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Fashionista Flashback – This colorful costume of a life ;)

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above – Hugh Hefner, Mr. Clean, Abe Lincoln and some wrestler guy…

For those of you who don’t know, in school I specialized in costume design (from my fashion design studies) because I sincerely love extreme creativity, drama, beauty and personas. I have always adored Cirque du Soleil, theatre, and makeup for that very reason – the transformations, the excitement of becoming a different person (my Gemini side totally coming out 😉 My life is a costume catwalk – enjoy some of the moments captured on film 😉
My beautiful friend Zara made this awesome “catsuit/assless chap” creation draft… here she caught a pic of the fitting… I was TERRIFIED to come out of the dressing room for this one btw… TERRIFIED!

I was a geisha for Halloween one year…

Chillin’ with psycho’s for Halloween in the Old Port of Montreal

My african Mu Mu experience from my travels to South Africa

One of my best lady friends and I go all out when we go out… she is actually blonde and wearing a black wig here!!! This was for a cabaret styled party btw 😉 we aren’t just freaks for nothing…

School projects! The following pics are my colleagues different interpretations for a dance themed costume for theatre…

Here’s mine (above)!

How gorgeous is this one? I felt like princess lea from Star Wars… where are my cinnamon roll hair buns yo?!?!

This was a friends “Barbie Punk/glam/80’s” creation for Montreals Sensation Mode festival…

Halloween at school (very embarassing dressing like this all day… DOWNTOWN) ughhhh…

My favorite creation! This is my own interpretation of Dilton (the nerd) from the Archie comics!!! And yes, that is ME in the costume… don’t I make quite the convincing boy?!? ;P

I even made the shoes and the wig/glasses…

I am a guitar chick…

Beautiful garden flower Barbie done by my good friend Leah Bizier (she now works for Cirque du Soleil – can you figure why? She’s AMAZING)… look for her… she will be VERY big VERY soon 😉 Very talented lady!

The costume to the right is my burlesque interpretation of a bodysuit for performing ballerinas of the Montreal Fashion Festival! My proudest moment watching these two dance.

right before being interviewed for the news to promote the finishing classes fashion show (wearing a students coat creation)… I was also featured on Musique Plus (Montreal’s version of MTV)

More wild creations from the classroom 😉 This one is my buddy Meli’s creation – she is getting married soon! Congrats girlie!!!

And last but not least, backstage at the fashion show! These are the gorgeous Zara’s creations… Looooooove them!

long hair I miss you… grow… GROW dammit!!!

Live your life in full color…

Life is not about finding yourself,
Life is about creating yourself!

Have a gorgeous weekend YO!!!


My favorite "It Couple" of the Moment

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How stylin’ are Kanye & Amber? Damn! I love the originality and how they are soo themselves!

You know what they say, huh… the couple that attends fashion shows together stays together!!!

Here’s wishing them a long, prosperous relationship. The unity of two artists completely in sync with each other!

