather jackets in many colors, and a fierce pair of stilettos are things that I never wavier on.

(Vintage 80’s OLEG CASSINI Bead & Paillette Blouse or Micro Mini Dress w/Batwing Sleeves)

R.C. Any beauty tips for gals looking to embrace their inner “vintage goddess”?

S.K.C. Choose pieces that you love and gravitate towards. Don’t worry too much about getting it right or achieving the magazine look because in the end you won’t be comfortable and it will show.

(AZZEDINE ALAIA Snake Skin Platform Shoes, size 37.5)

R.C. Best ways to mix in vintage accessories into a modern wardrobe…
S.K.C. Pay attention to current trends when picking a vintage accessory. This is a fun way to start. For example seek out a Vintage 80’s Neon clutch to update your look or you could stay classic and purchase an investment piece like a Vintage Chanel or Gucci bag that you know will always be in style.

(Vintage 70’s Boho Luxe Brown & White Mink Fur & Leather Coat w/Diamond Pattern & Belt)

(Vintage 40’s HERMES Draeger Frères Deck of Playing Cards in Original Box w/Holding Case)

Thanks so much for the interview Sarah! Everybody check out the website for some mouth-watering vintage fashion!!!

For any questions or vintage fashion tips, contact Sarah at


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Fashionista 514 covered on Double-King!

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I am so proud to announce that one of my favorite fashion blogs, Double-King has featured an article on Fashionista 514 on the site!

Double-King displays the sickest and newest in technology, fashion and lifestyle – it is truly an honor to be picked out of the crowd and placed amongst his pickings 😉

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