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Fashionista Finds – All Around Lima

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So today´s post is a lot of randomness… but I hope you will enjoy my Peruvian loves… above is the posse I have been chillin´with! I never knew that I would make such good friends on a volunteer mission… score!

Visited a much loved Italian restaurant here in Lima… Mama Lola´s! Delicious in-house pizza´s and home made pastas… fresh, tasty and simplistic… hitting all the right spots… they also let you write on the walls, sooooooo… of course I had to represent!!!
Who knows… maybe someone will look it up randomnly from eating here… I will keep you posted! This world works in strange and mysterious ways, I don´t doubt the possibility…
If the walls could speak, this is what they would look like.
Everybody gets to that ¨point¨while on vacation with their significant other where throwing them off the cliff seems like an amicable option… here I demonstrate with the babe :p Hehehehehehehe….

Yes… so that cliff pic was obviously taken before this one…

Incan ruins! They are so meticulously built and beautiful. Positioned towards the sea and the sun… they must have been absolutely gorgeous intact back in the day.

Beautiful alley

How beautiful is this message? Written on the walls of Mama Lola’s Italian Restaurant. Oh romance… {sigh}

Some super cool cactus plants

They look alive don’t they?!?

Our own version of Rum and Coke 😉 Yuuummmmms!

I am SUPER envious that they have Mc Donalds takeout… Montreal!!! Wake up!!! What are you waiting for?!?!

Alright, now I don’t know if this has any association whatsoever to, but if it does (and even if it dosn’t), go directly here now. A site not to be missed *thank you*

Possibly the most beautifully constructed sandwich of our time.

Market finds!

Felted wool purses

Vlad living out his alter ego as Mexican Wrestler “Whacko Paco”

Coolest fruit basket. Ever. Eat it grandma!

I’m off to bed now… catching a flight in a few hours up to Cuzco *Macchu Picchu town* Going to be very tired… but ready for all the shopping and natural beauty of the mountains! This week is all about being a tourist, so get ready for some pic heavy posts full of Peru’s best.



514 Outfit Post – Brunch & Mo West

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NARS Dolce Vita Lipstick – very natural like a sheer lipgloss… loves it

go get yours… vitamin C that is…

The very serious Babe fixes his cafe…

Breakfast at Tiffany’s on Decarie…

Poached eggs, benedict sauce, smoked salmon, sour cream and potato latke… served with all the trimmings…

What I’m Wearing

  • tropical tank from Hungary (was a gift from the shop owner)
  • limite denim miniskirt (with built-in shorts)
  • nine west wedges
  • John Hardy bamboo hoop earrings
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs hobo bag
  • Awesome belt bought for $2.50 at thrift shop!
  • Maillagogo hand knit sweater (made in Canada!!!)
  • Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara
  • NARS Dolce Vita lipstick – Thank you Chrystina!!!

Don’t you just love Brunch… and small towns?

Babes New Car… R-R-R-R-Roadtrip!!!

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So… amazingly enough, this IS NOT a joke and Vlad just bought this insanely sexy, fast and GORGEOUS Porsche 911 CONVERTIBLE!!!


Alright, now before you think we are millionaires or something… lets get a few things clear… 😉
He found this on eBay for the insanely low price (for a Porsche anyways) of $26,000… ummmm… my friends new Chevy Cavalier cost her four grand more than our Porsche, so I’m thinking its a pretty sick deal…

It is currently in Pensylvania just waiting for the movers to come and pick it up 😉 With any luck, we will be cruisin’ around town by mid next week (with some pics of us IN it – so that you guys actually believe me 😉

Ahhhh… silver with navy blue leather interior… mmmmmm…

So here is the question I have for all of y’alls…

Vlad and I have about three weeks of vacation coming up… and we are definately going on a roadtrip convertible Bonnie & Clyde style to California to see some friends and family. We will be stopping around the U.S. along the way and want to know where we should go and what we should see, eat, experience… anything you can think of!

Dare us to try something? Know about fun and daring activities in the U.S. where we can stop (keep in mind our route from Montreal to Cali – must be along the way)?

Let me know 😉

My Dearest Babe…

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Because I can never really tell you enough
Because you can’t put a price on genuine guy (or person for that matter… but especially guy…)
Because you’ve never done me wrong
Because I beleive you never will do me wrong
Because you make me smile
Because you annoy the hell out of me
Because you refuse to pick up your shit around the house
Because you are sooo good for me
Because you are sooo good to me
Because I know you only have eyes for me
Because I am your Queen
Because you worship me
Because our love is true and deeply understanding
Because I have passion for you
Because you are unconditional to me
Because we are just two peas in a pod
Because I trust you
Because when I am with you, I am home…

I Love You.

