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My Home Sweet Home

Posted in apartment, details, pug by fashionista514 on April 6, 2009
They say home is where the heart is. I most definitely agree, although I would have to add a few other points to that list… My home is where my soul, my creativity, my passions and my experiences lie. The minute anyone comes into my place, they will take a piece of me when they leave… Here is a mini tour of some of my favorite things!

This little “shrine to love” as I like to call it, hangs above my bed in my bedroom. I made it out of postcards to surprise Vlad. They all say the things you need to say or at least put into action every day you are in a relationship. Words to express the true appreciation you have for one another. Whenever I look at this from my bed I feel like somehow our love is being protected. I “love” it 🙂
Oh well now look who we have here – Madame le PUG!!! She is my definition of home! When my mom or brother babysits her and she is away – I feel completely lonely :(. You see, Bella follows me around absolutely everywhere (she even jumps in my bubble baths unexpectedly sometimes!), so when she is gone – home is just an empty space.

Here we are in the bathroom. I absolutely adore Marvis toothpaste (check out my archives for a past blog post), and there are not many places you can find it anymore! So, when I venture downtown I make sure to stock up a la max! Roger & Gallet soaps are always awesome for bath time and I always keep a few on hand for gifts, etc… Those scented sticks underneath are in a lotus oil from Fruits & Passions – light, but effective!

Marilyn also hangs in my bathroom. Something about a glamorous bathroom that gets me every time!

This is a miniature hallway in my apartment (right beside the bathroom), that has lots of sentimental value to me. Pictures of family and friends partying, and a vase filled with ostrich feathers from my trip to South Africa! The Moroccan-styled table was made and given to me by one of my neighbors! She makes old antiques into beautiful showpieces!

I adore these big mirrors (I have two in my place), as they make the whole area look so much larger! My overflowing CD collection (I am a junkie), my rock band guitar, some twisty sticks in fancy vases and my wooden giraffe and hippo from Africa! Woot! Woot!

Wow, what do you know… more Africa souvenirs!!! From ostrich eggs, to semi precious stones and minerals, to my zebra skin box – everything is attached to a beautiful memory. This lamp is for my new place which I will be moving into in about two weeks! Heray! More pics to come!

Now get this. You will not believe this, but Vlad went downstairs this morning to get the camera from the car in the garage, and found this amazing canvas IN THE GARBAGE?!?!?!?!!!! He and I have pretty similar tastes when it comes to art, so he rescued it and brought it up for me as a gift!!! I was, and still am completely ecstatic to have this gorgeous piece of art displayed in my home. Just goes to prove that one man’s trash is anothers treasure 😉

I like aggressive apes apparently!

Ah! I love it! I am going to add some of my own drawings to this one… it is now officially a work in progress!

Last but not least is my anti-evil eye! For as long as I have moved out, I have placed this beside my front door to protect my family and I (Vlad and pug). It has not yet let me down!

Personalise your living space – be comfortable recharging your batteries and being yourself 🙂


Mondays at Work… Luxury apartments…

Posted in apartment, bubblebath, luxury, martinis by fashionista514 on January 27, 2009

You know, it’s 2pm and my eyelids still feel as if they are being weighed down with sandbags. Offices are such the antichrist of art and brain stimulation – I tell ya! So rigid and monochrome… beige this, brown that, paperclip this, stapler that… bleh! Get me out of here! I bring my Mighty Leaf green tea to work to at least inspire my taste buds throughout the long duration of an office workday. Phew!
I am currently working on renting out luxury apartment buildings for where I will be moving in March. It’s really pretty cool as I am fully in charge of choosing who I want as my neighbors ;). You see, my boyfriend is an engineer who works with his father who owns a construction company. Really his job description is a contractor who makes sure everyone is on the ball (key when managing construction workers). Soooo… the newest project they have been working on is this luxury apartment building that they re-built from scratch (with the exception of its shell). The result is a condo-inspired rental building with uber lush stainless steel appliances and kohler fixtures throughout. Mmmmmm… I’m personally dreaming of my sunken in bubble massager tub, dishwasher (oh how I hate doing the dishes), and fireplace. For a canadian, I must say fireplaces seem to melt the winter away just the slightest bit faster. So, I am anxiously awaiting March for the added luxury entering my life, and dreaming of it every time I see pictures of the beautiful renderings! We will be taking a 4 1/2 with two bedrooms (one to be converted into a beautiful open spaced closet and art room) ahhhh! I cant help but invision martini nights with my girls and just living like a queen in my palace! Best thing of all though – it’s free! No rent to pay as it is our building and we are the “renting office”. Amazing. Could life truly get any better for a start-up fashionista? I think not my friends, I think not. No rent means I as good as own that rose printed Stephen Sprouse speedy I’ve been swooning over (drool…). Hate me yet?