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Nothin’ like a Ski Day

Posted in babe, food, hobbies, montreal, travel, vlad by fashionista514 on March 18, 2009
One of the greatest advantages I have livin‘ up in the great white north, is being close enough to go skiing every weekend (ahhhh… if only I had the time every weekend!). It is truly awesome that I am literally surrounded by great ski hills… large challenging ones when I’m feeling up to it, as well as the little bunny hills when the workweek has been especially tough on me!

Did I mention chalet food?!? Mmmmmm… here we have hot chocolate (a staple), the infamous Quebec poutine (fries, cheese curds and gravy), chili and cream of spinach soup. The best part of the day may just be eating all this crap! Hey – it’s cold out there and I need all the insulation I can get 😉

Canadian winters are cold. Spending the whole day outside on a slope is even colder. My Canada Goose down-filled parka does one hell of a job keeping all that good poutine-radiating heat in! Apparently when you are warm and dry, silly faces come naturally…

Man I look like a dork when I ski!

The very necessary chair-lift shots…

My hubson… he is a great skier that always ends up lecturing me on the slopes about posture, pole positions, and making large turns… Very helpful, but sometimes I just wanna kill him!

Anyways, here he is decked out in her Arc’teryx gear (specially made to keep the warmth in and your sweat out – very thin layering of specialized nylon shells).

For the great winter gear were sporting here, check out:

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