Thank you for being every bit completely and totally you. You are my love. You are my life. You make me better and I appreciate everything you do for me and our little family.

… there… just had to send that one out into the universe…

Date Night at Garde Manger Restaurant

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Every now and then, no matter how long you have been in a relationship – you need to get away from everything and remind the special someone in your life that amongst all the chaos it’s still just you and them. DATE NIGHT!!! There is nothing I love more than showing my babe off for all of the world to see how lucky of a lady I am ;). Soooo… we finally got reservations to one of Montreal’s most coveted restaurants in the heart of the Old Port – Garde Manger.

Garde Manger has now been open for about four years, and still remains one of the city’s hottest spots for amazing seafood, cocktails and a new menu every night (written so homely on an old school black chalkboard). The decor is classy, yet rustic and natural (gives hints to a fish market/beach hangout). Upon walking in you instantly feel at home (no wonder I was eating my crab legs so savagely). With a large chandelier hanging over the full dining area, candlelit jars filled with sand, an old school rock and roll soundtrack and dimmed down lighting – it is a place you can tell houses many regulars. Reservations are a must, as it is actually impossible to get a table without one. The bar, however is always open and always serving some quite amazing concoctions. So… We decided to try some of their specialties…
( The “art deco” styled address above)

To start off, I ordered a Caesar (one of my favorite aperitifs!)… Garde Manger makes it rimmed with seafood spices, with your classic celery stick, and with a crab leg protruding from your over sized beer mug! I was in heaven. Crab leg in my cocktail? Bring it on!

Next for the starter, Vlad and I shared the seafood platter for two (first and last picture). The platter nearly took up the whole table and was absolutely succulent! Fresh oysters, shrimp, scallops and crab legs in a very healthy portion delivered with decorative sea kelp, home made horseradish and Tabasco sauce. YUM! My main course was a fish fillet in a shrimp and lobster bouillon with artichoke hearts, and Vlad went for their BBQ baby back ribs – I must say, his plate was better than mine! The ribs practically fell off the bone and were incredibly juicy.

Because we stuffed our faces, we did not get to experience any of their desserts this time round, but next time we will indulge in something sinful while dancing the night away to amazing rock n roll 🙂 Overall rating: 4 stars!
Garde-Manger Restaurant Information
408 St-François-Xavier,
Old Montreal
Phone: 514-678-5044
Hours: Tue–Sun 6 pm – 3 am
Payment: Cash, Credit Cards

A Brand New Toy from Babe…

Posted in babe, car, gift, vlad by fashionista514 on March 26, 2009
So I came home the other night to my boyfriend (better known as Babe) who had a surprise waiting for me (man do I love surprises)! You see, he is very into remote control cars – yeah, kinda dorky but hey – we all have our niches right?! So, he knows how much I adore the Mini Cooper (if I drove, that’s what I would have), and bought me a remote control version of it!!! I am in no way, shape or form much of a car girl but let me tell you – I am ecstatic!!! It is a gorgeous little red one like the pic, that he has been building and fixing for me so that I can bring it to the park and chase my pug around! Pug is already pretty afraid of it though and avoids it at all cost 😉 So, I’m lovin‘ the thought that went into this… When you try to give something you love so much and get so excited about to someone else to enjoy. Truly the sweetest gesture! Love my man 🙂

