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My crazy, crazy, crazy ass life!!!

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Sooo… I know I had told you all a while back that I would be road trippin’ it up through the U.S of A to Florida shortly, however…

I will be on Waikiki Beach, Hawaii tomorrow at this same time! Decided to let a pilot do the mileage instead of the car and go for a truly relaxing escape (almost as good as couture ;).

Soooo… please be patient with the posts (have to find some beachfront internet)…. I will be reporting 514 styles with hula edge from my first ever island escape 😉

Gotta get to packin’…

Blah Blah Blahhhhhhh… Rant time…

Posted in can you beleive?, rant, worries by fashionista514 on August 25, 2009
Today is just not my day. Although everything is fine in my world, I can’t help but feel completely consumed by anxiety, stress and fear. Anxious from feeling like my professional life is on hold. Stressed from over analyzing and thinking that my relationship could be better if we didn’t work together (a passionate career for me = my sanity = better sane girlfriend). Fear of the future. Of not having enough time to do everything I want to do. Fear of not achieving things by myself. I am surrounded day in and out by successful men, or those who are on their way. I feel like one of them… without my own thing going on. I am excited to be travelling soon (this is the current holdup), but want to get back to what makes my head spin with desire… fashion. The business of surrounding yourself with beauty.

Another thing that’s on my mind that I just can’t shake… Malicious people who underestimate me constantly. We all know who I’m talking about… the people who assume that just because you know how to apply makeup and wear a pair of high heels that you have nothing more to offer. The ones who are surprised when you act “out of character” like a normal human being and show any sign of the fact that you are just like them. PEOPLE!!! WE ARE ALL THE SAME! GET OVER IT ALREADY! Just because I choose to present myself in a certain way DOES NOT MEAN that I’m stupid, a gold digger, high maintenance, a princess or egotistical. I am just a girl making the most of what she was given and working hard to maintain the physical, emotional and psychological side of herself… As much time as I spend shopping and lip glossing, I am reading, cooking, exploring, loving, watching and creating. So just eat it haters.

When I am in vulnerable moods such as these, there is only one thing that ever makes me feel better – this song. That is all. Somehow, it is always comforting to me – no matter how many times I play it 🙂

Billy Joel owns a part of my soul.

Babes New Car… R-R-R-R-Roadtrip!!!

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So… amazingly enough, this IS NOT a joke and Vlad just bought this insanely sexy, fast and GORGEOUS Porsche 911 CONVERTIBLE!!!


Alright, now before you think we are millionaires or something… lets get a few things clear… 😉
He found this on eBay for the insanely low price (for a Porsche anyways) of $26,000… ummmm… my friends new Chevy Cavalier cost her four grand more than our Porsche, so I’m thinking its a pretty sick deal…

It is currently in Pensylvania just waiting for the movers to come and pick it up 😉 With any luck, we will be cruisin’ around town by mid next week (with some pics of us IN it – so that you guys actually believe me 😉

Ahhhh… silver with navy blue leather interior… mmmmmm…

So here is the question I have for all of y’alls…

Vlad and I have about three weeks of vacation coming up… and we are definately going on a roadtrip convertible Bonnie & Clyde style to California to see some friends and family. We will be stopping around the U.S. along the way and want to know where we should go and what we should see, eat, experience… anything you can think of!

Dare us to try something? Know about fun and daring activities in the U.S. where we can stop (keep in mind our route from Montreal to Cali – must be along the way)?

Let me know 😉

My Head is Hard as a Rock…

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Ummm… when I die, please do this to my skeleton 😉

That is my official deathwish!


Posted in can you beleive?, entertainment by fashionista514 on April 4, 2009
Over the past few weeks, I have been both in love and purely addicted to watching Penn & Tellers Showtime hit Bullshit! I have rented every season in DVD’s and am now almost fully caught up to the fifth season… phew!
Penn & Teller are mastermind magicians who translate their art into unveiling all the hoaxes, lies, and misunderstood truths of the world. From Mother Teresa, recycling, boy scouts to religion – they prove that it’s all just a bunch of bullshit with cold hard scientific proof. Now, I know your probably thinking I’m absolutely crazy backing them up that Mother Teresa is a load of bull… but seriously – youtube it and decide again for yourself.

They bring a fresh dose of reality to a world filled with schemes, brainwashing and pure manipulation. It makes you think twice before believing everything you have been told – and there’s nothing I love more than a good old fashioned shit disturber.

Educate yourself, don’t always think that the people giving you the information are always accurate and don’t have a hidden agenda. Don’t be afraid to scream “BULLSHIT” every once and a while either – call ’em on it 😉

Ch ch ch check it out:

Godiva Chocolate Hotel Room!!!

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Ladies, ladies, ladies… I don’t know if you’ve already heard about this, but let me tell you – it is music to my unknowing ears!!! Last year for Valentine’s Day, Godiva Chocolatier played Willy Wonka and hid a secret invitation in one of it’s special edition Valentines Day truffles assortments!
The company re-created a suite at the famous Bryant Park Hotel in New York City for a sinful getaway for two. Everything from the table, chandeliers, books (which opened up to truffles), as well as paintings (a chocolate rendition of Gustav Klimts “The Kiss”) were made entirely of chocolate. Mmmmmmm…. Can you say “overdose”?!?

Lucky Ali Larter got to experience it firsthand to promote it as their spokesperson… lucky girl!

Pretty irresistible stuff, huh Ali? 😉

Woman Steals Brand New Boobs!

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Wow, now when I heard this story I thought – how low can you go?!!? Yvonne Pampellonne, an Orange County California resident reportedly had both breast augmentation AND liposuction under a fraudulent credit card! She apparently opened these cards under someone elses name as far back as in September, got the surgeries and then never showed up for any of the follow-up appointments!

She is estimated to have stolen $12,000 worth of boob job and liposuction! She is currently being charged with grand theft, identity theft and commercial burglary. I’m sure the other in-mates in prison will appreciate her new figure 😉