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Would you beleive me if I told you…

Posted in shoes by fashionista514 on July 28, 2009

…that I found the perfect ‘lil booties!!!

Today I biked downtown on my new white and pink cruiser, and did a ‘lil shopping at Holts! As you can see… my bike basket shows EXACTLY how guilty I am… 😉
Behold! My new Coach booties! I am sincerely in LOVE!

I love the straps, love the detailling and LOVE the Coach buttons!

What a yummy Monday 🙂
Hope yours was great too!


What I’m Lovin’…

Posted in artwork, favorites, makeup, montreal by fashionista514 on July 25, 2009
Sending out some love to my babe last night…

… and getting some back this morning 🙂 Aren’t they beautiful!? I woke up to these! Talk about choosing the right side of the bed!

My new bike! The cruiser is finally COMPLETELY assembled and lookin‘ mighty fine if I may say so myself (thanks babe)! Going to fill up the tires with air and take it for a spin today…

Adding to artwork! If you weren’t already “in the know”, Vlad rescued a half finished canvas a few months back for me from the garbage room in our ex-building… soooo… a few sharpie paint purchases later we added a few of our own detailing… I did the “stripperesque” lady above…

… here are her boots… and a randomly kissed flower…

… and an uber cool couple debating life together…

… and a stoned kitty! Who knew!

Isn’t this monkey INSANE??? This is from the canvas’ previous owner/artist.
Mad Skillz

I currently cannot get enough of this Body Shop Papaya Bubble Bath… the summer always makes me fruit crazy

Just bought MAC’s lip conditioner spf 15 in Fuchsia… LOVES it, and best of all it’s not sticky… no more pulling your hair strands and random bugs off your fly trap lips! Heray for that!

My favorite paper weight reminder… live it. Breathe it.

I am currently TOTALLY digging my personal collection of colorful art. YUM.

A good friend made this one…

… and my grand mother made this one!

Have you gotten a chance to get to know Jamie Oliver? Well if you haven’t, I strongly suggest you be on your way – this boy can COOK! Centered and based on fresh ingredients, herbs and spices, he makes beautiful, flavourful and inspiringly deliciously simple recipes that will become staples in your personal eating memoirs 🙂

I will be attempting the smashed cherry tomato and kalamata olive salad to bring to a BBQ tonight – yet another thing I am LOVING!!!

Austrian Mozart truffle chocolates… our couch surfer brought them for us and I am IN LOVE.

Writing. I have been writing up a storm… maybe that is why I am feeling so good lately… I find it to be such a personal form of therapy! Beautiful! Oh, and discounted, gorgeous stationary always helps with inspiration and curing writers block… 😉

Renting movies!
I have been overdosing on all the great movies that have been released recently! I am super enjoying making gourmet dinners and then just staying in and chilling with friends and neighbors! Sooo the good life!

Erotic french fiction. I recently picked this up from a second hand bookstore (thanks Terry!) and am adoring the poetic nature of the writing. The french (Parisian that is) have such a beautiful language that I really should indulge in more… and as far as the stories, they are romantic, kinky and incredibly naughty and scandalous! The french do it well and give me some good ideas 😉
For those of you who don’t know I do speak french! Quebec french is just a bit more barbaric… that’s all 😉 Makes this kind of read even more of a treat!

… oh… and oldies are always goodies… listening to a lot of Ella Fitzgerald, Marilyn Monroe, Bing Crosby, Carol Welsman… I could go on forever. I am feeling rather glamorous today because of it 😉 and THAT is always a GREAT thing!

Have a beautiful Friday Darlings

514 Outfit Post – Quickie

Posted in 514 Outfit Post, dress, shoes by fashionista514 on July 22, 2009

What I’m Wearing

  • American Apparel tie dress (wear it an insane amount of ways)
  • Zara snake skin print blazer
  • Crocodile waist belt (from my travels to South Africa)
  • Nine West open toe slingback pumps
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag
  • John Hardy Bamboo Hoop Earrings
  • Bare Minerals Foundation, MAC Angel Lipstick… loves ’em!

Don’t… Don’t you Want Me…

Posted in contest, giveaway, prize by fashionista514 on July 21, 2009

Ummm… so I guess I was under the wrong impression that girlies go CUCKOO for Marc by Marc Jacobs… cause you girls are SLACKING on the makeup entries for my Luxury Lust contest where you can win your choice of either

a. A Marc by Marc clutch


b. Your choice of designer makeup (YSL, Chanel, Givenchy, etc…)

GET GOING LADIES… or I’m just gonna keep it for myself (hey… well that wouldn’t be so bad after all now would it… 😉

I know it’s summa and the sun is MUCH more interesting than my giveaways… however I am requiring a minimum of ten entries to dish out these $$$ prizes 😉

Spread the word lova’s… Contest ends Aug. 1st 2009!

