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Fashionista Travel – Peruvian Alpaca Excitement!

Posted in fashion, fashionista finds, Peru, travel by fashionista514 on September 16, 2009
For those of you who don’t know… and how would you really… In two days I will be flying off to Peru! This week has consisted of a lot of unpacking from Hawaii, doing insane amounts of laundry, paying bills, catching up with friends and family, repacking and finalizing work stuff for the next two weeks to come. I am psyched though, and Saturday is creeping up on me faster than I’m realizing!
So why all the crazy travelling in such a short time frame? Well, Hawaii was a rather unexpected treat (although we had been keeping that time slot open for our road trip down to Florida), and Peru was originally supposed to be Romania! The trip got swapped! My boyfriends dad works very closely with an organization that takes donated recycled prescription eyeglasses and travels to the poorest corners of the globe to allow people who can’t afford it proper eye care. So, I will be working while I am there as a volunteer (while enjoying a few days off to sight see the infamous Machu Picchu and stock up on lovely local Alpaca fashion finds ;). I am really looking forward to helping out and experiencing the locals (hopefully they won’t pick pocket me… I hear that is very common where we will be going).
The best part is that when I get back there are more trips on the near future horizon! I will be heading off to Beverly Hills for one of my best friends weddings in the Hollywood Hills, then off to my Aunt’s Ranch in the desert hills of San Diego! November I will be realizing yet another dream when I will be off to attend a Dubai tradeshow (some days, I really, REALLY love my job ;). Sooooo… I will be in Dubai for about a week and a half! I am psyched… what a way to end the year with a bang! Fashionista Travelista… and of course I will be blogging during the whole of my globetrotting…

Now, I will not be bringing my computer with me to Peru as there is a good chance that it could get stolen and internet is not really a confirmed luxury I will necessarily have. I will be blogging as much as I can (if I can) from my phone… so please excuse if my posts aren’t as pic heavy as usual and the layout or format is looking kinda shitty. I will not be able to see what it looks like from where I will be (if I even get any cellphone reception from the Andes… here’s hoping!)

One of the coolest thing about going to volunteer for this cause in my opinion is that I will be helping out a lot of the local artisans who have diminishing eyesight and whose jobs it is to create the beautiful scarves, ponchos and embroideries that make Peruvian fashions so beautiful and unique. Their sight is essential to the detailled work they do and fine art they produce. So really… this is fashion related! Everything is everything…

I have been packing for the always changing climate of the mountains. Because of the altitude, during the day it can be quite nice over there however the nights are known to get very cold. As in zero degrees celcius cold. As in BRRRRRRR!!! As in I can’t wait to finally be in a place where I don’t feel ashamed to wear my Uggs :p
Since we also won’t be in the greatest of areas (very poverty stricken), my clothes have to be very minimalistic, practical and bland. The last thing you want is to stick out while you are over there (and the fact that I am tall and white is already two tourist strikes against me). So… jeans, tanks, wool sweaters, vests, hoodies, running shoes, no jewellery whatsoever and some warm thick socks are just my ticket. I kept to toned down natural colors… white, beige, black and grey. The key is to blend in and be warm!

I will be bringing alot of very colorful stuff back though (this is my true nature πŸ˜‰
Looking forward to seeing some Alpaca Llamas!!! They are sooo cute, but watch out! They spit like camels!!!

This is what Peru’s Llama’s will look like when I am through with them!!! I will be robbing all of the land of their Alpaca luxuries πŸ˜‰


Agent Provocateur New Range – Autumn

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Ladies and gentlemen… Agent Provocateur has done it yet again… topped off another collection with individuality, pure sexuality and discriminating perfection! Behold the beautiful couture and photography of the Autumn collection… eat your heart out boys and girls πŸ˜‰

For prices, detail zoom options and to sign up for a club AP membership, visit Agent Provocateur online here.

Fashionista Packaging – Marketing Masters

Posted in fashion, inspiration, marketing masters, wow by fashionista514 on August 25, 2009
Marketing, more times than not, remains the reason we purchase what we do. And honestly, who the hell wouldn’t want to possess these items when some marketing strategies are so damn inspiring and cool???
With the marketing mind control that exists in the world today, companies are working smarter to obtain eye catching advertising that grab attention. We are so bombarded that our culture is fazed by the norm… even the sexual edge that everything seems to hold. Step it up peoples… we are BORED… naked people are nice, but real creativity and thought come not from picking on our natural urges, but our imaginations!

Now THAT is effective advertising… how cute!

I wonder what’s inside… banana juice??? Ewww….

