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"Friend" DeTox!

Posted in detox, disappointment, friends, worries by fashionista514 on April 14, 2009
I came across this “lesson to live by” on a day that I really needed it. You see, sometimes I feel drained from the people I call friends because it seems like they only want to see me when they have a problem they need advice or help with. How many times have I been in the same situation and many of them are nowhere to be found?

So, I’ve decided I need to weed out some of the people who are toxic to my life. Who fill my life with negativity and doubt. I am a very positive and strong girl – but sometimes when darkness surrounds you, you just can’t see clearly. I have done this before and felt such a release from doing so. Telling all the assholes who don’t deserve a minute of your time to shove it is really quite therapeutic! So my dear bloggers, spring cleaning has commenced (don’t worry – none of you should be worried 😉 )!

All you amazing people out there who take care of your friends and family – never stop. You are the ones who keep us going.

I Love you All.