Click here for more details

Advertise on Fashionista 514!

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If you would like to advertise on Fashionista 514 please contact me at


Badass Haircare Giveaway Winner!!!

Posted in giveaway, winner by fashionista514 on July 16, 2009
Will the lucky winner please send me your shipping address so that I can get this off to you! YAY!!!


Grimm’s Fairytale Makeup Contest Entry

Posted in contest, giveaway, makeup by fashionista514 on July 14, 2009
The STUNNING Tali over at The Gloss Goss is hosting a super cool contest folks… inspired by the genius – yet haunting and disturbed Grimm’s Brothers! Modern day Disney fairy tales are completely sugar coated in comparison to some of their original stories that show no mercy to the heroines and villains…. this was something I just HAD to get in on ;). The objective was to choose a character from the stories and do a makeup look inspired by them… with a dark twist…

I chose Snow White, and the photo above is my “dark inspiration” 😉 Enjoy loverrrrs!



The following pics were taken WITHOUT a flash…
included the blurry pics for an added “heebie geebie” effect

… and now WITH a flash…

… bitten…

… had to… just had to include the louboutins

Here’s What I Used to Create the look…

LORAC platinum palette

  • MAC Red Lipstick
  • MAC Bazaarish Lipglass
  • MAC Copperplate Matte (grayish brown ideal for eyebrows)
  • MAC Sea & Sky Mineralize Eye Shadow
  • MAC On a Mission Beauty Powder Blush from the Style Warriors Collection

OMG… people! If you haven’t already tried this amazing foundation… WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? Gives super natural coverage to even the most problematic or pigmented areas… seriously goes on like a second skin!!! WOWSERS… I am never going back to regular stuff… this stuff is just THE SHIZNACK… and actually good for your skin! I wear Fair and Lightly Fair…

Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara (I seriously recommend this one for added DRAMA to your life 😉 and Red Cherry Lashes are THE ULTIMATE lash duo!!! Seriously… the kind of lashes that make hearts beat faster…

That’s it that’s all folks! Be sure to enter in to Tali’s contest (I need some competition), and don’t forget my Luxury Lust – Designer Inspiration makeup contest!!!

… winners of the Badass Haircare giveaway coming next post… if you haven’t already entered, click here to jump in last minute!

Blog Adoration – Sea Of Shoes

Posted in blogger, shoes by fashionista514 on July 12, 2009

Okay, so I know that I am TOTALLY the last one to know… however I just stumbled upon the marvelously enchanting “Sea Of Shoes” blog and am in a state of complete envy 😉… nothing malicious… I play fair… 😉

The absolutely GORGEOUS Jane Aldridge and her mom are tried tested and true FASHIONISTAS! If I may say so myself… both of their styles are utterly impeccable! I am not the only one to notice either… Sea of Shoes has an insane following from all around the world and has been featured in Teen Vogue, recognized by Kanye West and Holt Renfrew department stores (my faaaave), and Urban Outfitters even collaborated with Miss Jane to design a collection of shoes inspired by her eccentric and sophisticated style!

Miss Jane’s trendy mama (above)

Jane claims that her fashion identity is based upon her love and collection of shoes… beautiful, wearable works of art 😉 Rockin‘ out in Anne Demeuleester laced bootie sandals, BalenciagaGivenchy zipper open toe booties, and YSL caged sandals… patent platforms, well… THAT is definitely living, functional ART!

Jane and her mom have just returned from an exciting Tokyo adventure – and let me just say this: The posts are TO DIE FOR! Capturing the very allure, culture and experiences of Tokyo… she transforms her vacation into a magical and enchanting endeavor… Oh, and of course mingles with the stylin‘ locals 😉

The mother-daughter duo seem to have quite complimentary styles and lend and borrow pieces from each other – always making the look their own… effortless… casual… trendy but avantgardethey remain ahead of the curb in every sense and leave us waiting to see what they will snatch up next…

The greatest thing about her blog in my opinion is that she captures not only her personal fashion loves, but also her exquisite lifestyle in larger than life professionally presented pics… She gives a full visual representation of everything beautiful… everything interesting.

God DAMN I am in love with these YSL sandals…

Whoever says fashion is only for the vain, OBVIOUSLY never possessed a pair of these conversation-starter “stick-heel” strappy sandals… highly intellectual… 😉

Amongst the beautiful eye candy heels, Jane mixes and matches thrift shop finds with current season trends and pairs them with some sick “in your face” accessories that through their exotic allure bring out the regal look she carries off oh-so-well.

How funky fresh is this look… like seriously… could this girl get any cooler….? Could she…???… nah!!! Didn’t think so!

Ummmmm…. MAJOR girl crush brewing here…

She is a master mix-ologist!!! Mixing beautiful unseeming pieces together to create alarming and demurely fascinating looks and moods… all in a days work 😉

OMG… when I saw her Chanel booties I almost DIED!!!

