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Fashionista Origami

Posted in artwork, creativity, designer, funk by fashionista514 on October 17, 2009
Why is origami so indefinately cool? Why is it even more appealling and insane when transformed into fashion? It seems to be one of those things that holds infinite amount of mystery and endless simplistic beauty. Making creatures, forms, geometrics and patterns out of a mere square of paper. Gives you inspiration to think of all the things you can do with other materials if Hilroy can become a lotus flower, box, or crane…
It seems designers have more than once picked up on this distinguished art, and applied it to their work. Pleating, definition and the creation of abstract forms seems to be a signature in Galliano’s work with Dior. Phillip Tracey makes glorious hats that borrow the sharp sophisticated edge from this refined oriental art. Gareth Pugh continues to shock and influence the fashion world with his formed bodices and surreal characterized models. Origami it seems can be interpreted so many different ways… from uptight, to fantasy.

Fashion show pics brought to you by the designers from Andre Lima. Beautiful, beautiful work ladies and gents!

Oh the infinite amount of ideas that spring out of everything and everywhere!

Hope everyone’s Friday is beautiful!

514 Outfit Post – Fall Back in Black

Posted in 514 Outfit Post, black, fall fashion, Fashionista, makeup by fashionista514 on October 16, 2009
Damn it’s been cold here in the 514 lately… good excuse to break out my winter apparel 😉 Hope the weather is treatin’ you a little better wherever you may be!

What I’m Wearing

  • Rudsak Russian inspired military double breasted jacket
  • Calvin Klein dress shirt
  • Vince lycra dress pants
  • Nine West Boots
  • Marc by Marc bag
  • MAC Cream eyeshadow in Black (note the creasing!!!)
  • Thomas Sabo Charm necklace
  • Janet Miller tahitian pearl ring
  • Kaufman de suisse diamond earrings

Happy Thursday!

M.A.C. Back to Black – texture obsession

Posted in beauty, collection, fashionista finds, makeup by fashionista514 on October 15, 2009
Aight, I’m hoping that no one is hearing this for the first time and is out there experiencing the ABSOLUTELY REVOLUTIONARY line M.A.C has recently released… Back to Black. Back to black indeed – I never left it! Dabbling in shimmers, creams, powders and glosses, black has never EVER looked so good.
I have snapped up quite a few items from this collection (and what perfect planetary alignment between runway trends and the halloween season)… cream eyeshadow for intentional rockstar creasing (yuuuuuuuuum!), black lipstick to get that second glance from oncomers on the street, and oh my god have you tried the volcanic ash thermal mask?!?! M.A.C. I know you got game… but this time you really stepped it up – I am beyond impressed.

First up… lets focus on this volcanic ash concept for skincare. I love the mess it makes (brings me back to days of playing dirty in the mud)… everything insta-darkness. It is for all skin types, but there is something about the ash that is a great remedy for oily and acne prone skin types. While I have found many exfoliators I enjoy much more, the thermal mask is a new staple in my skincare regime. Applied to damp skin it heats up to “extract” impurities. Wether it actually extracted anything or not, my skin’s texture definately tightened up and feels decongested. My favorite thing about M.A.C skincare? It perfectly preps your face for flawless makeup application every time. Bravo! Good luck getting your little hands on the thermal mask though… I had to stalk three stores to snatch mine up! Seems I’m far from the only one making this a must-have…

M.A.C. has also perfected the mineral baked makeup series it continually releases. Not only are the pots gorgeous to look at (swirled and vibrant in color… not to mention the most beautiful of metallics when wet…), but they work with everything for a subtle or overdone look. The nudes and bronzes they have in-store and online are great blended in with a matte foundation for a natural “glowing” effect. I know all you girls out there have one already… so try it out… yet another guaranteed addiction… from my life to yours 😉

The most refreshing and appealing thing about this collection in my opinion is how carefree and easy it is. Made for the glam rocker girl that we all need to release more often than we may like to admit, it is makeup that looks amazing just thrown on. Not much blending, no need for the same precision as smokey eyes requiring layers, lines and different tones. Black is black. Totally approchable makeup application for the girl who wants to look exactly the opposite.

I LOVE IT ALL!!!!!!! My favorite M.A.C. collection of all time (and that is SAYIN’ somethin’!)

My favorite product from this collection is definately the cream eyeshadow in Black (… obviously…) shown above and the Feline ultra creamy eyeliner. It gives that wet unfinished smudged look… and somehow the fact that it creases only makes it’s appeal stronger. Blend it out into your skin with a cotton pad and voila! Finito. You have the sexiest, easiest, lowest maintenance rocker eye you could ever hope for. The meaning of effortless chic – brought to makeup… straight off the catwalk.

