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Awesomely Successfull Shopping Afternoon!

Posted in Erno Laszlo, food, shopping by fashionista514 on March 27, 2009
Soooo… today after a busy and intense morning of work, I took my weekend (a.k.a. afternoon)! First and foremost, I went to my shopping mecca – Holts!!! I picked up some of my fave Laszlo skincare products – and am trying this new eye cream (OcuPhel Emollient)… it’s a super rich and concentrated eye cream for the evening to hydrate dry eye areas. It also doubles as a great day time moisturizer when you are out in the harshest of the elements (ski days, or hiking). It creates a barrier that protects the skin from harmful free radicals. Next, it was upstairs to dvf to see Audrey – a personal shopper of sorts (she picks out new stock in my size and style and sets it aside for me until I can come down to the store to try it all on). I found three new great summer dresses, all which I will eventually get around to taking pics of for you guys. I will be back next week during their promotion to pick my purchases up with a 25% discount. YAY!
After finishing up at Holts, I met up with a friend of mine and we went to visit my mother in law at the gorgeous jewellery store she manages – Kaufman de Suisse. True beauty, let me tell you!

So, we chatted, got a quick tutorial on diamond qualities, coloring and rarity while sipping perfectly foamed lattes amongst a sea of diamonds :). You know, just your typical afternoon…

Betsy Johnson was one of our last stops before we dropped and I found these stunning Marilyn Monroe – styled socks (I got the pink ones above). I looooove them, especially since I share boy socks normally with my babe… 😉

We refuelled at the NYC inspired deli Anton & James on Stanley Street, downtown off of St. Catherine and filled up on mushroom & cheese melts, Greek salad, and grilled chicken pasta salad. Mmmmm

Now I’m back at home, enjoying all my goodies and all washed and ready for bed curled up on the couch watching James Bond with pug and babe. Such a fairy tale ending to me!


Erno Laszlo Skin Miracle!

Posted in Erno Laszlo, favorite, product review, skin by fashionista514 on February 6, 2009

I have been using Erno Laszlo products now for almost a year, and I can’t even begin to tell you how it has completely transformed my skin.

I have very acne prone skin and would always cover it up with massive amounts of makeup. Pretty yuck. Anyway, one day I was meandering around Holts and remembered a friend of mine had suggested I use a cleanser or mask with Alpha Hydroxy Acid to help deep clean away my blemishes. So, I asked a saleswoman at one of the counters if any of the cosmetics brands in the store carried that ingredient in any of their lines. Before I knew it, she had addressed my skin problem and was recommending a completely new regime. The Erno Laszlo splashing regime. I was skeptical. How many times have we all been sold a line of cosmetics or skin care that just does not deliver? At this point I had tried Proactiv, dermatologist prescribed antibiotics and topical serums, creams and peels. Every recommendation I had tried and was seriously beginning to consider Accutane. Now I know this is quite a leap, but I work and have my future in fashion and makeup. Really there is no place in my life (or time) for me to be worrying about what will appear on my face and cripple my confidence.

Somehow I trusted Tina the saleswoman. She wrote down my new regime (which was quite hard to get used to at first), and sent me on my way. The infamous Erno Laszlo splashing technique basically consists of filling your sink with hot water and splashing your soaped up and oiled face exactly twenty times with the same water. This technique treats your skin by treating it every time you splash. Then to finish up, splash ten more times with fresh hot water. The soap is made up of dead sea mud with mild exfoliants and lathers into a rich mask-like cleanser. Mixed with the oil (to take off makeup and coat your skin in essential oils), this combo proved to be unbeatable.

Within two weeks, my acne had altogether stopped. It honestly felt like a miracle! I thought it would control it, but cure it? Crazy! So now, I am a super loyal Erno Enthusiast who adores slowly trying the whole line cause everything truly delivers.

Dr. Laszlo was the original dermatologist skin doctor to develop a product line from popular demand after treating celebrity clients such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O, and Greta Garbo. Hey, if it’s good enough for them I’m on board!

If you do happen to be a montrealer, you must go and see Tina herself at Holt Renfrew on the corner of Sherbrooke and De la Montagne. Not only has she worked for Laszlo for years, she is an amazing esthetician who gives very coveted facials! Make an appointment for a personalized skin care practice with her at 514-842-5111 and watch all your wildest beauty dreams come true!

Here are some of my absolute die-hard faves:

  • Sea mud Soap

  • Total Blemish Treatment (a serum anyone can add to their regime that treats acne and prevents it – god sent)

  • C-Peel scrub (not only does it smell like oranges, but it gives the most effictive deep clean my skin has ever experienced)

  • Sea mud mask (use this after the c-peel for best results)

  • Antioxidant Complex for Eyes (Oh. My. Depuffs in the morning, regenerates at night, can be used as a mask for the undereyes. My eyes have never been happier!)

  • Hydra Therapy Skin Vitality Treatment (a new fave – great for giving back your skin the moisture you stole from it… via martini’s 😉 ).

You must try this line, whatever your dilemma – there is a solution! Check out:

Impossible to regret!