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In Memory…

Posted in celebrity, feelin' low, legends by fashionista514 on June 26, 2009

Rest In Peace Michael Jackson & Farah Fawcett… Legends Lost – But Never Forgotten.

Beauty Downer

Posted in feelin' low by fashionista514 on April 17, 2009
Today I had a kind of blah day. You know when you feel kinda disheveled and like the ugly duckling – yeah, that was me today. I even tried to put some nice eye makeup on this morning, but still felt less than up to par :(. Booo… I hate days like these – especially when you can’t figure out why you feel the way you do! When I looked in the mirror all I saw was the negative – the blemishes, wrinkles and saggy/puffy-looking skin. Now I know I am overexaggerating, but it seriously got me down. Had me really rethink some of my lifestyle choices. Made me want to increase my veggie and water intake and start excercising (all of which I should be doing anyways).
Anyways, it got me thinking… how the hell do some people look so incredible?!? What is their big secret? I always thought a smile and laughter makes you 1000 times more beautiful, but some people just seem to ooze that true beauty. I look at all the gorgeous beauty bloggers out there giving amazing makeup tutorials and somehow feel like that level of physical aesthetic is completely out of reach. Is it the makeup they are wearing? I don’t think so… but then again we beleive celebrities out there to actually be as perfectly beautiful as the photoshopped covers they appear on.

Are some people just born with perfect genetics? Clear glowing skin, pouty lips and a toned body is just their god given right? I am one of those girls out there who has to work on my looks. Now, I do eat like a pig and am lucky as hell to have a kick-ass metabolism – but less than a year ago, my face was riddled with some pretty problematic acne! Always breaking out, and scarring because of my insanely pale skin tone. It has taken me up to now to whip it back into some kind of suitable shape. It has worked (and thank god I love face masks and creams), but it has required a lot of time, research and dedication.

When I make the transition of looking from a fashion magazine to the people on the streets – the difference is remarkable! Montreal has some drop dead gorgeous girls out here, but the general population does not look like the perfectly groomed models you see in the spreads. I am a grown adult that knows the difference between illusion and reality, and yet I am still doubting myself and going back to the question “Why don’t I look like that”?

Any good advice for beauty doom days like these? Where does your self esteem run after admiring an issue of Vogue?