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Fashionista Origami

Posted in artwork, creativity, designer, funk by fashionista514 on October 17, 2009
Why is origami so indefinately cool? Why is it even more appealling and insane when transformed into fashion? It seems to be one of those things that holds infinite amount of mystery and endless simplistic beauty. Making creatures, forms, geometrics and patterns out of a mere square of paper. Gives you inspiration to think of all the things you can do with other materials if Hilroy can become a lotus flower, box, or crane…
It seems designers have more than once picked up on this distinguished art, and applied it to their work. Pleating, definition and the creation of abstract forms seems to be a signature in Galliano’s work with Dior. Phillip Tracey makes glorious hats that borrow the sharp sophisticated edge from this refined oriental art. Gareth Pugh continues to shock and influence the fashion world with his formed bodices and surreal characterized models. Origami it seems can be interpreted so many different ways… from uptight, to fantasy.

Fashion show pics brought to you by the designers from Andre Lima. Beautiful, beautiful work ladies and gents!

Oh the infinite amount of ideas that spring out of everything and everywhere!

Hope everyone’s Friday is beautiful!

A Must See – Coco before Chanel

Posted in beauty, designer, Fashionista, inspiration by fashionista514 on October 14, 2009
So last night I was finally able to indulge in a long awaited movie night… and man have I been lusting, drooling, and pulling my hair out in anticipation for this movie to come out. Coco before Chanel. The life story of the woman who brought menswear to women. Breathability, simplicity and function in a time where corsets and overly lavish accessories reigned. The beauty of difference. The personality of dress.
The beautiful, and insanely talented Audrey Tatou plays her in the movie that focuses on where she came from and how she adopted many of her signature looks and styles. What I think I loved the most is how they pointed out where she got her inspiration from and how she transformed it into something completely unique and fresh… completely ahead of her time.

The other very relateable emotional undertone of this movie is independance and love. Mostly a mixture of the two. Being able to fully indulge in a romance without social fences and boundaries, as well as stand apart as a woman from a man. It seems her life was about survival of the key emotional ingredients… love, independance, success and pride. She did all of the above in the most unconventional of ways… yet always remained a cut above the rest when performing it all in an elegant and classy way.

Leaving the theatre made me smile… even though Chanel was born in 1883, she still holds a one-up on even today’s generation. Walking out of a film filled with natural beauty, sophistication and pure elegance into a theatre filled with women in sweatpants and sneakers… just goes to show that she is STILL far ahead of her time.

Please go see this movie. It will breathe creative life into your everyday existence!

Currently Crushing On…

Posted in designer, fashionista finds, heels, shoes by fashionista514 on September 16, 2009
these INSANE Pollini shoes & boots!!!

I would give my EYEBALL for these boots… uuuuggghhhhh… soooo gorgeous!!! How cute is the pink design?!? I am not usually super girly, but these make me wanna be!
YUM! Some hump day eye candy for you all 😉

Agent Provocateur New Range – Autumn

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Ladies and gentlemen… Agent Provocateur has done it yet again… topped off another collection with individuality, pure sexuality and discriminating perfection! Behold the beautiful couture and photography of the Autumn collection… eat your heart out boys and girls 😉

For prices, detail zoom options and to sign up for a club AP membership, visit Agent Provocateur online here.

514 Outfit Post from Hawaii – Cigarillos and such…

Posted in 514 Outfit Post, designer, DVF, Fashionista, fun, louboutin, travel by fashionista514 on September 6, 2009
So as far as I’m concerned… any post starting off with manslave window displays is pretty much a winner in my books… why o why can’t I be that mannequin??? Lord knows I could use some buff manslaves on leashes to walk around town with 😉 Hmmm… maybe I just need to make a trip to Stereo back in the day on a Saturday night…

Now there are lots and lots of beautiful designer shops here on the Waikiki beach strip – It really reminds me a lot of NYC’s infamous 5th Avenue or Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive… so much eye candy all on one beautiful street! Who knew that a tropical oasis such as this could also cater to your every shopping desire/wildest dreams!?!?!

Today for the first time I really missed home. You know, it is always great to get away from the “big picture” to really realize how lucky we all are in our lives. I am so thankful for everything that I have – health, an amazing family, beautiful open and honest friends, enough money to indulge in my passions and good, GREAT food! I have so much love coming my way, and so much love I feel the need to give back. My heart is overflowing, and I never want it to stop!

