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Marilyn Monroe Contest Prize/ Spending Update!

Posted in budget, giveaway, prize by fashionista514 on June 10, 2009
Congrats again to the beautiful Sarah, my winner of the Marilyn Monroe Makeup Contest!!!

View her, and everyone else’s entries here.

And here is her prize pack that I’ve gathered together (all the while not buying anything for myself… verrrrry hard)!

Marilyn Monroe’s autobiography. Some say it is biased, but I believe it is all still in her own words and imagination. She shares her unbelievable point of view in this book packed with amazing colour pics (yes, I have the same book myself) πŸ˜‰

My favorite Marilyn Movie of ALL TIME!!! For those of you who have never seen “Some Like It Hot”, RUN to the movie store. It captures the essence of Marilyn’s bad-girl edge! Also starring the amazing Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis… very funny…

Although I promise some MAC goodies, I figured Chanel was much more suiting as Marilyn was something of a spokesperson for Chanel no 5 perfume while she was alive

β€œWhat do I wear in bed? Why, Chanel No. 5, of course.”
-Marilyn Monroe-

So, as a result, some classic red hues in Chanel were picked!!! Chanel Le Vernis in Dragon for the classiest red nails…

This liquid lipstick is new to me, havn’t ever seen it yet… and it matches the polish exactly in Dragon! Chanel luminous satin lip lacquer… mmmmmmm…. (how I got past getting this without picking one up for myself is beyond me)!

Somewhere in the mix, Fashionista 514 magnets snuck themselves into the mix πŸ˜‰

This is most probably the skincare line I am the most passionate about (yes, I do realize how many wonderful brands are out there… but seriously, this one takes the cake)! Did you know that the Dr. Erno Laszlo actually treated Marilyn Monroe? This is the same historic brand she used with it’s iconic cleansing sea mud system. Here, from the Laszlo collection is their amazing sea mud mask… great for all skin types, and gives an amazing deep clean! If you love Marilyn’s complexion – come and get your own creamy, healthy and impeccable skin!

For more info on the Laszlo products (or for an amazing Erno facial here in the 514), click here!

Red Cherry falsies in #1 (amazing lashes), and Diyptyque’s Eau de Vinaigre (this is the line Victoria Beckham uses – so you know it’s good). this Eau de Vinaigre can be used as a toner, a refresher on the skin or mixed into hot water as a facial steam tonic! Vesatile and wonderful a la francaise!

And finally, more lash building product!!! You gotta flutter those lashes and shoot some seductive looks a la Marilyn!
So Sarah darling, I hope you enjoy your prize pack – I will be shipping it off to you today!


I have now been 9 Days Shopping Sober!!!

Eating at home has been VERY helpful, however online shopping and just instinctually picking stuff up is very dangerous to me still… have to stop myself…

Click here for more info on my Shopping Hiatus Challenge and how you can win an engraved Fashionista 514 iPod Nano!


1st Money Saving Tip (Eating In) & My New Crib ;)

Posted in budget, food, my crib by fashionista514 on June 1, 2009
Thanks to everyone who has already left a money-saving tip for my

Shopping Hiatus Challenge!!!

The first tip I am dedicating myself to is


This shouldn’t be too difficult as I work from home and really have no excuse not to be eating in… however when I meet friends downtown – that is where the challenge will lay πŸ˜‰

Thank you to

chunkee munkee

for this awesome tip… here goes nothing!!!

Ladies & Gents keep the comments coming and mix it up! I need as many motivations as possible and leaving a comment puts you in the running for a

FREE Fashionista 514 engraved iPod Nano!!!

Saturday morning my friend Deborah came over for brunch (usually we chose restaurants around town, but I figured this would be the ideal time to try brunching at home)! We made green tea with honey, cinnamon buns, egg “Mc muffin” sandwiches with tomato and brie cheese, waffles with maple syrup… it was some good homemade cookin’!
It was also the first time I got a chance to use my new kitchen! Gotta say I am lovin’ the new appliances… will be making some homemade pasta very soon… stay tuned…

Here is our little breakfast setup…

Enjoyin’ my new space! Here is a mini tour of my new apartment!

(Please note that it is NOT yet finished (or fully unpacked) and still slightly under construction)

My beeeeeautiful kitchen with dark hardwood flooring and cabinetry… stainless steel appliances… yum! I gave my kitchen a subliminal Marilyn Monroe “modern” theme (if that makes any sense at all)

Thank you IKEA!!! Got these suspendable wall slouch bags a while back… love ’em.

The Oven. Digital. Lets me know when the time is up for baking.
No more burning EVERYTHING!!!
I’m psyched.

I think my granite counter tops are awesome… is it just me?

My fridge is traffic central as you can see… very girly and lots of ladies to dress up! Knock your socks off…

Pug Mug

The Bathroom. Probably my most favorite place in the apartment.

Brushed stainless steel sink, bubble massager tub, disco-style tiling, washer & dryer…

ummmm… what more could I ask for?!?

Pug being a camera whore (as usual). This is pretty much an overview of the place. In the back is the kitchen, the first door after that is the bathroom, and then the two bedrooms. Dining room and living room area opens on to each other.

The beautiful green “leaf” view we have from both our living room and bedroom

My terasse tea table! To be used obsessively all summer!!!
Nothing like a balcony picnic!

Through the looking glass

The “Love Shrine” above our bed. I set this up as a surprise for Vlad so that before his head hits the pillow every night he knows that its just the two of us together in this crazy world πŸ™‚

Aaaaaand this is where all the magic happens… lol

This brand has seriously whipped my used-to-be acne invaded face into shape. It is still on the mend but has improved CONSIDERABLY from what it was only 6 months ago!

My makeup brushes in my favorite mug of all time. Vlad and I went to a coffee shop that lets you paint your own pottery and he made me this!!! I can’t get enough of this mug!!! He made all these little faces with different colored lipstick all around… and inside is a hilarious portrait of PUG!!!

So there is my mini-tour for now! The office will be coming soon too (full of unpacked boxes still). Once we are up and running for real I will show off some more!

Watched The MTV movie awards last night and am SOOOO happy Twilight won pretty much EVERYTHING!!! Yay Edwaaa – I mean Robert Pattinson!

Brace yourself peoples – IT’S MONDAY!!!