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What I’m Lovin’…

Posted in artwork, favorites, makeup, montreal by fashionista514 on July 25, 2009
Sending out some love to my babe last night…

… and getting some back this morning 🙂 Aren’t they beautiful!? I woke up to these! Talk about choosing the right side of the bed!

My new bike! The cruiser is finally COMPLETELY assembled and lookin‘ mighty fine if I may say so myself (thanks babe)! Going to fill up the tires with air and take it for a spin today…

Adding to artwork! If you weren’t already “in the know”, Vlad rescued a half finished canvas a few months back for me from the garbage room in our ex-building… soooo… a few sharpie paint purchases later we added a few of our own detailing… I did the “stripperesque” lady above…

… here are her boots… and a randomly kissed flower…

… and an uber cool couple debating life together…

… and a stoned kitty! Who knew!

Isn’t this monkey INSANE??? This is from the canvas’ previous owner/artist.
Mad Skillz

I currently cannot get enough of this Body Shop Papaya Bubble Bath… the summer always makes me fruit crazy

Just bought MAC’s lip conditioner spf 15 in Fuchsia… LOVES it, and best of all it’s not sticky… no more pulling your hair strands and random bugs off your fly trap lips! Heray for that!

My favorite paper weight reminder… live it. Breathe it.

I am currently TOTALLY digging my personal collection of colorful art. YUM.

A good friend made this one…

… and my grand mother made this one!

Have you gotten a chance to get to know Jamie Oliver? Well if you haven’t, I strongly suggest you be on your way – this boy can COOK! Centered and based on fresh ingredients, herbs and spices, he makes beautiful, flavourful and inspiringly deliciously simple recipes that will become staples in your personal eating memoirs 🙂

I will be attempting the smashed cherry tomato and kalamata olive salad to bring to a BBQ tonight – yet another thing I am LOVING!!!

Austrian Mozart truffle chocolates… our couch surfer brought them for us and I am IN LOVE.

Writing. I have been writing up a storm… maybe that is why I am feeling so good lately… I find it to be such a personal form of therapy! Beautiful! Oh, and discounted, gorgeous stationary always helps with inspiration and curing writers block… 😉

Renting movies!
I have been overdosing on all the great movies that have been released recently! I am super enjoying making gourmet dinners and then just staying in and chilling with friends and neighbors! Sooo the good life!

Erotic french fiction. I recently picked this up from a second hand bookstore (thanks Terry!) and am adoring the poetic nature of the writing. The french (Parisian that is) have such a beautiful language that I really should indulge in more… and as far as the stories, they are romantic, kinky and incredibly naughty and scandalous! The french do it well and give me some good ideas 😉
For those of you who don’t know I do speak french! Quebec french is just a bit more barbaric… that’s all 😉 Makes this kind of read even more of a treat!

… oh… and oldies are always goodies… listening to a lot of Ella Fitzgerald, Marilyn Monroe, Bing Crosby, Carol Welsman… I could go on forever. I am feeling rather glamorous today because of it 😉 and THAT is always a GREAT thing!

Have a beautiful Friday Darlings