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Fashionista Travel – Peru

Posted in explore, fashionista finds, Peru, travel by fashionista514 on October 8, 2009
So I’ve been back home now for about a week and man o man is it good to be back!!! I have been catching up with friends over coffee and prepping for thanksgiving with the fam this Sunday 😉
These are a good overview of the last of my Peru pics… prepare yourself for quite the pic heavy post! In total I think we took about 1,500 pictures while on our trip between two cameras and a blackberry… damn blackberries have amazing pic quality… seriously, some pics from the phone turned out better than on the cam… long live the blackberry!!!
Showin’ off on top of Macchu Picchu… the view made it totally worth the 400 meter climb 😉

Babes lookin’ super cute in his G&R tee… macking away on his crackberry in the middle of the mountains…

This cave was awesome… it was part of the Inca trail, but suuuuper narrow. We were crawling on all fours and barely fit through… needless to say we were smelling wonderfully of sweat with dirt and dust all over us… and the sunburn that is peeling away my skin still now was yet another souvenir from our mountain hike ;p Everything – worth it.

Macchu Piccu behind me… so small!

My Anne of Green Gables look…

Babe lookin’ mighty fine…

See that huge protruding mountain in the back??? That’s the one we climbed!!! I must say, considering I normally hike up mall escalators in my louboutins I am mighty proud to say I conquered that in Uggs!

Snow capped mountains. Gorgeous.

Bad hair day… heheheheheh… I’m sooooo funny…

we stopped at an old beautiful hacienda (rich farm that was transformed into a hotel)… Paul Simon used to live in the same village for three years!!! SOLD!!!

Llama bisous!

Surreal clouds

I NEED a baby sheep/goat/whatever this super cute thing is…



Can’t wait to get back into the outfit posts, the 514 fashion, giveaways and product reviews! I’m back bitches!

Thank you all for following me through my travels and being patient with the irregularity of my posting 🙂 You guys rock my socks… xox