A little Bit About Me

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  • I am in no way, shape or form a morning person – I have always woken up puffy-eyed and completely out of it!
  • Whenever I leave the house, I put my face on
  • I am not a big drinker – I love tea and sometimes some kind of ice coffee via Starbucks
  • I used to be a makeup artist (and, well once a makeup artist – always a makeup artist)! I still sneak some jobs in when I have the time 😉
  • I studied fashion design in school and worked with a Montreal Designer for about a year.
  • I love all things salty.
  • Right now I am working with my boyfriend at his construction company (hehehehe… I get to chill on the sites in my heels), helping with a bit of everything from choosing appliances, tiling, flooring to showing clients apartments and taking care of signing the leases etc… There is not much I do not do, and as a result the two of us spend our days together in his pickup truck together racing around town in lingo 😉
  • We are currently taking salsa dance lessons with his dad and his girlfriend.
  • My boyfriend is a big ebay junkie and therefore has helped me buy and sell things at amazing prices (like louboutins!)
  • I made some smart decisions with my money a while back, so I am not dependant on a job to survive (at least at the moment).
  • I will be moving into a brand new (free) luxury condo next month that I designed (I will post pics when the construction is done)! No rent to pay makes for a better lifestyle – that’s for sure! It’s my boyfriends company that renovated and owns it, so for us there is no expense!
  • I have a crazy pug baby at home that is for sure actually a mix of monkey, bat and cat 😉
  • I have worked many different jobs! I have been: a seamstress, a heavy machine operator, a personal assistant, a retail saleslady, a model, a waitress at a supperclub, a bartender, a dishwasher, a dresser (behind the scenes at fashion shows), a makeup artist, a sous chef, a choreographer (for fashion shows), and now a leasing agent/interior design aide! Apparently I do not discriminate!
  • I am an artist. I have always loved writing, painting and doing my ink drawings. Lately I have been expressing myself with both this blog and letters. I think there is nothing better than getting something nice in the mail 😉
  • I do cook and clean, but prefer not to. I do not believe that it is my JOB to be do these things all the time for my boyfriend. As a result, we have a very balanced relationship and I get to enjoy a nice dinner made for me every once and a while!
  • I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason. You go through hard stuff to be stronger and get to experience the good stuff as a reward.
  • I was blessed to have a kick ass metabolism which allows me to eat whatever I like and how ever much of it I see fit! I still try to stay healthy, but I am 5’10 and a size 4. Pretty lanky!
  • I had a modelling contract for a year, but it was just not for me. Not the kind of world that inspired me or was healthy (for my body, but especially for my mind). Sadly, I learnt that many of the stereotypes about models are true. The don’t eat much (no, slimfast does not count girlies), and they are generally really overtly into themselves. So, when my contract was up, I moved on to bigger and better things!
  • I horseback ride! I used to ride when I was younger, and I have gotten back into the saddle as of summer! I go to my lessons every week, and my body tries it’s best to catch up for lost time.
  • I love to ski, again something I used to do a lot of but got back into this year!
  • I have some amazing friends that defy the laws of coolness 🙂

As you can see, I lead a pretty damn charmed life – and I know it! Regardless, life is hard sometimes and it is all about your perspective! Don’t lie to yourself and tell yourself you are happy if you aren’t, but try to make the most of every situation and opportunity that comes your way. In the long run it will pay off. Never forget though to satisfy your cravings in the now too! These moments are what make life worth living!

Nothin’ like a Ski Day

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One of the greatest advantages I have livin‘ up in the great white north, is being close enough to go skiing every weekend (ahhhh… if only I had the time every weekend!). It is truly awesome that I am literally surrounded by great ski hills… large challenging ones when I’m feeling up to it, as well as the little bunny hills when the workweek has been especially tough on me!

Did I mention chalet food?!? Mmmmmm… here we have hot chocolate (a staple), the infamous Quebec poutine (fries, cheese curds and gravy), chili and cream of spinach soup. The best part of the day may just be eating all this crap! Hey – it’s cold out there and I need all the insulation I can get 😉

Canadian winters are cold. Spending the whole day outside on a slope is even colder. My Canada Goose down-filled parka does one hell of a job keeping all that good poutine-radiating heat in! Apparently when you are warm and dry, silly faces come naturally…

Man I look like a dork when I ski!

The very necessary chair-lift shots…

My hubson… he is a great skier that always ends up lecturing me on the slopes about posture, pole positions, and making large turns… Very helpful, but sometimes I just wanna kill him!

Anyways, here he is decked out in her Arc’teryx gear (specially made to keep the warmth in and your sweat out – very thin layering of specialized nylon shells).

For the great winter gear were sporting here, check out:

Have the absolute greatest parkas here – used originally for expeditions to the Arctic!

Outdoors wear in any climate, in any condition.

Out with my Babe :)

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Ahhhh… Valentine’s day is quickly approaching and I am so glad to have my babe! We were out this weekend for a friends 30th birthday and unfortunately got a tad food poisoned! All was good the next day though when we were both able to sleep it off… Glad I got to bring him out and show him off at least 😉

Tonight ended up being just my babe, his friend Adam and I so we all kinda celebrated V-day together before the big day hits us. My boyfriend (Vlad – yes, as in the impaler) surprised me with a beautiful hot pink Marc by Marc Jacobs hobo bag! What could be more perfect than a heart coloured handbag on the most romantic day of the year? I must say, I have trained that boy well ;). We helped Adam set up his Plenty of Fish profile (he just broke up with his girlfriend of 10 years… sheesh!), and ate my crazy feast! I made oven braised salmon steaks with roasted rosemary potatoes, garlic, and baked tomatoes and mushrooms. Mmmmm mmmm good! Followed by some hot blueberry pie with Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream melted all over… still thinking about it…. (drool)! Enough comfort food there to mend any broken heart!

The icing on the cake will be on Valentine’s when we head off to Quebec City (alone – finally) for Carnival, the snow festival. I can’t wait to just have the whole day to ourselves – uninterrupted! I’m betting the ice hotel will be an instant favorite – gotta hit up that bar for a frozen martini!

To all you guys and gals out there – show some love this V-day, enjoy putting a smile on somebody’s face 🙂