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514 Outfit Post from Hawaii – Beach Bum Chic

Posted in 514 Outfit Post, blogger, Fashionista, travel by fashionista514 on September 5, 2009
Spent the whole day on the beach (when I wasn’t stalking down a Starbucks for a jug of Passion tea lemonade)… did some more surfing 🙂 Hope to be snorkelling with sea turtles tomorrow (can’t get the idea outta my head that they JUST may be total stoners like in Finding Nemo… which would be SO cool ;)…
Enjoying blogging in bed in these heavenly white sheets… they just make you feel uber relaxed… melt away the stress… wait a minute… what stress??? Hawaii has definately proven itself to be quite the paradise city! Here are a few shots of what I strolled down to the beach today in… enjoy!

What I’m Wearing

  • Abercrombie & Fitch jean shorts
  • Old bohemian style top from a clothing swap (thanks Leah!)
  • Paul Frank “Skully” string bikini
  • Nine west bootie sandals
  • Thomas Sabot charm necklace
  • Ray Ban Aviators
  • John Hardy bamboo hoop earrings

Have a beautiful weekend everybody!


Luxury Lust Makeup Contest Entries!

Posted in blogger, contest, designer, giveaway, makeup by fashionista514 on August 3, 2009

Ladies, ladies, LADIES!!! WOW is all that I can manage out of my lips… you have really raised the bar this time!!! I want to commend ALL OF YOU on a kick ASS collection of makeup looks that have been gathered all together and been squeezed into this one post! You all look gorgeous!!! Eat your heart out… here are the lovely ladies 😉

I chose YSL as my inspiration, because it was a brand that was fierce as hell! and very mysterious. To me, YSL represents androgenous beauty, snowy white skin, fierce dark red lips, black and white attire, sharp with a bit of edge, drop-crotched pants, and old french elegance.

I have chosen Versace brand because I love their bags every season! They’re always unique, sophisticated and interesting! The brand automatically associates me to elegance, timeless creations and color! Just look at this spring collection, even the winter collection has got some strong colors! The inspiration was their gorgeous bag from this spring season. It’s holographic purple mixed with some pink. So I have used basically lots of different purple colors. And I tried to recreate the bag pattern around my eyes. That’s it. Let the pictures speak for themselves.

My make-up creation was inspired by the Dior 60’s theme catwalk show in 2008. The make-up was originally done by Pat McGrath who i think is an amazing make-up artist and i thought i’d try out my own 60’s ‘big eyes, big hair’ make-up style. I wanted to capture the dolly eyes look from the 60’s and although the 60’s was very monochrome, I think the colour adds a modern day twist! The main focus was on the eyes so as they did in the show, i went with the nude lips. This was so fun to create because of the expression and the shapes. This competition has let me try to be more creative!

“a wonderful girl … her personality and energy are part of her style. Her body is beautiful, very feminine. I love to dress women like her.”
-Roberto Cavalli-

My name is Jamie Masliah and I based my makeup look off of one of my favorite designers, Dolce & Gabbana. In this look, I did leopard print eyes and lips with gold shadow and brown eyeliner. I take inspiration from D&G because this is the ultimate risk-taking line and I’m all about taking risks. I love going all out with my outfits and makeup looks. Whatever it is that I’m wearing, it has to stand out. That is my one rule. I’m a sucker for leopard print and red. Red lips, red dresses, red bags, red anything. I just love it all.

I did a Gucci inspired look from a makeup look they used on Chanel Iman on the runway. I love the vivid colors Gucci uses on their models. They smoke out the eyes and really have the models look stunning, so you not only look at their clothes, but you cannot help but look into their gorgeous eyes.

I decided to make a look inspired by Chanel. For me Chanel is always connected with two crossed golden or black letters C. Chanel is also creates the most luxuriuos designs, in my opinion. I also adore how expensive every collection of them looks. They also always make the best makeup for their models and I love how they make models’ hair for campaigns.

I tried to create an expensive, golden and black look. For my inspirational photo I actually combined 3 pictures of different details which mostly inspired me for my look. So this is chanel logo, bag and a model from the 2008 fall collection.

Alright darlings… you HAVE to give me your opinions on who you want to win!!! They are all so gorgeous that I really don’t think I can pick all by myself! Let me know who you think should win!

Also… I will be keeping this contest open for a few more days (until Monday, August the 11th 2009)… so if you still want to enter and have the chance to win a Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch… get to it and check out the rules here!

Hope you are all having a great start to the week! 🙂

Blog Adoration – Sea Of Shoes

Posted in blogger, shoes by fashionista514 on July 12, 2009

Okay, so I know that I am TOTALLY the last one to know… however I just stumbled upon the marvelously enchanting “Sea Of Shoes” blog and am in a state of complete envy 😉… nothing malicious… I play fair… 😉

The absolutely GORGEOUS Jane Aldridge and her mom are tried tested and true FASHIONISTAS! If I may say so myself… both of their styles are utterly impeccable! I am not the only one to notice either… Sea of Shoes has an insane following from all around the world and has been featured in Teen Vogue, recognized by Kanye West and Holt Renfrew department stores (my faaaave), and Urban Outfitters even collaborated with Miss Jane to design a collection of shoes inspired by her eccentric and sophisticated style!

Miss Jane’s trendy mama (above)

Jane claims that her fashion identity is based upon her love and collection of shoes… beautiful, wearable works of art 😉 Rockin‘ out in Anne Demeuleester laced bootie sandals, BalenciagaGivenchy zipper open toe booties, and YSL caged sandals… patent platforms, well… THAT is definitely living, functional ART!

Jane and her mom have just returned from an exciting Tokyo adventure – and let me just say this: The posts are TO DIE FOR! Capturing the very allure, culture and experiences of Tokyo… she transforms her vacation into a magical and enchanting endeavor… Oh, and of course mingles with the stylin‘ locals 😉

The mother-daughter duo seem to have quite complimentary styles and lend and borrow pieces from each other – always making the look their own… effortless… casual… trendy but avantgardethey remain ahead of the curb in every sense and leave us waiting to see what they will snatch up next…

The greatest thing about her blog in my opinion is that she captures not only her personal fashion loves, but also her exquisite lifestyle in larger than life professionally presented pics… She gives a full visual representation of everything beautiful… everything interesting.

God DAMN I am in love with these YSL sandals…

Whoever says fashion is only for the vain, OBVIOUSLY never possessed a pair of these conversation-starter “stick-heel” strappy sandals… highly intellectual… 😉

Amongst the beautiful eye candy heels, Jane mixes and matches thrift shop finds with current season trends and pairs them with some sick “in your face” accessories that through their exotic allure bring out the regal look she carries off oh-so-well.

How funky fresh is this look… like seriously… could this girl get any cooler….? Could she…???… nah!!! Didn’t think so!

Ummmmm…. MAJOR girl crush brewing here…

She is a master mix-ologist!!! Mixing beautiful unseeming pieces together to create alarming and demurely fascinating looks and moods… all in a days work 😉

OMG… when I saw her Chanel booties I almost DIED!!!

A fearless modern fashion ICON who is not afraid to take risks to reap the rewards… of personal creative growth… LOVE HER!

Please check her out… Impossible to regret!