This bag reminds me of those aprons you can get with the lingerie clad bodies printed on top πŸ˜‰

Fun times!

Fashionista Flare – Warhol Vs. Phillips…

Posted in artwork, fashion, Fashionista, inspiration, makeup by fashionista514 on August 22, 2009

… Send me back in time…

Before I even say ANYTHING… first off – how effing AMAZING is the hair on these outfits??? What a well achieved effect. Kudos!

We all love a healthy dose of pop art now do we not? I for one cannot get enough of the mainstream artistic interpretations… sometimes not interpretations at all. The beauty of pop art to me, is the ability to capture the popularity, the celebrity, and the celebrated… and transform it into an eternally timeless classic. Making a momentary spark last forever.

The master of such in my world is Warhol. This man found beauty in the absolutely, obviously mundane. His superficial and off-set nature gave him a keen eye as to what was seen as interesting. His obsession with wealth, fame and self perception allowed him to capture everyday items and make them completely iconic.

“It would be very glamorous to be reincarnated as a great big ring on Liz Taylor’s finger.”

-Andy Warhol-

Richard Phillips is a rather new inspiration to me (MAC Cosmetics has currently released a new collection in collaboration – thank you for opening my eyes MAC ;), however I can’t seem to shake (nor do I want to) the vibe of the seventies from his pop culture portraits. I am totally feelin‘ his bright contrasting colors, silkscreen looking paintings, and close eye for mod details.

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”

-Andy Warhol-

I want this above my bed… I WANT… must find print online….

I love apples and ba nay nays…

This girl is SUCH a tease…

“In the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.”

-Andy Warhol-

β€œI never think that people die. They just go to department stores.”

-Andy Warhol-

this dress gives new meaning to the phrase “eat my shorts”…

Canada’s own! Coco Rocha portrait, as done by Phillips! Isn’t she lovely? It’s the great Canadian air I tell ya πŸ˜‰

Always the artist, the experimental Warhol poses for a self-portrait of his “lady face”

β€œIsn’t life a series of images that change as they repeat themselves?”

-Andy Warhol-

“I am a deeply superficial person.”
-Andy Warhol-
What is it about mod girls anyways??? I guess it’s the same thing that draws me to the rebellious flappers of the twenties… they are gorgeous young fashionable women who rock all sorts of funky dramatic colored eyeshadow in hopes of channelling Twiggy or Verushka while rockin‘ psychedelic prints. Oh… the short hair is just awesomeness… miniskirts, platform heels, disturbingly amazing decade of music… can someone please zap me back in time???? I wanna spend my weekend in the seventies ;p

“Fantasy love is much better than reality love. Never doing it is very exciting. The most exciting attractions are between two opposites that never meet.”

-Andy Warhol-

β€œAn artist is somebody who produces things that people don’t need to have.”

-Andy Warhol-

Hold the phone… hook me up with these bad boy Campbell’s Soup shoes please!!! They are kickin‘ (no pun intended… really… I’m not like THOSE people…).

Happy Saturday folks! Make the most of your weekend!

Fashionista Illustration – Cecilia Carlstedt

Posted in artwork, designer, fashion, Fashionista by fashionista514 on August 19, 2009
Some forms of beauty are just impossible to surpass. When I got wind of these ink and watercolor fashion illustrations by Cecilia Carlstedt it was exactly as such.
The precision, the detail and fine lines all make her work both aesthetically appealling as well as thought provoking. Playing with contrast and color she always creates a look that finds a beautiful balance of contemporary class. Raw but polished.

With clients such as La Perla, H&M, Victoria Beckham, Swarovski, Absolute Vodka, Paul Smith, MTV, VH1 and more, she is more than making her fashion footprint in the industry. And why not? Her drawings are perfectly marketable without lacking any artistic flair.

An insta-fave… keep her in your little memory storage box… I’m positive we will all be seeing much, much more of her indisposable talent.

For more of her work, visit her website here

Catherine Angiel – Badass Beauty that Shines….

Posted in designer, fashion, jewels by fashionista514 on May 20, 2009

Every once and a while, a designer comes along that all the celebrities go gaga for.
Catherine Angiel is one of these very designers.

Her sexy and sparkling creations made from precious stones and lotsa diamonds make every rock ‘n roll chick swoon over her tattoo and street style influence.

Rather than focusing on the size and flash of the materials she uses, she concentrates instead on the fabrication and styling of her pieces.

Engagement rings hold a vintage edge to them and her name tag necklaces resemble graffiti art.

Bold, sultry, dangerous and just a little darkness give this range it’s mysterious appeal.