A little Bit About Me

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  • I am in no way, shape or form a morning person – I have always woken up puffy-eyed and completely out of it!
  • Whenever I leave the house, I put my face on
  • I am not a big drinker – I love tea and sometimes some kind of ice coffee via Starbucks
  • I used to be a makeup artist (and, well once a makeup artist – always a makeup artist)! I still sneak some jobs in when I have the time 😉
  • I studied fashion design in school and worked with a Montreal Designer for about a year.
  • I love all things salty.
  • Right now I am working with my boyfriend at his construction company (hehehehe… I get to chill on the sites in my heels), helping with a bit of everything from choosing appliances, tiling, flooring to showing clients apartments and taking care of signing the leases etc… There is not much I do not do, and as a result the two of us spend our days together in his pickup truck together racing around town in lingo 😉
  • We are currently taking salsa dance lessons with his dad and his girlfriend.
  • My boyfriend is a big ebay junkie and therefore has helped me buy and sell things at amazing prices (like louboutins!)
  • I made some smart decisions with my money a while back, so I am not dependant on a job to survive (at least at the moment).
  • I will be moving into a brand new (free) luxury condo next month that I designed (I will post pics when the construction is done)! No rent to pay makes for a better lifestyle – that’s for sure! It’s my boyfriends company that renovated and owns it, so for us there is no expense!
  • I have a crazy pug baby at home that is for sure actually a mix of monkey, bat and cat 😉
  • I have worked many different jobs! I have been: a seamstress, a heavy machine operator, a personal assistant, a retail saleslady, a model, a waitress at a supperclub, a bartender, a dishwasher, a dresser (behind the scenes at fashion shows), a makeup artist, a sous chef, a choreographer (for fashion shows), and now a leasing agent/interior design aide! Apparently I do not discriminate!
  • I am an artist. I have always loved writing, painting and doing my ink drawings. Lately I have been expressing myself with both this blog and letters. I think there is nothing better than getting something nice in the mail 😉
  • I do cook and clean, but prefer not to. I do not believe that it is my JOB to be do these things all the time for my boyfriend. As a result, we have a very balanced relationship and I get to enjoy a nice dinner made for me every once and a while!
  • I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason. You go through hard stuff to be stronger and get to experience the good stuff as a reward.
  • I was blessed to have a kick ass metabolism which allows me to eat whatever I like and how ever much of it I see fit! I still try to stay healthy, but I am 5’10 and a size 4. Pretty lanky!
  • I had a modelling contract for a year, but it was just not for me. Not the kind of world that inspired me or was healthy (for my body, but especially for my mind). Sadly, I learnt that many of the stereotypes about models are true. The don’t eat much (no, slimfast does not count girlies), and they are generally really overtly into themselves. So, when my contract was up, I moved on to bigger and better things!
  • I horseback ride! I used to ride when I was younger, and I have gotten back into the saddle as of summer! I go to my lessons every week, and my body tries it’s best to catch up for lost time.
  • I love to ski, again something I used to do a lot of but got back into this year!
  • I have some amazing friends that defy the laws of coolness 🙂

As you can see, I lead a pretty damn charmed life – and I know it! Regardless, life is hard sometimes and it is all about your perspective! Don’t lie to yourself and tell yourself you are happy if you aren’t, but try to make the most of every situation and opportunity that comes your way. In the long run it will pay off. Never forget though to satisfy your cravings in the now too! These moments are what make life worth living!

Oh you Pretty Thing – Marc Jacobs Strikes Again!

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Wow. All I can say is that Marc Jacobs is not even close to losing his charm. Louis Vuittons fall/winter fashion show made me take a double look with the mix of hard sexiness mixed in with feminine fabrics, transparencies and pleating.

Doing the ultimate fashion no-no of somehow pulling off python-coloured hooker boots with a short sexy dress he has my attention!

I love that you can see the neon bra through the dress. Very stylin‘. Ladies, if you have a statement bra with crazy colours or trim – don’t be afraid to let others steal a little glimpse for special nights out! Just make sure you are covering it with something more conservative to add the good kind of attention 😉

Doesn’t the bow make her look like a bunny?

These last two are my jaw-dropping faves. So beautiful, sexy, elegant and ladylike. Nothing makes you feel more confident than when you have something on that fits you perfect (no tugging or adjusting all the time), is functional and practical (perfect for events, work, or even just a day out with your girls). These two complement all of those tasks perfectly 😉

My hats off to Marc – or should I say… bunny ears?

Elie Saab goes Old Hollywood Glam!

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The cuts, the textures, the styles – all scream GLAMOUR for Mr. Elie Saab this fall! Smack on that svelte red lipstick, wing that liquid liner and match it with the most slicked back and groomed pompadour hair to pull off these classic siren looks!
Sometimes we ladies just need to feel like women. Elegant lines for sophistication, soft transparencies, and a little bit of shine to let out our inner diva!

Some things in life change, and some don’t need to…
…Gorgeous & Timeless.

John Galliano – Celestial Silhouettes

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I am just soaking up this whole recessionista thing! Designers have used the economies recession to dream up some beautiful escapes this fall/winter season! Galliano seemed inspired by Russian folklore, transforming his models and runway into a passageway into the outer fashion galaxies. Celestial blues, transparent fabrics, and heavenly drapery make for a visit to the astrology gods.

Pom-poms, and traditional Russian costume blended into the theme of otherworldly serenity.

Buttons and mechanical appliques gave each peice a garnished “sun-dial” appeal.

We want to keep dreaming…

Queens of the Scene

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