A fearless modern fashion ICON who is not afraid to take risks to reap the rewards… of personal creative growth… LOVE HER!

Please check her out… Impossible to regret!

Tattoo Mania!

Posted in artwork, beauty, colorful, details, eccentric, tattoo by fashionista514 on July 1, 2009
Tattoos are EVERYWHERE these days… the beautiful expression of art etched into your skin… forever… Okay, I’m sorry – that was NOT supposed to sound as morbid as it did 😛

I absolutely ADORE tattoos and truly believe that the people who pull them off always look completely unattainably cool… however I don’t know if I could ever be one of those people…. it just seems like a bit of a stretch for me.

Besides… I practically have ADD when it comes to EVERYTHING (lose interest pretty damn quickly… although that IS something I am working hard at), so picking just one design that I need to stick with for all of eternity seems like a pretty bad idea…

I once went for a consultation with a tattoo artist because I was utterly convinced I was going to get a Polynesian style bird design on my foot (bird = robin = Robyn *my name*… symbolism crap… I thought it was pretty clever too…). I was all prepared and psyched until he started telling me about how tattoos normally age… details blur into each other, colors fade, etc… I started to freak. You see, I don’t mind eternally altering my body for art… however it must keep looking good eternally! So, I backed out and that was the end of that!

I have never been able to find a design I am completely in love with or that holds significant symbolic relevance to me. I do know the addiction associated to getting a tattoo… the feeling that one is no longer enough, and you want one here and there… until finally your body is doused in them! I have a belly button piercing and LOVE it, and still to this day consider piercing all sorts of places… however at the end of the day I look at myself in the mirror and laugh – cause I would look like a total white trash fool if I did that to myself… I’m just too preppy or something… I don’t have the cool factor needed to successfully pull it off 😦 Boooooo! Kudos to those who can! Rock on yo!

Beside all of my tattoo paranoia, I think they are absolutely SPECTACULAR! They are everything their image portrays… sexy, intricate, meaningful, spectacular, mysterious… and mostly – a beautiful piece of ART!

And I truly believe that a tattoo tells you a maddening amount about who the person on the inside is… external beauty that represents inner. An excuse to bond, to question and meet with others… and that is exactly what the world needs – forms of unity expressed in different ways.

So, anybody DO have a tattoo/tattoos?

If you do, I’d love to see a pic that I could later feature in a post 😉 e-mail me at or drop the link in the comment box 😉


Luxury Lust – Designer Inspiration Makeup Contest!

Posted in beauty, contest, designer, giveaway, luxury, makeup by fashionista514 on July 1, 2009
It’s just that time again folks… Another Makeup Contest courtesy of the 514!!!

Alright… so lets not waste any more time (I know you are all eyeing the Chanel yummies… don’t act like you aren’t!!! Soooooo BUSTED!)

My theme for this makeup contest is Luxury Lust – Designer Inspiration! We all drool over the goodies and delectable handbags, shoes, and insatiable clothing designers dish out every season right?!? Well I wanna see a makeup look inspired by the very fabulous fashion creators of the world!!! Having studied design myself… I just gotta give credit where credit is due…

I wanna feel the energy, the essence, the tradition of one brand/pic that you have selected as inspiration (k… trying not to sound too Mugatu… lol). Think to yourself… what does Gucci stand for? Well to me I think of black snakeskin, smokey eyes, sky-high sexy heels, red lips… Dolce & Gabbana brings to mind cheetah-print and red lips, satin bustiers and peep toe pumps… Chanel…. pearls, chains, quilted leather, pastels, black and white… etc…

Pick an inspiration photo… It can be a pic of a handbag, a pair of shoes, architecture, jewellery… even the logo of the brand – and makeup away! Make it clear which designer you take inspiration from and why (write a mini-blurb that I can feature with your pic). Dressing the part always helps with the overall theme – don’t be shy!

Don’t worry about listing the products you used – it’s really not necessary! This contest is open to international readers and to everyone (with or without a blog)!

Contest ends August 1st 2009!!! Get those entries in!!!

Submit your pics (makeup look, blurb and inspiration pic) to!

Winner will be chosen by moi (and my judging panel of experts… lol)

A runner-up prize will be chosen at random for all those who twitter (1 entry) this contest and post it (1 entry) on their blogs (this is open to everyone, whether they submitted a makeup look or not)!

Please leave the links in the comment box below 🙂

Prizes exactly are not yet confirmed… however I am thinking of something really good… be it Designer makeup (YSL, Chanel, Givenchy, etc…), OR a Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch… winner chooses… 😉

Runner-up prize… Makeup!!! Designer of course… 😉

P.S. I am one of the insanely LUCKY girls to win the beautiful Ketmany’s Giveaway!!! Can you believe!?! I must have a horseshoe up my @ss!!! Watch her video announcing (and drawing) the winners!!!