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Posted in makeup by fashionista514 on April 30, 2009
K, so I was bored and camera whored it up before going to my friends house party… I look extra “snob” in this one. Psssshhhaaaawwww!!!

Happy Hump Day Evening ๐Ÿ˜‰

Pieces of Me… I’ve Got Mail!

Posted in makeup, online shopping, pug by fashionista514 on April 30, 2009
So this morning I opened the door to the postman showering me with gifts (don’t you love it when everything comes at the same time)?!? Amazing! What a great start to the day! So, first thing opened up was the beautiful custom order hand crocheted pug from fellow blogger
Kimberly Tia!
Bella, my own pug was VERY interested in who this newcomer was… here are pics of the interrogation…

“Show me what you got fool”…
Hmmmmm… what the hell are you”?!?

Be sure to check out Miss Tia’s page for a great mothers day gift (alongside a bouquet of flowers it is a heartfelt homemade gift) :). Mom have a beloved pet? Send pics and she will make them exactly (hey… my pug was fooled)!

Ah, and now we move on to post item #2 – a uber girly pink gummy cover for my Blackjack! Woot woot! I scored this find off eBay for a little under $10 (thank you eBay)!
I am an insane text messager/e-mail writer (I even blog from my phone occasionally), so my phone is my sidekick in life… now I can do it all in style ๐Ÿ˜‰

moving along…

I am a big fan of fake lashes when I go out on the town and scored these Red Cherry lashes (once again on eBay – my saviour) for $10 for a pack of twelve! Amazing! I usually use MAC lashes, but honestly find that even with my discount they too much to pay for cheap thrills. I like that these are made of natural hair and will definitely blog a review when I get a chance to wear them out! Can’t beat that deal though – raid eBay for the same find and for some great “extreme” lashes in different colours (great for dress up, costumes and specialized looks).

Love the lashes!

Here is the ink drawing I am working on right now… far from complete, but in progression. My art gives me peace of mind. I love zoning out with my music on and my imagination running. Bold color is always a must! I am thinking of making prints for stationery very soon… I will keep you all posted!

I think it is about time I introduced you all to my marvelous blogging tool – my laptop! Now, I even blog in style my dears with my Sony VAIO with a chocolate brown snakeskin back…. rrrrowwww! The first moment I saw it I knew it was love. Practicality married to Fashion. Perfect for a fashionista!

The keyboard is a golden/bronze colour to match the chocolate brown detailing. This is my baby… runs like a well oiled machine… lol… okay, I am sounding like a guy talking about his truck… ๐Ÿ˜‰

That’s all folks! Computer, Pug and I signing off!

The Artwork of Matthew Zaidan – Montreal’s Own!

Posted in artwork, montreal by fashionista514 on April 30, 2009
Don’t you just love it when you find a hidden little secret just for yourself? That’s what I felt like I found yesterday when one of my boyfriends best friends was over playing a game of cards. I had gotten back into doing my ink drawings of randomness when Adam (the friend) mentioned that his brother was an artist that studied graphic design and did similar drawings in ink. I checked out his website and instantly fell in love with his techniques, colors and style.

Look closely at each of these pieces or you might miss something! There is so much underlining detail in his art that it keeps the mind wandering infinitely, each time round discovering new story lines

Being the city girl that I am, I especially love the above pic of the skyscrapers in an abstract sky.

Grab a hold… see how many hands you can spot!

Zaidan makes industrial smog look appealing ๐Ÿ˜‰

To order canvas and poster prints with or without frames, visit

Matthew Zaidan’s site here!

And The Winners Are…

Posted in giveaway by fashionista514 on April 29, 2009
A big congrats to our three winners of the Ageless Perfume Giveaway…

Sonya K

Blogging Barbie


Wendy W!!!

Sonya and B. Barbie win the full sized 100ml bottles of Ageless, and Wendy the rollerball format – perfect for the “on the go” chick!

Ladies please contact me with your shipping addresses so I can get these goodies to ya!


Last Chance To Enter My Perfume Giveaway!!!

Posted in giveaway, prize by fashionista514 on April 28, 2009
Spring has sprung and it is time to send off this grapefruit inspired scent to it’s rightful winners (smells amazingly like the discontinued “Babydoll” by YSL)! I will be drawing three names tomorrow in celebration of the beautiful weather we have been having!

Submit your full name to before tomorrow noon! I will be drawing the names over lunch ๐Ÿ˜‰

Click here for more info!
Best of Luck Everyone!

Looking For a Career In Fashion?

Posted in career, fashion by fashionista514 on April 27, 2009
Obsessed with fashion? Live and breathe it? Ever thought about a career in fashion? What about gaining valuable experience in a city filled to the brim with culture, style and nightlife?

If you said yes to any of the above then maybe Montreal is for you! It surely is my darling, and in it’s honor I will be posting job positions that are open here in the 514 – exclusively in the fashion field! Looking for an internship for the summer? Your first job out of school? Recession in your area leaving you without many options? We will hook you up! You see, Fashionista 514 has access to one of the cities best head hunters in the fashion industry who is keeping us in the 411 on the fashion front!