Soooo… here is me being thankful, grateful and all that other good stuff… for I truly beleive that this may be as good as it gets and that I was one of the lucky ones who got dealt a great card 😉

… Oh… and thank the good lord for cigarillos! I have ALWAYS wanted to try smoking one but was always way too chicken shit to do something so seemingly “badass”… well… I bought myself two packs of Hula Girl cigarillos in both coconut and vanilla flavor…

… and I love them! Now… this is not something to indulge in too often, but I really enjoyed the taste of the flavored tabacco after a AMAZING lobster/shrimp genocide feast at Red Lobster 😉 Cigarillos make me feel sexy (screw you Hollywood for glamourizing smoking and it WORKING on me… bastards…)

I’ll just shut up now…

What I’m Wearing
  • DVF silk chiffon tunic dress
  • New Louboutins! Woot woot… finally a post with them included!
  • Marc by Marc bag
  • Thomas Sabo charm necklace (yeah, yeah… I know you’re all getting bored of seeing this one)
  • John Hardy Bamboo Hoop earrings (yeah… these too… I know, I know…)
  • Gucci Watch

As Bryan Boy would say… BABOOSH!

Fashionista Fairy… take me away…

Posted in couture, designer, inspiration, worries by fashionista514 on September 1, 2009
Today feels like the end of the world. Life suddenly got far more serious than I wanted it to and left me stranded all by myself. I am all alone with my thoughts. To ease the craze… I turned to the masters of the art of design to get me through these tough times… the very people who turn mere fabrics into shapes, feelings and beauty. They make something miraculous out of nothing on a day-to-day basis. Douse your eyeballs out in couture!

What I wouldn’t give to be lost and drowning in emotion in one of these beautiful Chanel Couture pieces it would make sorrow and pain seem ultimately beautiful and poetic…
Now no worries blog buddies… I ain’t gonna slit my wrists or anything… just my life hittin‘ a bump in the road that totalled the bicycle I was ridin‘ along on…
I have been feeling very lady-like rock star as of late… channelling my inner red lipstick goddess… adorning myself in black lace, black and white diamonds (both fake and real – it’s all about mixin‘ it up!), feline eyeliner (can’t live without it anyways… who am I kidding???), and introducing a healthy dosage of the never-go out of style cheetah print. Bliss.
This orange completely made my day. Thank you Mr. Dior (sending thanks into the clouds from earth)! How beautiful and inspiring is this color with such a conservative skirt? Lovin‘ the contrast and ultimately luxe look of this edgy ensemble.

Yummy hat. As in yummy as tapioca or rice pudding… or better yet… CHOCOLATE!!!

This outfit is sunshine!

The oh-la-la dramatisme remind me again why I am not in Paris walking around like this every day!?!?! I would love to sip my latte in that dramatic hat!

She makes me want to eat salad for the rest of my life and dye my hair red… if only just to look as good as her in these two outfits!!!

Can’t really see what purpose this trench would serve in the rain, but who the eff cares when you are lookin‘ that foxy?!?!

Hope all of you luvers are doing well and having a better start to the week than I have! And thank you all for reading my posts – it is my therapy. I am so lucky to be able to share the inner workings of my crazy mind with all of yous! I already feel better just from writing this post 🙂

Muchos Bisous!

Luxury Lust Contest Winners!

Posted in contest, designer, Fashionista, giveaway, makeup, winner by fashionista514 on August 20, 2009
And finally… it is time to announce the winners of my Luxury Lust Makeup Contest (about friggin’ time huh?!?)… Soooo… a big well deserved congratulations goes out to…
Kittie Rae!

Kittie chose Betsey Johnson as her makeup look inspiration for my Luxury Lust contest and NAILED IT! Bringing the use of vibrant color and original patterns, she captured the essence and branding of the designer perfectly. Did you see those cheetah print markings?!?!? WOW! What can I say… I love everything about this look and how she did it! Well done (and to all the beautiful ladies who entered – it was a tough choice)!!!

“I love to take things that are everyday and comforting and make them into the most luxurious things in the world”.
-Marc Jacobs-

So Kittie… you get to choose between a Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch or some designer makeup! Get back to me with your preference and your shipping info 🙂

Annnnnnd…. our second winner who posted my contest on her beautiful blog (please drop by her page)….


