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A trip to the Gyno :(

Posted in adventure, fear, health by fashionista514 on March 18, 2009

So, yesterday I had my first every trip down gyno lane. I must say I was pretty horrified to have a middle aged man probe me while my legs were spread wide open and in stirrups!!! Even with the seemingly necessary awkwardness of the situation, the doctor had a great sense of humour and tried his best to break down my anxiety. I happened to drag my very patient and very understanding boyfriend along with me, who held my hand through it all (I know I am a total wimp when it comes to facing any kind of medical attention – you should see me when they do blood tests!!!). Somehow he wasn’t completely grossed out by it all, and stood by me in the examination room.

So, I did learn that bizarrely enough I have a tilted uterus (whatever the hell that is supposed to mean)… apparently it is the equivalent of being left handed when you write. So, my “special” uterus will be writing you all a lefty letter 😉

Anyhow, all went well and was done. Although it was something I had avoided for a long time, it didn’t turn out to be so bad after all. Getting checked regular is sooo important ladies and gents! No matter what torturous scheme they may put on you, it is worth the possibility that it may one day save your life.

Go get yours.


Things I agree with…

Posted in adventure, crazy, entertainment, favorite, food, fun, health, moi, online shopping, shoe by fashionista514 on March 13, 2009

  • Eating whenever you are hungry – none of this “nothing after eight bullshit” (oh, and satisfying attack cravings).
  • Buying incredibly high, insanely gorgeous, ridiculously expensive high heels.
  • Doing something every once and a while that scares you, or puts you out of your comfort zone. Right now, that happens to be taking salsa classes with my boyfriend…
  • Shop, shop, shopping!!! My style is my creative expression – I love learning how to mix and match different things to play up my best qualities!
  • Going to bed early and sleeping ten hours a night (if you can).
  • Drinking lots and lots of water.
  • Overdosing on bubble baths.
  • Loving the person you are with and leaving the past behind.
  • Considering your pets your children.
  • Living each and every day to its fullest.
  • Watching tons and tons of movies!!! With popcorn!!!
  • Singing and dancing in your underwear.
  • Old fashioned romance.
  • Not being ashamed to still admit you love Kraft dinner and Ramen noodles
  • Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds 😉
  • Opening your mind to all the crazy people out there – and finding inspiration from how liberated they are.
  • Not cooking or cleaning sometimes when you don’t feel like it.
  • Sharing a balcony picnic watching the sunset from your high rise apartment building.
  • Long steamy makeout sessions with your lover that don’t have to lead to anything else…

…Stay tuned for more acceptable behaviour…

Treat yourself Right

Posted in food, health, time out by fashionista514 on February 19, 2009

Sometimes we all need to slow down and take care of ourselves. When we are feeling low in spirit, drained of energy and on the verge of getting sick we realize our priorities. We take our time, take that long comforting bubble bath or boost our immunity with an extra dose of vitamins. We need to be taken care of – to preserve ourselves amongst all the world’s everyday chaos. To keep our engines well fueled and running smoothly. We gravitate towards the more comfortable and functional items of our wardrobes and eat the foods from our childhoods that always soothed our ailments.

This post is to remind everyone out there that your health is the most important thing you can possess. If you have love and health in your life, I truly beleive you are amongst the wealthiest. Us fashionistas seem to be especially masochistic when it comes to our bodies – curling eyelashes, bikini waxes, facial extractions, need I say more?

Take a break. Let your body recover. Get out those awesome very in style “boyfriend jeans” and match it with layers of comfy clothing and pick up a book. Listen to music that offers wisdom and awesome beats. Rejuvinate yourself with an all over body scrub. Get those eight hours of sleep and enjoy hydrating your body with those eight glasses of water a day. Reward your body for never letting you down and putting up with all your infamous skyscraper heels!

The more you treat yourself to healthy decisions, the more beautiful and natural you will feel. The best part though, is definately that luminosity that seems to shine off of the well pampered and pruned amongst us 😉

Become one of those very coveted people.
To health!