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"Friend" DeTox!

Posted in detox, disappointment, friends, worries by fashionista514 on April 14, 2009
I came across this “lesson to live by” on a day that I really needed it. You see, sometimes I feel drained from the people I call friends because it seems like they only want to see me when they have a problem they need advice or help with. How many times have I been in the same situation and many of them are nowhere to be found?

So, I’ve decided I need to weed out some of the people who are toxic to my life. Who fill my life with negativity and doubt. I am a very positive and strong girl – but sometimes when darkness surrounds you, you just can’t see clearly. I have done this before and felt such a release from doing so. Telling all the assholes who don’t deserve a minute of your time to shove it is really quite therapeutic! So my dear bloggers, spring cleaning has commenced (don’t worry – none of you should be worried 😉 )!

All you amazing people out there who take care of your friends and family – never stop. You are the ones who keep us going.

I Love you All.

Have you put your dreams on hold?

Posted in acheive, disappointment, dreams, life by fashionista514 on April 4, 2009
I friend of mine currently residing in Australia, brought a very valid point to the table this morning. She messaged me through facebook and let me in on what she’s been recently thinking about. Her name is Tara. Tara and I have been through thick and thin and somehow have still come out stuck together. She is my dysfunctional marriage version of a best friend ;). Anyways, she was reminiscing on our graduation from elementary school. The teachers had made the whole graduating class rehearse for months so that we could finally sing “Reach” by Gloria Estefan for the graduation ceremony. Corny as hell, but hey – it was elementary school!

Anyways, the song is about achieving your dreams and fulfilling your destiny. About really getting what you want out of life and pushing to be your best self. Tara asked me “Robyn, how many people do we actually know who are still going for their wildest dreams and actually achieving them”? When I thought about it seriously, I realized that there really werent very many! Many people I know have accepted a crappy standard of living, are in horrible jobs, or settled for something a little less than what they originally hoped for. I understand in elementary school you don’t know anything about the dedication it takes to be a doctor or a lawyer, or what it really takes to travel around the world. The part that disturbs me though, is not that people haven’t gotten around to their life’s “to do” list, it’s that they have simply buried it under a pile of crap that is utterly meaningless to them!

We are all still young and most of us haven’t even really started to experience life yet. I get it. I know how hard it is to save money for the things you want to do, and the places you want to explore. Just don’t push it out of your life. Work hard to achieve your dreams, as I truly believe if you don’t they will eventually come back to bite you in the “mid-life crisis” ass. Whatever you suppress now will only come back to haunt you as regret later on. Seize life and make it yours, and never, never, never give up!

Come back down to earth please…

Posted in disappointment, diva, fashion, life, SHUT UP ALREADY by fashionista514 on February 19, 2009

Alright, here comes a fashionista vent!!! As much as I love and adore all things beauty and fashion, I just can’t understand all those folks out there that are defined by it. How many times have we all met girls (and guys) out there that think that they are better than you cause their style is pimpin‘? Now I understand when you look good your confidence soars, but c’mon now, no need to be a bitch about it! Over my years working in fashion situations I can’t help but notice every time all them foul fashionista’s are in my presence! It really drives me mad! Their rudeness and cockiness is truly uncalled for. Please y’all – anyone can buy nice shoes and look good, but a sour personality isn’t as easily fixed.

Girls! Please be genuine and let fashion be your fantasy – not what makes you who you are! Anyways, a great pair of Manolo’s always look better when your wearing your signature smile with them 🙂

xox – Thanks!