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The Opera… (yawn)

Posted in BORING, entertainment by fashionista514 on March 22, 2009

So, I went to see Montreal’s critically acclaimed “Starmania” Opera show. Now firstly, lets make it clear that I am in no way an opera connoisseur. However I have seen a few other shows, and honestly thought that this one was boooooooring! I don’t know if it was all the wine I downed before the show started at the cocktail party, or the lack of a set, or the fact that all the opera singing characters sounded exactly the same – but it was bad enough for me to leave at intermission! Thank god the tickets were free hookups and I ate and drank my fill at the start 😉

I am in no way meaning to discredit the extremely talented artists who put on the show, just stating that I thought it was a bit of a stale storyline, and was not acted out dramatically enough! When Pecheur des Perles came to Montreal I was there and adored it! The costumes, the set, the dramatisations and passion that you could feel in each song had me hooked! You could feel the raw emotion, the setting, and the strength of the characters! This was what I was expecting! Ah well, better luck next time…