Fashionista 514

Summer Modes of Transport…

Posted in 514 Outfit Post, car, DVF, lipstick, pug, vlad by fashionista514 on August 4, 2009
Pug loves cruisin’ with me in her basket on my bike…

What I’m Wearing
  • Calvin Klein dress shirt
  • Abercrombie & Fitch jean shorts
  • Addidas slip on runners
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs bag
  • one hell of a freakin’ adorable pugger (I’m not wearing her though… calm down PETA…)

The most beautiful lipstick in ALL of the land…

What I’m Wearing
  • DVF tunic dress
  • Coach booties (ummmm… can you tell that I haven’t taken them off since I bought them?!?!?)
  • John Hardy bamboo hoop earrings (yet another favorite staple)
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs bag
  • YSL lippie… soooo creamy and the HOTTEST nude to ever exist
  • Janet Miller Tahitian Pearl ring

On a Side Note…

We finally got our Porsche from the States!!! Isn’t she beeeee-autiful???? I personally am seriously IN LOVE 🙂 To own my favorite car and get to drive around in it every day is an absolute DREAM! Vlad and I will be going on a roadtrip soon enough with the top down and the petal to the metal… 🙂

Love you guys… You make my dreams come true EVERY day 🙂


514 Outfit Post – Brunch & Mo West

Posted in 514 Outfit Post, babe, car, vlad by fashionista514 on June 29, 2009
NARS Dolce Vita Lipstick – very natural like a sheer lipgloss… loves it

go get yours… vitamin C that is…

The very serious Babe fixes his cafe…

Breakfast at Tiffany’s on Decarie…

Poached eggs, benedict sauce, smoked salmon, sour cream and potato latke… served with all the trimmings…

What I’m Wearing

  • tropical tank from Hungary (was a gift from the shop owner)
  • limite denim miniskirt (with built-in shorts)
  • nine west wedges
  • John Hardy bamboo hoop earrings
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs hobo bag
  • Awesome belt bought for $2.50 at thrift shop!
  • Maillagogo hand knit sweater (made in Canada!!!)
  • Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara
  • NARS Dolce Vita lipstick – Thank you Chrystina!!!

Don’t you just love Brunch… and small towns?

Babes New Car… R-R-R-R-Roadtrip!!!

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So… amazingly enough, this IS NOT a joke and Vlad just bought this insanely sexy, fast and GORGEOUS Porsche 911 CONVERTIBLE!!!


Alright, now before you think we are millionaires or something… lets get a few things clear… 😉
He found this on eBay for the insanely low price (for a Porsche anyways) of $26,000… ummmm… my friends new Chevy Cavalier cost her four grand more than our Porsche, so I’m thinking its a pretty sick deal…

It is currently in Pensylvania just waiting for the movers to come and pick it up 😉 With any luck, we will be cruisin’ around town by mid next week (with some pics of us IN it – so that you guys actually believe me 😉

Ahhhh… silver with navy blue leather interior… mmmmmm…

So here is the question I have for all of y’alls…

Vlad and I have about three weeks of vacation coming up… and we are definately going on a roadtrip convertible Bonnie & Clyde style to California to see some friends and family. We will be stopping around the U.S. along the way and want to know where we should go and what we should see, eat, experience… anything you can think of!

Dare us to try something? Know about fun and daring activities in the U.S. where we can stop (keep in mind our route from Montreal to Cali – must be along the way)?

Let me know 😉

A Brand New Toy from Babe…

Posted in babe, car, gift, vlad by fashionista514 on March 26, 2009
So I came home the other night to my boyfriend (better known as Babe) who had a surprise waiting for me (man do I love surprises)! You see, he is very into remote control cars – yeah, kinda dorky but hey – we all have our niches right?! So, he knows how much I adore the Mini Cooper (if I drove, that’s what I would have), and bought me a remote control version of it!!! I am in no way, shape or form much of a car girl but let me tell you – I am ecstatic!!! It is a gorgeous little red one like the pic, that he has been building and fixing for me so that I can bring it to the park and chase my pug around! Pug is already pretty afraid of it though and avoids it at all cost 😉 So, I’m lovin‘ the thought that went into this… When you try to give something you love so much and get so excited about to someone else to enjoy. Truly the sweetest gesture! Love my man 🙂