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Party, Party… Dance Dance!!!

Posted in dance, excitement, party by fashionista514 on February 3, 2009

Mondays can be so bland… don’t you agree? So here I am again, confined by four walls that resemble the inside of a cardboard box (the office). Plugged into my iTunes, I am jammin’ to Lupe Fiasco and Lady Gaga amongst others, wanting to get up on a bar and just slam it. Give me an insane tasting martini and watch me go. I dare you 😉

Since it is Monday and there are no great inspiring parties going on in mtl, I will just have to sit it out and let my inner party build till Saturday night. We are going out to celebrate my best friend Dora’s 30th birthday! I tell her time and time over that I can’t wait to get to thirty… I know it will sneak up on me before I know, but honestly it is said that the thirties are the start of the best years of a woman’s life. So, as I continue to live it up as a twenty three year old… I anxiously await those promising years :). I like to think of them as the Sex and the City years… Independence, career, possibly man (here’s hoping), maybe children (yikes!). Although I just seemed to sum it up in a pretty scary/dependant way, it seems like I should be having lots of freedom… damn fictitious television with designer bags… Well I can dream, can’t I?

I still seem to be a true beleiver in things being only as hard as you make them. Can’t say I’ve been proven wrong yet.