Darling you have some designer makeup to pick out!!! Get back to me with all your info 🙂
Check out her blog Beauty Inside and Out here!

Congrats to the winners, and never forget that luxury is but a mindset… you can feel like a Queen wherever you are!

Fashionista Illustration – Cecilia Carlstedt

Posted in artwork, designer, fashion, Fashionista by fashionista514 on August 19, 2009
Some forms of beauty are just impossible to surpass. When I got wind of these ink and watercolor fashion illustrations by Cecilia Carlstedt it was exactly as such.
The precision, the detail and fine lines all make her work both aesthetically appealling as well as thought provoking. Playing with contrast and color she always creates a look that finds a beautiful balance of contemporary class. Raw but polished.

With clients such as La Perla, H&M, Victoria Beckham, Swarovski, Absolute Vodka, Paul Smith, MTV, VH1 and more, she is more than making her fashion footprint in the industry. And why not? Her drawings are perfectly marketable without lacking any artistic flair.

An insta-fave… keep her in your little memory storage box… I’m positive we will all be seeing much, much more of her indisposable talent.

For more of her work, visit her website here

iPod Nano Winner!!!!!!

Posted in contest, designer, giveaway by fashionista514 on August 18, 2009

A big warm heartfelt congratulations to the winner of my Shopping Hiatus Challenge…


Here are her money-saving tips 🙂

-shop at the cheapest grocery store eg Superstore
-sell stuff you don’t need on your blog or use some of the stuff you currently have for giveaways (that your not using). nobody minds vintage!
-make your own coffee. Even if you are addicted to starbucks, you can buy a bag and brew it at home
-eat at home. look up recipes online and cook for your man or some friends…that will make it more fun and you can still entertain without going out-do your own manicure/pedicure
-color your hair at home if you color it, browns are very easy to do
-wear stuff you have not worn in so long…you will get a lot of compliments and where did you get that?
-use makeup you haven’t used in awhile…6 empties back to Mac will get a goodie!
-buy your shampoo etc things that you always use in the biggest size, it is usually the cheapest and you won’t have to buy it as often

Good Luck!!!

Congrats – you win an engraved Fashionista 514 iPod Nano!!! I found Maria’s list to help me out personally the most! What have I been doing the most of??? Eating at home! As a result I am becoming rather passionate about cooking!!! Thank you bloggies – for all of your suggestions and for everyone who entered! Maria please contact me with your shipping details and what color you would like (your choice of the above)!!!

Enjoy girlie!


On a Side Note…

My darling internet world… I am SO sorry I have been not updating my blog as of lately – I have had a miserable cold! Also, really just trying to enjoy the summer (the sunshine finally decided to pay the 514 a nice visit) 🙂 Miss you all (will be visiting your sites sometime this week to catch up on all I’ve missed), and will be announcing the Luxury Lust winner tomorrow! Hold on to your hats – someone will be one Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch richer!


Have a beautiful Monday luvers!

Fashionista Hydration

Posted in designer, Fashionista, water by fashionista514 on August 10, 2009

I can’t help but keep noticing the collaborations Evian has been producing with with some of the greats in fashion! Over the years, we have all seen innovative designs and ideas when it comes to water… water bars, cutting edge packaging and design, and some rather amazing advertising associated to it all… remember Zoolanders mermaid skit for Evian??? :p

How beautiful are these “haute couture” styled Evian bottles by the genius Jean Paul Gaulthier? Truly lavish!

… and the bottle that inspired this post… I picked up this limited edition Christian Lacroix “french lace” inspired bottle at the grocery store… great for holding a single long stemmed rose and adding a recycled dash of pizazz 😉

Did you know?
In dreams, birth is usually expressed through water-imagery

Did you know?
Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess of love, was born of the sea
Ummmmm… where the HELL do you pick these babies up??? They are PIMPIN’! The Japanese make some beautifully precise pieces!

Your body is made up of large percentages of water… by drinking your eight glasses a day you are not only rehydrating yourself but also detoxing and flushing out all the toxins stored in your body! Chinese green tea, aswell as mint tea are great antioxidants… just don’t go overboard – some teas actually hold more caffeine that coffee!

Not quite so sure how good boxed water would taste (I know, I know, water all tastes the same…) but I am lovin’ the concept and would definately pick one of these up for conversation-starting purposes!

Hmmmm… dildo inspired???

Keep yourself beautiful, healthy, happy and hydrated! Drink up!