It’s really no wonder that celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Pete Wentz, Ethan Hawke, Courtney Cox-Arquette, Paul Rudd, Felicity Huffman, Cheryl Crow, Candace Bushnell and many more have all given into the gravitational pull of her jewellery line.

From the simple name of her collections, it is clear to see where this artist draws inspiration (Click on the following titles to view her full collections)…






What is it about vintage style that is so undeniably romantic?!?

Her line starts at $500 and goes to $25,000

Dress Up and Play!

Posted in fashion, fun, makeup by fashionista514 on May 1, 2009
Today was a dress up day! Jesse & I pulled out the wigs, fake lashes and piled on the makeup!!! We rang true to our name — true HOSERS!!! It was long past due my friends…
Here is our photo montage… enjoy!

Flower child…

a break from all the plastic hair…

Oh, that THING under her chin is a pug FYI…

My version of “the thinker”

I felt like Barbie… oh the glamorous plastic life!

Betty Boop?!?!

Moody french woman?!?!?


“Retro Pensee” says Jesse…

Thursday musings… this was the last pic before we fell asleep from boredom!

Looking For a Career In Fashion?

Posted in career, fashion by fashionista514 on April 27, 2009
Obsessed with fashion? Live and breathe it? Ever thought about a career in fashion? What about gaining valuable experience in a city filled to the brim with culture, style and nightlife?

If you said yes to any of the above then maybe Montreal is for you! It surely is my darling, and in it’s honor I will be posting job positions that are open here in the 514 – exclusively in the fashion field! Looking for an internship for the summer? Your first job out of school? Recession in your area leaving you without many options? We will hook you up! You see, Fashionista 514 has access to one of the cities best head hunters in the fashion industry who is keeping us in the 411 on the fashion front!

If any of the listings that I post interest you, simply send over your C.V. and mention Fashionista 514 as a referral to be given top priority! Looking for something in particular? E-mail your preferences and they will keep an eye open for you! Sooner than you know you will be walking down Fashion Avenue…

Honestly, what could be more fashionable then V.I.P?

Here are some of the newest jobs up for grabs…
(young ,dynamic ,very trendy and fashion forward .must be very trendy, and perfectly bilingual in English & French)

(knowledge of menswear)

(very creative person able to do logos )



Be The Wonder Woman You Can Be!

Posted in artwork, designer, DVF, fashion, inspiration, wonder woman by fashionista514 on April 26, 2009
For those of you who drop by my blog on a regular basis, you’ve probably noticed by now that I can’t shut up about the intriguing Diane Von Furstenberg! A living role model to me as an entrepreneur, independent, strong and fierce woman – I love all things DVF and what they stand for.
Diane first came to America not knowing that she wanted to be a fashion designer, only knowing the type of woman she wanted to be in the world. Through determination, hard work and always staying positive she achieved a fashion empire whose beautifully cut designs reflect the women who wear them. Her iconic wrap dress is every woman’s best friend for any event. Work, dinner, drinks out with the girls – her designs take the modern independent woman everywhere she needs to go in a day. Which is why perhaps Diane turned to Wonder Woman as her very own role model when she came out with her own version of the comic “Be The Wonder Woman You Can Be”!

The inspiring comic book features three heroines who overcome obstacles in their everyday lives, be it at work or home. Diva, Viva and Fifa (DVF) end up kicking some serious reality ass!!! Diane wanted to spread the message that there is a Wonder Woman in all of us ladies and found a way to encourage women to be successful and happy and to never surrender to anything that prevents us from achieving everything we want. The story is written by Diane herself and illustrated by Konstantin Kakanias in the same old school style as the classic Wonder Woman comics. All of our beautiful heroines are of course decked out in DVF style πŸ˜‰ Every superhero has their iconic spandex get ups, so I’m pretty sure that wearing DVF while saving the world is a step in a better direction for all mankind…. hehehehehehe….

Here are some of Diane’s empowering thoughts listed in the comic to really lift you up πŸ˜‰
“Be the woman you want to be – be the Wonder Woman you can be!”
“Be your best friend”
“Fear is not an option”
“Realize your dreams”
“Generosity is the best investment”

Diane is a proud spokesperson for the organization Vital Voices – a group dedicated to empowering women from every corner of the world to find there inner strength and self confidence. All proceeds of comic and merchandise sales go towards helping women be the Wonder Woman they can be!

To order some of this kick-ass gear and help support Vital Voices, order online here

DVF also has a Blog!!! For updates in Diane’s world and to follow her via twitter and facebook, click here

70% off DVF Online!

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Today and tomorrow Select Diane Von Furstenberg styles 70% off!!! A great way to stock up on beautiful summer designer dresses!