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Queens of the Scene

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Karl Lagerfeld Gun Shoe

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Nuff Said!

Katrin Leblond

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So all of you out there that love one of a kind fashion finds – you have to check out one of Montreal’s pride and joys of the trendy kitsch St. Laurent scene. Katrin Leblond is a designer I used to work for with whimsical designs and an eye for the signature Quebecois crafty style. Visit her boutique on St. Laurent near Mount Royal and discover a fairytale land of eccentricities and originality. With over thirty different designers from around Montreal collaborating with their own specialties, it is like walking into wonderland and getting lost down the rabbit hole. If you are so lucky to walk in on a day Erin is working, you will be greeted and invited to play dress up for her sheer amusement. Customers here are more like guests you would bring home to your grandma for those perfectly blended sugar cookies. An atmosphere of love, devotion, skill, discipline, and mesmerizing detail from every corner of the spectrum. Katrin also does custom orders to ensure you get your very own one of a kind peice ( Get ready for the compliments, as you are sure to get some serious feedback when rockin’ her signature party skirt!

For all you out of towners, check her out at! Winter sales are currently on, and spring/summer already proves to be delectable! Voila ta da!

Mondays at Work… Luxury apartments…

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You know, it’s 2pm and my eyelids still feel as if they are being weighed down with sandbags. Offices are such the antichrist of art and brain stimulation – I tell ya! So rigid and monochrome… beige this, brown that, paperclip this, stapler that… bleh! Get me out of here! I bring my Mighty Leaf green tea to work to at least inspire my taste buds throughout the long duration of an office workday. Phew!
I am currently working on renting out luxury apartment buildings for where I will be moving in March. It’s really pretty cool as I am fully in charge of choosing who I want as my neighbors ;). You see, my boyfriend is an engineer who works with his father who owns a construction company. Really his job description is a contractor who makes sure everyone is on the ball (key when managing construction workers). Soooo… the newest project they have been working on is this luxury apartment building that they re-built from scratch (with the exception of its shell). The result is a condo-inspired rental building with uber lush stainless steel appliances and kohler fixtures throughout. Mmmmmm… I’m personally dreaming of my sunken in bubble massager tub, dishwasher (oh how I hate doing the dishes), and fireplace. For a canadian, I must say fireplaces seem to melt the winter away just the slightest bit faster. So, I am anxiously awaiting March for the added luxury entering my life, and dreaming of it every time I see pictures of the beautiful renderings! We will be taking a 4 1/2 with two bedrooms (one to be converted into a beautiful open spaced closet and art room) ahhhh! I cant help but invision martini nights with my girls and just living like a queen in my palace! Best thing of all though – it’s free! No rent to pay as it is our building and we are the “renting office”. Amazing. Could life truly get any better for a start-up fashionista? I think not my friends, I think not. No rent means I as good as own that rose printed Stephen Sprouse speedy I’ve been swooning over (drool…). Hate me yet?

Can’t wait for Summer!

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In the midst of the dreary January and February months, it is healthy to slip in and out of your winter fashion coma for the sake of your sanity.

Diane Von Furstenburg always perfects exactly what women want to be wearing in the swealtering months of summer. Transforming the cement streets into a tropical oasis, her dresses will be sure to make you yearn for a night out of refreshing mojitos and svelte pina coladas with the girls.

Make life stylish and easy with these strappy Joie back zip tan colored wedges. Great neutral color to wear casually with jeans or to tone down summers hot-blooded and exotic hues.

Stephen Sprouse for Louis Vuitton

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The celebrated and late Stephen Sprouse currently has released the most coveted handbag & accessories collection of the moment. Inspired by the street flair and rock n’ roll scene of nyc, the untraditional twist brings some needed edge to the Louis Vuitton group. I’ve personally been lusting after the rose print classic speedy bag, and the hot pink and neon yellow graffiti luggage carriers.

Check out for an insane trip into the urban fashion world of Sprouse… I recommend taking a peek at the Marc Jacobs interview – sooo delicious!

P.S. Manslave in pic not included with purchase of bag (damn!)

Drool-worthy earrings

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When I stumbled upon these drop dead gorgeous Stephen Webster fringe hoop earrings, all I could think of was the sheer brilliance that went into the design. Made with beautiful and simplistic sterling silver they add a touch of tamed punk to any of your favorite skinny jean outfits. Almost an automatic “add to basket” for me, I held myself back at the $400US price tag listed on the Bergdorf Goodman website. Although insanely beautiful, these earrings as well as their price pack a wicked punch.

Sunday Dreamin’ – Intro to my Life

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Sundays are best when you never get out of bed. It’s 4:27pm here in mtl and I am wrapped in my down comforter propped up on a pillow with laptop in hand. My pug, Bella is curled in a ball beside me and I can feel her hot breath on my feet. My awesome boyfriend surprised me this morning with breakfast in bed from St. Viateur bagel down the street (two eggs, sausage, bagel and cream cheese with potatoes… mmm), just thinking about it now makes me want a second helping ;). I swear I am the luckiest girl in the world to have him :). There is a hot bath waiting for me but all I want to do is stay here in the moment and enjoy the pure silence.

I did some web surfing, checked my work e-mails and scoped out the Christian Louboutin listings on ebay… if you must know anything about me, Louboutins are my fashion fix. I become some kind of fiend when I see that fever-colored red flash from the back of a perfectly angled 5 inch heel (sigh). Even days not worth putting clothes on seem fit for a fashion fantasy. Here in montreal, I call it Holt Renfrew. What Neiman Marcus, Saks and Bergdorfs is to the states – just smaller scale. Sometimes just walking through the store releives my stress, tension and moodiness. I’d like to think of it as my “artificial” zen space. At home with my boyfriend and my pug definately tops the list where zen is involved though. We live in a beautiful 3 1/2 apartment in the Monkland village with an indoor pool and sauna in the building (reminding myself of this, I may just go for a swim). It is a highrise with a beautiful view of Mount Royal and the Oratory from our balcony. In the summer we have tea, croissants and cheese outside picnic-style and watch the sun go down in the most beautiful orange and pink haze. We are avid movie fanatics and give in to boxed DVD sets of tv series all too often (hey, no commercials – no “to be continued”). Our 52″ flatscreen pretty much ensures that going to the theatre is not much of a better deal than staying home with plenty ‘o food and blu ray quality. Life is good my friends, life is good. My pug, otherwise known as Bella, Chuck, Snugglepug, etc… is a pooch of many names, all adjacent to her many personalities. One day I will adopt a black pug sister for her and we will be a complete family (until my baby factory starts producing).

Well, time to go eat something! Not much better on a Sunday than left over chinese food from the night before! Yummers! Bon Appetit a toulemonde!