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Fashionista Art Appreciation – Tara McPherson

Posted in artist, artwork, colorful, eccentric, fashionista finds by fashionista514 on September 15, 2009
There is just something about Tara McPherson’s art that I feel that I can relate to. As dark as some of her images may seem, they all bear a strong relation to emotions we all encounter and at one time or another experience.

Mixing in goth and eccentric notes makes for interesting and provoking cartoon like graphic art that cannot be surpassed. Her peices require your full attention to not miss the well defined and strategically placed detail.

Nuff said, now enjoy the scenery…

For more info on the artist, visit her website here


Could there possibly be anybody cooler in the world…

Posted in artist, diva, Fashionista, inspiration, music by fashionista514 on August 27, 2009
… than David Bowie??? NUH UH!!! not even close…

The owner of the Diamond Dogs, the mayor of Suffragette City, the original Starman, master of C-c-c-c-c-changes and the alter ego of Ziggy Stardust… David Bowie is a storytelling mastermind… Not to mention possible one of the coolest and avantgarde fashionista’s out there…
Okay… I have total Space Oddity lust and envy over this makeup… sensational!

My mother’s side of the family are all British (which may very well explain my addictions to tea, Elton John and Mini Coopers covered in Union Jacks…), so naturally we are ones to recognize our own. And god damn am I proud to be in any way associated to David Bowie (and all my other British loves)! It seems as though Bowie was always with me… my grandmother, mom and her sisters seemed predestined to be followers of his intellectual escapades in storytelling. I like to imagine my moms family growing up as uber hippie folk… art, music, literature, love, funk, color and rebellion. And what a better landmark of the times than a most perfect discography 🙂 Enter Bowie…

This man oozes a coolness whose source I fail to comprehend. How does he do it (and where do I sign up?!). He is so much himself that there is no room for anything else. Such a master of his craft. Such an artist. Representing his art form through layered forms of self expression… dance, instruments, singing, fashion, makeup, acting… is there anything this man can’t be a revolutionary at???

I still remember buying my first CD of his… Greatest Hits… it was at a GARAGE SALE (fool who considered that worthy of giving away), and I paid 50 cents for it with THE PLASTIC WRAP STILL ON!!! Obviously the poor soul had no clue as to what he was missing out on… you see… somethings are just MEANT to find you. The same CD still resides with me and continually rocks my little world day after day after day.

Labyrinth, Labyrinth, Labyrinth do you know how many times I’ve seen this movie? At least 50 (no joke). You see, as a child it was the only movie I would ever allow my mother to rent for me… so I have the whole thing memorized in my mind. This movie was when I fell in love with everything that this man is and represents. The true individual within all of us – in its purest form.

May we all worship that little shrine in each of our heads dedicated to Bowie… (don’t lie… I know it’s in there).