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Dearest Pops

Posted in appreciate, celebration, family, my dad by fashionista514 on June 22, 2009

Everybody, this is my old man.
And today is his special day 🙂

My dad is truly one of a kind… making inappropriate “cracker” jokes whenever possible, always waaay too generous, industrious, repetitive, Obsessive Compulsive when it comes to cleaning, sensitive, and proud.

I don’t love him to death, cause I love him to life… I am growing up to find parts of myself that are exactly like him… and instead of dreading it – I am happy to share some of the amazing qualities that make up this incredible man. Thank you Daddy for making me into the person that I love being.

Happy Fathers Day Everyone… Spoil your Pops!


If you are what you eat, then….

Posted in celebration, challenge, food, sillyness by fashionista514 on June 16, 2009
I am definately a Greasy Spoon Diner Breakfast!!!

Had a diner breakfast with all the trimmings this morning (fried eggs over, sausage, buttered toast and beans with a never ending cup of coffee), and just remembered that this is WHERE I CAME FROM 😉 Ma Roots yo! Makes me remember all the mornings I ate with my dad at one of these numerous little precious spots… the good ol’ days…

Soooo…. I PASSED my Restricted Firearms Licence… WOOT WOOOOOT!!! I scored 94% and 96% on my finals… I am now qualified biznatches!!!

Another thing to celebrate…
It has been 15 whole days that I have been shopping sober.
2 WEEKS!!!

Okay, it may not be hard for anyone else… but for me this is saying something!

Hope everyone’s Monday wasn’t too Manic…

Posted in celebration, family, holiday by fashionista514 on May 11, 2009
To all of the beautiful, courageous ladies out there that raised us – raise your glass! There is no one else in this world like your mom and you should be proud of her for always having your back (even when it is hard to believe). I hope everyone spoiled their moms rotten and showed some appreciation 😉

And to all of us “ladies in waiting” who will one day be mommy’s – pat yourselves on the back and look forward to the day when you can look back onto the new generation – the future that you helped to create!


P.S. Today I found out I was Fan of the Week on the DVF (Diane Von Furstenberg) site (check out the post right after this one for more info)!!!

My pic was also featured in the local paper for attending The Hungarian Society Ball!

Country Air / Gramps 80th B-day!

Posted in celebration, family, party by fashionista514 on April 20, 2009
(My bro & I)

Sometimes, there is nothing like some good old fashioned family time! Time to relax, enjoy the people in your life who have always got your back and take a breather from stuffy city life! Queue – Country!

(My two cousins and I)

It was my grandfathers 80th birthday surprise party this weekend – a real milestone! Seeing the generations of children and grandchildren makes me look forward to my 80th birthday party too – you see all your hard work before you 😉

(Vlad and the kiddos)

The whole family made it out to Stanstead, as well as some of my grandfathers nearest and dearest friends. Good wine, food and company made for a good time and it was nice to get everyone together in the same place. Vlad was very good and helped out, took pictures and brought up his remote control car for the kids :). He’ll be a wonderful papa some day!

(What can I say… I’m surrounded by boys!)

I got some awesome chill time in with my bro – we have 9 years between us and have never fought in our lifetimes. We look out for each other and I love his individual character (the t-shirt is a sure sign of a strong personality).

(Vlad, Me and Skye smooching)

(my gift to my gramps – one of my ink drawings)

(Beautiful Mama rockin‘ the red leather jacket)

(Here’s the star of the show cutting his B-day cake)

My aunt Tanya made the birthday cake (carrot cake with cream cheese icing), and everyone always kinda potlucks at my family gatherings… I brought the sweets we got from Morocco, and gourmet chocolate chip cookies… oooooh, and some bubbly to celebrate!

(My Aunts super cute boston terriers – Brutus & Max)

(We both like to stick our tongues out…)

(The bed and breakfast where we stayed while in the country – you’d think this was a bathroom…)

Because so many of us went up, Vlad found us a beautiful Bed & Breakfast (online) to stay at for the night. We checked into Lee Farm Bed and Breakfast and instantly adored the homey vintage style of our room. The B&B is an old farm and farmhouse located on a large piece of land just down the road from my grandfathers house. With a beautiful outdoor spa and saltwater pool, it is truly a haven for privacy and rest & relaxation!

(… but it is in fact THE room with only a bath!!!)

(Seriously, how cool is that?)

(Vlad booked the beautiful “honeymoon suite” – all gorgeous antiques)

I woke up feeling incredibly rested and full of energy (once I got over my initial wake-up groggy state) – takes a good 30 min at least.

(Warming up inside in front of the fireplace)

(When in the country – climb a tree!)

(I used to spend hours in this tree when I came up to the country as a little girl…)

(… seems like I still have the monkey gene…)

(ahhhh.. patient boyfriends… don’t you love ’em?)

Sunday morning we headed over to my grandfathers place for some home made brunch…. Your classic scrambled eggs, potatoes, bacon, sausage, pancakes (with both maple syrup and lemon juice and sugar), toast, coffee, orange juice…. SO good!

(Birds eye view)

(Feelin‘ good)

After brekkie, we headed back out on the open road to catch up with Vlad’s family to celebrate the Orthodox Easter dinner in town at his uncle’s place (his family is Romanian). On the way, we spotted an outdoor go-kart racing track off one of the exits… so naturally we stopped and speed raced each other to the death! I get so competitive when in those little cars and whenever I could I cut Vlad off or tried to run him off the course… hehehehehheehhesoooo much fun!

After a good Romanian easter dinner (soooo much food today), we headed home and have since been chillin‘. The lady who watched puggers for us also cleans homes – so we came back to a sparkling and serene home and a tired out pug!

The perfect ending to a perfect day!
(Queue – sappy music…)