If any of the listings that I post interest you, simply send over your C.V. and mention Fashionista 514 as a referral to be given top priority! Looking for something in particular? E-mail your preferences and they will keep an eye open for you! Sooner than you know you will be walking down Fashion Avenue…

Honestly, what could be more fashionable then V.I.P?

Here are some of the newest jobs up for grabs…
(young ,dynamic ,very trendy and fashion forward .must be very trendy, and perfectly bilingual in English & French)

(knowledge of menswear)

(very creative person able to do logos )



A Personal Update

Posted in friends, hair by fashionista514 on April 26, 2009
Ahhhh… so what have I been up to lately? I just got a new haircut (really it looks the same as before, just nicely cleaned up – couldn’t resist documenting it when its all nice and styled from the salon)!
I guess you can say that it is your classic “bob” cut.

… fressssssh….

My homegirl Jesse came by yesterday to chill with pug & I and to prepare for our pal Andy’s crazy houseparty… I am still battling the hangover as I type… ughhh…

Did a quick makeup touchup on Jesse, and then was off to spend the rest of my day with my mom! It was sunny and beautiful out and everyone in mtl was sporting their flip flops for the first time this season!
Later, Vlad(my hunny) and I stopped by work to clean up an apartment that has been rented and snuck up to our “soon to be” lovenest (we will be moving in about a week)! This is the beautiful sunset view we get from our balcony and bedroom (comes into the living and dining room too).
Life is great and I can’t wait to live here!

Have a beautiful weekend everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

Be The Wonder Woman You Can Be!

Posted in artwork, designer, DVF, fashion, inspiration, wonder woman by fashionista514 on April 26, 2009
For those of you who drop by my blog on a regular basis, you’ve probably noticed by now that I can’t shut up about the intriguing Diane Von Furstenberg! A living role model to me as an entrepreneur, independent, strong and fierce woman – I love all things DVF and what they stand for.
Diane first came to America not knowing that she wanted to be a fashion designer, only knowing the type of woman she wanted to be in the world. Through determination, hard work and always staying positive she achieved a fashion empire whose beautifully cut designs reflect the women who wear them. Her iconic wrap dress is every woman’s best friend for any event. Work, dinner, drinks out with the girls – her designs take the modern independent woman everywhere she needs to go in a day. Which is why perhaps Diane turned to Wonder Woman as her very own role model when she came out with her own version of the comic “Be The Wonder Woman You Can Be”!

The inspiring comic book features three heroines who overcome obstacles in their everyday lives, be it at work or home. Diva, Viva and Fifa (DVF) end up kicking some serious reality ass!!! Diane wanted to spread the message that there is a Wonder Woman in all of us ladies and found a way to encourage women to be successful and happy and to never surrender to anything that prevents us from achieving everything we want. The story is written by Diane herself and illustrated by Konstantin Kakanias in the same old school style as the classic Wonder Woman comics. All of our beautiful heroines are of course decked out in DVF style ๐Ÿ˜‰ Every superhero has their iconic spandex get ups, so I’m pretty sure that wearing DVF while saving the world is a step in a better direction for all mankind…. hehehehehehe….

Here are some of Diane’s empowering thoughts listed in the comic to really lift you up ๐Ÿ˜‰
“Be the woman you want to be – be the Wonder Woman you can be!”
“Be your best friend”
“Fear is not an option”
“Realize your dreams”
“Generosity is the best investment”

Diane is a proud spokesperson for the organization Vital Voices – a group dedicated to empowering women from every corner of the world to find there inner strength and self confidence. All proceeds of comic and merchandise sales go towards helping women be the Wonder Woman they can be!

To order some of this kick-ass gear and help support Vital Voices, order online here

DVF also has a Blog!!! For updates in Diane’s world and to follow her via twitter and facebook, click here

Marilyn Monroe Makeup Contest!

Posted in contest, giveaway, makeup, marilyn monroe by fashionista514 on April 24, 2009
Alright all you lovelies out there!
I am hosting my first EVER Makeup Contest based on the often imitated but not nearly ever duplicated – Marilyn Monroe!

I wanna see your best Marilyn makeup look!
Find an inspiration pic, re-create the look, and send all pics to me via e-mail including the products used.
No need to submit a full tutorial.
You may submit more than one look!

Here’s How to Enter:
  • E-mail all your pics to
  • Submit before May 21st (My Birthday) ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Winner will be announced on the 1st of June (Miss Monroes Birthday – she would have been 83 years old)!
  • Winner will be chosen by me and a panel of my closest friends…
  • This contest IS open to international readers! I will ship prize wherever you are!
The Prize

Winner will receive an all-things-Marilyn Related gift pack… I will keep it a surprise, but it will definately include M.A.C. makeup, her biography, one of my favorite Marilyn movies, and some beautiful “diamond” bling!

Diamonds are a girls best friend you know ๐Ÿ˜‰

Good Luck Ladies, and do our girl Marilyn Proud!

Lesson of the Friday

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