I have yet to break out the black lipstick, but when I do… there will be a 514 Outfit Post for all to see… can’t wait 😉

A Must See – Coco before Chanel

Posted in beauty, designer, Fashionista, inspiration by fashionista514 on October 14, 2009
So last night I was finally able to indulge in a long awaited movie night… and man have I been lusting, drooling, and pulling my hair out in anticipation for this movie to come out. Coco before Chanel. The life story of the woman who brought menswear to women. Breathability, simplicity and function in a time where corsets and overly lavish accessories reigned. The beauty of difference. The personality of dress.
The beautiful, and insanely talented Audrey Tatou plays her in the movie that focuses on where she came from and how she adopted many of her signature looks and styles. What I think I loved the most is how they pointed out where she got her inspiration from and how she transformed it into something completely unique and fresh… completely ahead of her time.

The other very relateable emotional undertone of this movie is independance and love. Mostly a mixture of the two. Being able to fully indulge in a romance without social fences and boundaries, as well as stand apart as a woman from a man. It seems her life was about survival of the key emotional ingredients… love, independance, success and pride. She did all of the above in the most unconventional of ways… yet always remained a cut above the rest when performing it all in an elegant and classy way.

Leaving the theatre made me smile… even though Chanel was born in 1883, she still holds a one-up on even today’s generation. Walking out of a film filled with natural beauty, sophistication and pure elegance into a theatre filled with women in sweatpants and sneakers… just goes to show that she is STILL far ahead of her time.

Please go see this movie. It will breathe creative life into your everyday existence!

Fashionista Travel – Peru

Posted in explore, fashionista finds, Peru, travel by fashionista514 on October 8, 2009
So I’ve been back home now for about a week and man o man is it good to be back!!! I have been catching up with friends over coffee and prepping for thanksgiving with the fam this Sunday 😉
These are a good overview of the last of my Peru pics… prepare yourself for quite the pic heavy post! In total I think we took about 1,500 pictures while on our trip between two cameras and a blackberry… damn blackberries have amazing pic quality… seriously, some pics from the phone turned out better than on the cam… long live the blackberry!!!
Showin’ off on top of Macchu Picchu… the view made it totally worth the 400 meter climb 😉

Babes lookin’ super cute in his G&R tee… macking away on his crackberry in the middle of the mountains…

This cave was awesome… it was part of the Inca trail, but suuuuper narrow. We were crawling on all fours and barely fit through… needless to say we were smelling wonderfully of sweat with dirt and dust all over us… and the sunburn that is peeling away my skin still now was yet another souvenir from our mountain hike ;p Everything – worth it.

Macchu Piccu behind me… so small!

My Anne of Green Gables look…

Babe lookin’ mighty fine…

See that huge protruding mountain in the back??? That’s the one we climbed!!! I must say, considering I normally hike up mall escalators in my louboutins I am mighty proud to say I conquered that in Uggs!

Snow capped mountains. Gorgeous.

Bad hair day… heheheheheh… I’m sooooo funny…

we stopped at an old beautiful hacienda (rich farm that was transformed into a hotel)… Paul Simon used to live in the same village for three years!!! SOLD!!!

Llama bisous!

Surreal clouds

I NEED a baby sheep/goat/whatever this super cute thing is…



Can’t wait to get back into the outfit posts, the 514 fashion, giveaways and product reviews! I’m back bitches!

Thank you all for following me through my travels and being patient with the irregularity of my posting 🙂 You guys rock my socks… xox

Fashionista Travel Peru – Downtown Cusco

Posted in adventure, fashionista finds, food, travel by fashionista514 on October 8, 2009
There are no words to translate the beauty of Downtown Cusco… so with that, I will leave you with my picture story… enjoy 🙂

My Thoughts Exactly… Ownership and other rant worthy topics…

Posted in life, My thoughts exactly..., rant by fashionista514 on October 6, 2009

I want to know something… can someone please enlighten me? What makes people think they have the effing power over you to dictate to you what you can and can’t do with your own life?!? What makes them seem to think that their opinion is any better or more valid than yours? I have noticed this many a time in my little life experiences… so why is it that people try so hard to move into your personal space and grab hold of the controllers?

Being a young woman in this big bad world, people are naturally very protective of me. This is great cause I know how much people really care for me, however it ALWAYS ends up becoming an overly possessive issue where I feel like I am losing my voice 😦 I think it is great that I get feedback from others before I do something – it allows me to weigh it’s worth. Sometimes though, all I really just want to do is fall flat on my face and experience it myself. I would one thousand times prefer to try something and it fail than to have never of took the leap myself and experienced every part of it.

What bothers me, is that what always starts as a concern ends as a fight to defend your own lifestyle choices. To do what you would have done instinctively if another had not interfered (for better or worse).

One thing I have never ever understood is why companies will search for job candidates on facebook. Check them out before they are hired, regardless of their qualifications. How the hell is it any of their business what you do in your private life – be it cross dressing, partying, or family functions??? Please don’t give me the lame ass excuse that they want employees that will represent their company properly… c’mon?!?! So dumb!!! Wether the guy has a foot fetish or not does not change his performance at work… stop trying to invade people’s personal space and turn us all into lifeless autobots! It`s our little preferences and passions that make us who we are.

Another pet peeve… people who say dumb, negative things for absolutely no greater good. People… if you don’t have nothin’ good to say – DON`T SAY NOTHIN`!!! Keep your mouth shut and the universe will reward you with not labelling you as a douche!

All this to say… let me live my golden life the way I WANT to please 🙂 I think I have good enough judgement to understand and evaluate what is good for myself. And if I don`t… well it`s about time I learn for myself.

Merci, thank you!

Macchu Picchu – Part 1

Posted in Uncategorized by fashionista514 on October 4, 2009

So today we visited the beautiful wonder of the world – Macchu Picchu! So gorgeous, so mind blowing as a concept! The fact that this ancient civilization was able to accomplish something we couldn't even possibly do with machines is absolutely astounding. With drain systems running through the village they were the pioneers of plumbing. Fresh water flows through their village and rainwater drains out down the mountain – preventing flooding and crop damage. The size and weight of some of the rocks (weighing quite easily tons), is phenominal. How the HELL did these guys get them up a 6,000 foot mountain? Truly incredible. And the view? A 360 degree perspective of the beautiful mountains, river, and sky.

We decided to climb the adjacent mountain from the Incan ruins… 300 meters up. It was quite the challenge to say the least!!! The hour and a half climb was well worth it though when we got to the top. A mind blowing view of macchu picchu and its surrounding scenery :). The best part? I owe it all to my Uggs that earned a newfound respect – them Aussies truly do know what they are doing :p. Enjoy the pics and know that the best shots are still to come!

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Fashionista Finds – Incan Hot Springs

Posted in Uncategorized by fashionista514 on October 2, 2009

Chillin' at quite possibly THE coolest cafe/hippie/opium lounge this side of the south :p. Mad voodoo decor and the beautiful view of the mountains make this a great drink spot :). Hot springs enriched with sulfur make for a local aswell as touristic hotspot. Going for a hot stone massage later tonight in preparation for my hike up the mountain tomorrow 😉

Having great fun here in the macchu picchu village… Truly beautiful here… Do I have to go home???

Love you guys… Have a beautiful end to the week!

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I heart Cusco

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So we have been in Cusco now for two days and are currently on the train heading to the infamous Macchu Picchu site. We will be staying the night and visiting the famous archaelogical site tomorrow. I am looking forward to an afternoon filled with hot springs and relaxation in a bikini I must find when I get there 😉

What do I love most about Cusco??? The life of the city, the handmade scarves, jewellery and dolls. Their love of American paraphanalia, the street carts filled to the brim with fresh fruit, the numerous llamas wherever you go!!! Baby sheep, donkeys, cows and oxen everywhere. Dogs roaming free… No leashes. My favorite of all though? The beautiful preservation of the Inca culture – temples, villages, and traditional rituals. How they worship the sun, the sea and the mountains. It is mind boggling to think of how they could have possibly moved rocks weighing tons up mountains so steep. I love the local tales of Inca princesses and folklore each ruin site holds. I love the strong sense of family and community here. Almost every woman here is either pregnant or has a baby strapped to their back. Its really something beautiful too see… A refreshingly simple perspective on life. Not as overly complicated as we Northerners seem to make everything… Chasing careers and independance. Isolating ourselves from each other. In every church or temple there are carvings and symbolism worshipping fertile women. It is so beautiful to see that kind of value. Back at home people seem to flip their lids and be afraid of it rather than embrace it… But then again, our values of what right and wrong are seem incredibly tainted. People here work hard. Building, farming, weaving, and take care of their most important values. Their loved ones. Everyone works together and some communities are owned by the residents of the village… Meaning that everyone has a say over everything. They decide together… None of this dog eat dog business we have back at home. Its definately refreshed my way of thinking being surrounded by such a beautiful and honest existence.

Cusco is magical. Enchanting. A place I would recommend to everyone who loves animals and can appreciate the natural beauty of art and landscape. Please, please, PLEASE make it a point to one time in your lives visit this gorgeous place. I fell in love with it, and so will you.

I have been taking a shitload of pics, but internet is hard to come by and fit into the schedule. When I get home there will be an outlandish amount of posts coming your way ;). Thank you all for following me on this beautiful adventure and being patient with the irregularity of my posting! Cellphone reception has been completely nul since Lima on my phone so unfortunately I cannot send any texts or tweets out 😦

Loving the train ride and making some new friends from Panama city! Tres cool ;).

Hasta luego baby!

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